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Medical Assistant Resume For Externship


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Medical Assistant Resume For Externship

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  3. 3. • Other tips for writing an effective medical assistant resume for externship include keeping your resume brief and concise by limiting the past work history or experience to certain jobs that played a role in enhancing certain attributes and skills expected of medical assistant, such as good customer service and word processing know-how.• If ever your resume appears especially bare, resist the temptation to embellish by adding false entries. Instead, you can briefly expound on the relevant tasks that your previous jobs entailed. For example, instead of merely indicating proficient in word processing, you can state above-average word-processing capabilities using MS Word 2007 and 2010.• Finally, the medical assistant resume for externship must of course be thoroughly proofread and formatted professionally. No matter how appealing your resume appears on paper, your image can be easily spoiled by a carelessly misspelled word, faulty grammar, or non-uniformly formatted text.
  4. 4. • A sample medical assistant resume for externship follows.• Sample Medical Assistant Resume For Externship:• Alice A. Keys• 240 West 35th Street• 18th Floor• New York, NY 10001• (555) 555-5555, fax (555)-555-5556•• CAREER OBJECTIVE:• To obtain a 225 hour Medical Assistant Externship.
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