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Vbs Followup Plan2


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Vbs Followup Plan2

  1. 1. VBS Follow-up and Discipleship Plan 2 Target Audience: Children who make a profession of faith during VBS. When: Two Weeks after VBS Advance Preparation u Gather names of children who made professions of faith during VBS. u Schedule a morning or afternoon follow-up session at the church within the first two weeks following VBS. u Enlist teachers to assist you. You will need one teacher for every five children who attend. u Enlist a VBS director or teacher to make a home visit with each child within the first seven days after VBS. u Invite children to attend the scheduled follow-up class and give their parents details about when and where the class will meet. If necessary, offer to pick up the child and bring him to the class. Conduct the Follow-up Class u Welcome the children to the follow-up class. Explain that they will participate in several activities to help them begin growing as Christians. u Invite each child to write or tell about his decision to confess Jesus as his Savior. As you read what he has written or talk with the child, go back over the ABCs of Becoming a Christian and help the child verbalize the thoughts and feelings he was having when he made the decision to become a Christian. u Talk about baptism or show the TITLE video of baptism. LINK HERE. Make sure the children understand that baptism shows others that they have turned from their sin and asked Jesus into their lives. If possible, take the children to your church baptistry. Talk with them about being baptized. (Make sure you have a conversation with the child’s parents about baptism.) u Discuss the Lord’s Supper or show the TITLE video about Lord’s supper. LINK HERE. Explain that Jesus shared a special meal with His disciples before He was crucified. He used bread and wine
  2. 2. to show what would happen to His body. Today the church takes the Lord’s Supper as a way to remember Jesus’ death. Show the bread and juice your church uses to celebrate the Lord’s Supper. u Give each child a VBS 2010 New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs, HCSB® (005187691)or a VBS 2010 New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs, KJV (005187692). Show the devotions in   the New Testament and suggest that he use it for the next 30 days. u Talk about prayer. Use “Teach Me to Pray” a free download from to guide the conversation about prayer. This session can help children understand Christian prayer, how to pray, when and where they can pray, and the kinds of prayer. u Pray with the children. Let them know you will be available to answer any questions they may have and will be happy to talk with them at any time. Continue Your Follow-up Efforts u Schedule a time for baptism after talking to each child’s parents. Make the child and his parents aware of the next time your church will take the Lord’s Supper. u Visit each child’s home after 30 days. Take him a Bible and a devotional guide (More, Adventure, or Bible Express). Talk with the child and encourage him in his new walk with the Lord. Encourage the child to be part of the church through Sunday School and other church activities. Remind parents of the importance of weekly Bible study and the way it lays foundations for spiritual growth in the lives of children. u Keep in touch with the children for one year. Children who made a profession of faith in VBS need someone to love and encourage them in the faith. Send cards, greet them in the church halls, visit in their homes as appropriate, and answer their questions as needed. ©2009, LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention, VBS 2010, Published in the United States of America