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2008 Directors Reportpdf


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This is the rough draft of my 2008 directors report. There are updates soon to come.

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2008 Directors Reportpdf

  1. 1. Lighthouse Inc. 2008 Directors Report Introduction 2008 A Year of Building The past few years have all been years been filled with change. Three years ago we were an organization in crisis that was reeling from a change in funding strategy and the failing health of the founder. In 2007 we began to address the areas of organizational weakness. In 2008 the organization worked to get in position for a strategic overhaul. The past year has been a year of steady growth with a clear focus on building a strong foundation. The key areas of focus centered in four areas 1. Board Development 2. Human resources 3. Fund Development 4. Program Development. The purpose of this report it to review the progress we have made to this point and to look at how this journey has positioned the organization to continue to 2009. 1
  2. 2. Board Development BVU One of the key moves that Lighthouse made was to invest in our Board with the services of BVU. The board consulting at the end of 07 got 2008 off to a great start. We have seen some big changes in the make up and the function of our board. Committees In 2008 the Lighthouse board formed four committees to lead the work of the board. Finance, Development, Board Performance, and Strategic Planning were the key focus areas with a board recruiting and human resource group that took on specific projects. Diversity A long term commitment to better reflect the community we serve was implemented. With a special focus on getting leadership in the form of board members that live in the community and have a better cultural perspective. We will continue to value diversity and embrace it as a necessary core principle that will drive us toward the future and strengthen our commitment to the mission and vision. Accountability A series of performance measures were established and monitored for the work of the board. Strategy The board conducted a “retreat” to evaluate where we are and where we are going and how we are going to go about getting “there”. 2
  3. 3. Human Resources One of the key problems for years has been a single staff, on man approach to everything. It was clear that there needed to be more help in the way of paid staff if Lighthouse was going to grow. In 2008 we moved from 2 people on payroll, to 9 permanent staff and 12 summer program staff. Manual: In order to hire new staff a HR policy and procedure manual had to be implemented. The board enlisted the help of Paychex HR services to carry out these tasks. Payroll: Another key concern with adding new staff was the sophistication of our payroll procedures. Again Lighthouse turned to Paychex to carry out this function. Staffing Operations In order to monitor the continue program growth for Lighthouse, we have hired our first support staff. Bonnie is our new office/operations manager. Bringing her on board will allow us to handle the details in the same care and passion we do our ministry. Finance Our budget seems to double every other year. With these new resources come a greater need for sound financial principles. Our board has committed to transparency, accuracy, and accountability in our financial practices. We want to model best practices in these areas. Planning In order to better leverage our history and the relationships in the community to do the most good, we have committed to a constant process of planning and evaluating the work we do by gathering the voice of the community. 3
  4. 4. Program Development In addition to our long standing programs, Lighthouse launched two new summer programs in 2oo8. Summer Span This program was funded via the GOFBCI to address the issues surrounding childhood hunger. The program combined three components to help students. Feeding, math and reading tutoring, and physical and social education. We saw our kids increase 21% in reading comprehension. Reality Check This program was designed to bridge the gap between suburban and urban youth by creating an intense “reality tv” type experience that simulated poverty. We taught young people about social justice issues and served the community with service projects that made a big impact. Current programs Heaventrain Keeps plugging along, averaging 1200 kids a week. This year was special in we committed to serve burgers every week possible. We also worked to develop a leadership team approach. Storehouse Tough year as food is getting hard to come by. The key donor has informed us that they will no longer be able to supply our delivery. We do need to work to address some of these issues. Express Basketball The team is growing as more kids are looking for things to do. We have a new coaching staff that is committed to bringing the program up to it’s envisioned purpose. Soccer clinic. 4
  5. 5. Fund Development Full Measure In 2008 we had CCF funding to cover the cost of a fund development consultant. They have developed a development plan that has strategies for multiple funding streams. We have been able to implement several of these strategies while working to add more in 2009. Grants We have gone from $0 in grants in our entire 28 years to over $100,000 this year. The expectations of the future are bright as we learn how to plan, manage, and report our funding resources. The finance systems and staff will allow this growth to continue into the future. Donor Development We are working to change the face of how we interact with donors. It is very improtant that we value them as stakeholders and do everything in our power to include them as part of the team. Public relations Printed material In order to better communicate out mission, vision, and work we have started a pr campaign that will include printed materials and packets. This will also include a bi-monthly newsletter and other periodic mailings. Online presence In order to maximize our communication and in order to stay connected in a technology age, Lighthouse has invested time and money to develop a web presence. This will continue to be a key priority for the future. 5
  6. 6. Co$aboration Community In 2008 Lighthouse made a concerted effort to be more involved in community activities. We were involved in several projects that were lead by community partners. We were also committed to involve partners in our program activities. Churches Victory and Scranton Road served as our two summer tutoring and food program sites. Both of these partners will be involved in future projects. Community Lighthouse partnered with Burton Bell Car Development Inc. to work on the Colfax Ave. model block project. Together we were able to strengthen a key block by providing some major repairs to 12 houses on the street. We have partnered since and have plans for future partnerships. Political partners Local Councilwoman Phyllis Cleveland is a friend and partner of Lighthouse inc. She has made sure that momentum is not lost so that some key projects were able to continue. She has the pulse of our community. State The Governors office partnered with us to start two tutoring sites in the summer span program. The goal was to tackle issues surrounding children's hunger. CMHA Lighthouse is CMHA’s longest standing resident services partnership. The original public housing authority works with us to make sure we are able to meet resident needs. 6
  7. 7. Community partners Cleveland City Stars Coats for Kids PAC LaShaunda Lee Scranton Rd. CDC Project Access Men of Central Adopt a School Network Central Weed and Seed Burton Bell Carr Dev. Inc. Greater Cleveland YFC Neighborhood Leadership Inst. The City Mission Lonnie Burton Rec. Vocational Guidance Services Social Service Partners Cleveland Foodbank Children’s Hunger Alliance CMHA VGS Winner’s Influence City of Cleveland Parks and Rec. Community Care Network Partner Churches Rich Hts. Christian Assembly Wooster Naz Christ the King Bethany Baptist Cornerstone Bed Naz Grace CMA Crossroads CCU Victory CMA Encounter Scranton Rd. Bible Church Crestline Naz Political Partners Ohio Department Of Ed. Div of Parks and Rec. Councilwoman Cleveland Cleveland Muni Schools East Tech H.S. Gov. Strickland Progressive Action Council Corporate Partners Burger King Jenne Distributers Keefe Supply group Payless Shoes Down the Way Hadrian Darko Group Inc. Bob Evans 7
  8. 8. Key Outcomes of 2008 The key word coming out of 2008 was excellence. We are committed to doing every aspect of our work with excellence, with a constant pursuit of finding the best way to do what we do. We are focusing on getting our foundations strong so that we can grow in 2010. We have always been a ministry that had the heart right, but we will no longer sacrifice any aspect of our work, for any reason. We will do better... Teamwork We have seen two key areas where this has taken hold. The division of Leadership from director to the board. The shared leadership is much stronger, much effort is being invested in seeing a strong board providing strong governance. Interdependence, Empowerment and accountability are the legs we are building our team on. We have also worked to build a team of staff both paid and volunteer. Collaboration We will do anything we can together with partners, and only do what we must on our own. Diversity This will be a value that we model and we will gain strength from this core guiding principle. Strategy We will listen to the community and work for the change that leads to an empowered and equipped community. We will be in a constant state of learning and planning and evaluating. Together we can see His Kingdom Come... 8
  9. 9. 2009 Here we come... The future is now Staff In 2009 we will not grow outward, but will focus on systems excellence. We have a staff for the first time in our organizations history, this will require great deal of work to bring the team together. We will work on perfecting what we have in place and continue to gather info and create a plan for 2010. Working toward excellence in everything. Finance Both the systems of how we handle and report our money as well as the process that we use to set and monitor budgets will be scrutinized. We will work with the Bean Counters consulting firm to address the financial foundation of the ministry. Exce$ence We have been working so hard to grow and to move away from our crisis mode of a few years ago. This year we will reflect on what we have learned, and focus on creating excellence and create a well developed strategic plan for the future. We will take a long look in the mirror for 2009. 9