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Markering with social gaming

Social Media Com Skåne event at Mindpark, Helsingborg 2016-08-30.

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Markering with social gaming

  1. 1. Marketing with social gaming Mindpark 2016-08-30
  2. 2. Social gaming?
  3. 3. Social gaming commonly refers to playing online games that allow or require social interaction between players, as opposed to playing games in solitude. source: wikipedia 2016-08-29
  4. 4. Source:
  5. 5. Social game Facebook, mobile and desktop Help, get help or challenge others in the game
  6. 6. Mobile game Location and AR as key mechanism Social outside the game - connects online to offline
  7. 7. Marketing with Pokemon Go
  8. 8. The Location
  9. 9. The Behaviour
  10. 10. The Added Value
  11. 11. Foursquare/Swarm
  12. 12. WallaBee
  13. 13. Leif Kajrup Digital Marketing Strategy @liffeman