Home schooling education


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This is a slideshow project about homeschooling education which I hope will bring wider views and will provide more options for people.

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Home schooling education

  1. 1. Home Schooling Education By Ariel Chen Home Schooling Education By Ariel Chen
  2. 2. What can I do at HOME ? Image from
  3. 3. Actually……
  4. 4. You can read the interestingstory boo
  5. 5. You can do thebody-building exercises
  6. 6. You can draw fantasticpictures
  7. 7. You can do thesewing to make beautifulbed sheets
  8. 8. You can do theYUMMY baking
  9. 9. You can help to do the housework and be a good child
  10. 10. Masterpieces displaying
  11. 11. Image from Bielick, Chandler& Broughman
  12. 12. Image from Legality of homeschooling/ wikipedia.org
  13. 13. Let us discover some advantages of the home schooling education Shall we ?
  14. 14. Image from Packie_s/ Flickr 1) Flexibility in Time
  15. 15. No rushto go to school andbe Preventedfrom being squeezedin the subway Image from xinhuanet
  16. 16. Having more holidays than what u think
  17. 17. The Reader family spent 3 months traveling around Europe
  18. 18. Image from Jessalyn Ker/ blogspot 2)
  19. 19. Stressof examdrives umad Stress of exam drives u mad
  20. 20. “I don’t want my children to suffer from the stress. I don’t see anything good about it. ” — Bettina Reader
  21. 21. 3) Targeted curriculum to individual child
  22. 22. So many students in the class. What shall I do ? Image from SailPeachie/ Flickr Would u like to be trained one on one
  23. 23. Image from Joyce/ topit.me Sometimes, the school class can be ridiculously boring ! At least the doggy keeps u company at home 
  24. 24. “Of course,my childrenreceive more individual attention when being educatedat home and they can learnat theirown pace.” — Bettina Reader
  25. 25. 4)
  26. 26. We are a big family
  27. 27. However, every coin has two sides.
  28. 28. ▪ Parents may not get enough time for their work ▪ Parents may loose their personal space ▪ Parents take the whole responsibility for educating their kids ▪ Parents may find difficult to control over their kids ▪ Children may find hard to compare them with others ▪ Narrow views may happen to some kids
  29. 29. Which means homeschooling education is NOT for everybody
  30. 30. What kind of family is suitable for homeschooling education ?
  31. 31. Harmonious Family Environment
  32. 32. “Time commitment is the most important aspect of homeschooling.” — Belinda J Mooney Image from Jessica.it/ topit.me
  33. 33. Do check the country and state requirements of homeschooling education. It is illegal in some countries !
  34. 34. “I think you can only homeschool your children when at least one parent is willing to do it and is willing to take the responsibility for any blame.” — Bettina Reader
  35. 35. Image from sunflower/ topit.me Do make sure the family can afford the cost of homeschool programs.
  36. 36. Image from lwy 927/ topit.me I know, you may have some further concerns about homeschooling education……
  37. 37. Will it be appropriate for my children to be educated at home ? Will my children get better education than those who go to school ? Will it be hard for my children to make friends ? Will my children lack social experience ? Will my children be accepted in the work environment in the future ? …… ……
  38. 38. In fact……
  39. 39. “I find that homeschooling is the significantly superior approach to education for the vast majority of people.” — Dr. Jay Wile
  40. 40. A study from Lawrence Rudner shows the higher you score on the DSS scale, the more educated you are.
  41. 41. “Homeschooled students tend to have a broader age- range of friends than their schooled peers, which may encourage maturity and leadership skills.” — Dr. Linda Montgomery
  42. 42. Dr. Raymond Moore concludes that children are best socialized by parentsnot other children after analyzing over 8,000 early childhood studies.
  43. 43. “They have the discipline to either run their own business or become quite focused employees.” — Dr. Gary Knowles
  44. 44. If you are interested in homeschooling education and want to know anything more about it, you can contact Bettina Reader by the E- mail: bettina2105@hotmail.com
  45. 45. Dear Reader family, Thank you very much for supporting me doing this project. Thank you for permitting me to take all the pictures and to complete the interview. Sincerely, Ariel Chen
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