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Ygen er at ion      h"p://
who  ?are we
we wereborn in the   1980s              h"p://
grew up in                                                                              the age ofh"p://alden-­‐
spend half of      our livesonline                  h"p://
he hal f...                 Onl yt     , rig ht.Y eah                                        h"p://
we like to have  informationat our         fingertips           h"p://
we           multitaskh"p://­‐3-­‐1-­‐1
we need to know                                    the whyh"p://
we are                       dynamich"p://
we like to be                                                               creativeh"p://
we like to stand outof the crowd               h"p://­‐penguins-­‐steve-­‐shuey/
we areachievement     oriented         Alisdair	  Miller	  -­‐	  Bungee	  Extreme
we like totake control Text               h"p://
we liketo be free      h"p://
we like to goour own ways    h"p://­‐k-­‐d/6868646558/sizes/l/in/photostream/
we like toexplore    h"p://
we are                          traveledh"p://
we are         confidenth"p://
we areambitious         h"p://
we like to speak                      our mindsh"p://
we are ready to do     hard work           h"p://
we like to                                                    discuss                                                    o...
we love toworkothers     with             h"p://
we like if our       work isappreciated     h"p://­‐thatyalves/
we like if you letour hands go              h"p://
we like tocross the line                 h"p://
we love to be  inspired                h"p://
like by                                         sters          h"p://­‐j/3256398629/sizes/l/in/pho...
and by   online   resources                    h"p://
we like to beinvolved       h"p://
we like to                                                  have funh"p://
we like if you   give us a choice                          h"p://
we like peoplewith hearts         h"p://
we like                                                                                  challengesh"p://
and to bechallenged
we like to focus on the       bright side         h"p://
we love to have                                                                                        free timeh"p://www....
we like to think that we can   change the world                               h"p://­‐Pla...
we just want totouch the sky                  h"p://
give us  space          h"p://­‐meg-­‐72157623640625942/
give us                                                                             storiesh"p://
give us                  unusualh"p://
TextText         give us         minimalism                   h"p://
give usdesign          h"p://
give us   feelings              h"p://
give usopportunities                h"p-­‐//
h"p://                                                        give us      ...
ask for our  opinion              h"p-­‐//
and take it into consideration                   h"p://
inspire                                                   ush"p://
show us                             something                                      prettyh"p://
Yup.              Like this one hereh"p://
youwon’tregret it
h"p://       Hmmm...How was this shot taken?
h"p:// how to have fun andwork at the same          time
we areinnnovative              iStockPhoto
we arecreative           h"p://
we are  fast
h"p:// find a way  where is no way
bring in newperspectives
and newapproaches
we fit in   well            h"p://
and adapt quickly            h"p://
use the                                                    Ysh"p://
you won’t regret it  h"p://
I   know...
‘cos I’mone of them.                                         @orsnemes     
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give us unusualh"p:// Generation Y by @orsnemes


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give us unusualh"p://

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