Lifetime Water Systems: Benefits Of Water Analysis / Water Testing


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Benefits of a free water test. Live in the GTA? Call us for your free water test today.

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Lifetime Water Systems: Benefits Of Water Analysis / Water Testing

  1. 1.
  2. 2.  Not everyone knows how to find hard water and other contaminants in their water supply  Most people assume that if their tap water smells fine and doesn’t have any color then it’s pure
  3. 3.  Water analysis often reveals chemicals and high mineral levels even in the cleanest looking tap water  When you use a good water filter you are protecting your family  Sediments and sodium are not always detectable to the senses
  4. 4.  People think that they will be able to taste the foreign components that could be in their drinking water  However, water analysis often reveals many surprising results to people who think their water is safe  People who suffer from dry skin rarely think that their water is causing the problem  That could be exactly the case itchy, dry or red skin is often a side-effect of exposure to hard water.
  5. 5.  Water analysis can detect hardness in your water and possibly save you a lot of money  Getting the right water filter is the best step you can take towards eliminating hard water and its negative effects
  6. 6.  Soft water will also leave less residue behind when you rinse off shampoo or soap  Hard water is not as pure and clean as it could be  It does not rinse soaps away as effectively, which is also bad for your already drying skin
  7. 7.  The minerals present in hard water, such as calcium, rust or magnesium are positively charged  When water passes through a water filter, these components are negatively charged which causes them to stick and they are bumped away  All that comes out of a water filter is pure and clean refreshing water
  8. 8.  A free water test and free water filter will remove any doubt about water quality. Clean water will make you feel luxurious every time you wash but will taste better for drinking and cooking  Water filters can also go a long way towards extending the lifespan of your appliances that use tap water
  9. 9.  Click this link for a free water filter Click Link! For Offer