Medical Assistant Cover Letter


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Learn what should and should not be in your Medical Assistant Cover Letter!

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Medical Assistant Cover Letter

  1. 1. Medical Assistant Cover Letter Brought to You By: Medical Assistant HQ
  2. 2. • A cover letter is a letter that you send with your resume when you’re applying for a job. It gives an employer the first impression of you. It also lets the employer know a little bit about yourself and lets them get a good idea of what you’re about. Most importantly, it lets them know what position you are interested in and why they should hire you for the job.• The cover letter is in many ways more important than the resume because the cover letter gets read first. However, surprisingly many people leave it out or rush it and don’t spend much time on it. We are going to go over a general overview of a cover letter so you have a good idea what it should be about.Medical Assistant CoverLetter
  3. 3. • The main purpose of a cover letter is to tell an employer that you are a good fit for a job. You want to sell yourself in the letter but not be fake or over exaggerate your qualifications. Here are two good steps to follow when starting your cover letter:• Read over the ad for the job several times and then pick out the main duties of the job and the necessary requirements for the position.• You want to take the duties and requirements and match them to your skill set, your work experience, your education and your abilities. Basically, you want to focus on the skills and experience you have that they are looking for.What Should Your Medical Assistant CoverLetter Say?
  4. 4. • Before writing your letter, sit down and answer the questions below. It will get you started and help you focus on what’s important as often times people go off on tangents.• Why are you writing this cover letter?• What’s the job that you are applying for?• How did you find the position or hear about it?• Do you have experience that is related to the job?• Do you have education that is related to this job?• What skills or abilities do you have that would be a• great fit for the position?Questions To Ask Before WritingMedical Assistant Cover Letter
  5. 5. • The person in Human Resources that does the hiring has to read cover letters all day. He or she is most likely very bored by the majority of the cover letters they read. You want your letter to stand out from the crowd so make sure it’s interesting. Here are some ways to Jazz up your letter:• 1. Use action verbs when you’re describing what you’ve done in previous positions• Example: While working at Edgar, I....... Examples of actions words are trained, participated, improved, developed, created, explained, superv ised etc.• 2. You want to use adverbs when you’re describing how you did something in the past• Example: I....... managed . Examples of adverb are rationally, honestly, quickly, carefully, sincerely, courteously etc.How to Make your Medical AssistantCover Letter Stand Out
  6. 6. • 3. When you are describing your good qualities, you want to use adjectivesExample: I am..... Examples of adjectives areadaptable, creative, successful, positive, committed, enthusiastic, flexible, valuable etc.How to Make your Medical Assistant CoverLetter Stand Out… Continued
  7. 7. • Introduction:• You want to get the reader’s attention• You want to say what position you are interested in and• why you are interested in the company• You should state how you heard about the position and• mention any personal connections you have to the company such as a friend that works there.Medical Assistant CoverLetter Sections
  8. 8. • Body: • Detail why you’re qualified for the position and the things you’ve achieved • Make sure you’re not just repeating the exact same information that’s on your resume. The cover letter should make your resume come alive and explain your • qualifications in more detail. However, you can make references to your resume though. • State why you would be a good fit for the job, why you’re qualified for the position and how your qualifications match the job description. • Make sure to mention specific accomplishments that relate to the position you’re applying for and the field of work. Also, mention why you enjoy this line of work.Medical Assistant Cover LetterSections …Continued
  9. 9. • Conclusion:• State what future action is desired• If you want to be proactive, you can say that you will follow up with them in two weeks. If you do put a statement like that, make sure you do follow up.• Explain how you can be reached for interviews and make sure that your contact method is actually a good way to reach you quickly.• Advise them that you’d be happy to give them additional information or materials such as references, if requested.• Make sure to close the letter by thanking them for their time.Medical Assistant Cover LetterSections… Continued
  10. 10. • To See Medical Assistant Cover Letter Samples, please visit us at:• If you need help with your Medical Assistant Resume visit us at: learn more about being a Medical Assistant, visit us at:• http://medicalassistanthq.netMore Resources