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LV Great places


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Created by Akniste School students Form 6
eTwinning project "Europe so many faces"

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LV Great places

  1. 1. Welcome to the Great places of the eastern Latvia - Latgale Created by Akniste Secondary School students Form 6
  2. 2. Aglonas Roman Catholic basilica  Aglonas Holy Assumption Roman Catholic basilica is an important Latvian Catholic religious center.  In 1980th the Aglona church celebrating its 200th anniversary, Pope John Paul II granted the title of "basilica".  In 1993, September the Pope visited Aglona Basilica. The event attracted around 300 000 pilgrims. Basilica is dedicated to Our Lady of the Assumption glory.  Yearly in August 14 thousands of pilgrims gather for the feast of Our Lady in Aglona basilica
  3. 3. Aglona Bread Museum  Bread Museum visitors meet the museum hostess in latgalian costume with latgalian folk music and speech.  Guests participate in folk performance by museum hostess.  In the museum you can relax to enjoy authentic folk atmosphere with candles on the table linen tablecloth , clay jugs with herbal tea on smell of rye bread.  There are You find out what rye bread are made and rye tasting.  The hostess has collected dozens of proverbs, beliefs, fairy, learned habits related to the cultivation of cereals, baking bread and eating it.
  4. 4. Rē zekne- the heart of Latgale      Rezekne sits on seven hills. Rezekne were born many famous Latvian people . There is a monument of Latgale Mara, located in the center of Rezekne– Latvian symbol of unity and faith . Rezekne is located 242 km from the state capital of Riga, as well as 685 km from the Russian capital of Moscow, 450 miles from St. Petersburg and 860 miles from the Polish capital Warsaw. Rezekne is like a rainbow felloe that connects the East and the West, it is the city with multifarious possibilities and high development potential. It is the largest border city of European
  5. 5. Welcome to Latvia Great places !
  6. 6. Welcome to Latvia Great places !