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  1. 1. fall 2009
  2. 2. ion: t ina t Sk in Des tifu l u Bea fabulous products, fabulous prices Who says high-end has to mean high-priced? Here at Nicole Miller Skin Care & Cosmetics we believe our prices should look good too. And because we don’t spend thousands of dollars on traditional advertising, we’re able to pass the savings on to you by delivering cutting-edge beauty technology at a price that’s lower than our competitors. roughout our catalog you’ll find products that are loaded with active ingredients, natural botanicals, and age-defying peptides for the absolute best in skin care and cosmetics. online beauty training Whether you’re a beauty beginner or a makeup expert, our website can help you achieve a glowing, flattering look with insider tips on skin care, color, and everything in between. New tips are added all the time, so you’ll want to check back often. Download the files or print them out to create your own personal beauty resource. nicole miller | fall 2009 for beauty advice, just go to: Our cover model, Amy, is wearing NEW www.melaleuca.com/beauty Indigo 4653 and Fig 8290 Eye Shadows, NEW Persimmon 3177 Blush, NEW Brick 2910 Lip 2 Color, and NEW Red Hot 3456 Plump Lip Gloss.
  3. 3. facial treaments flattering fall shades new fortifying vitamin lotion fall stylesetters blush lip color page 16 page 28 page 34 page 38 renewing exfoliator eye shadow lip plumps page 16 page 30 page 36 this has been a gorgeous year... During 2009 we have: • Finished adding age-defying peptides to all our cleansers, toners, and moisturizers • Released the cutting-edge technology in Nicole Miller Eye Care • Pumped up the Skin-Revitalizing Serum to an extra-strength formula • Kept you looking chic throughout the year with loads and loads of new color: 9 seasonal lip colors, 9 seasonal lip glosses, 4 permanent blush shades, 9 permanent eye shades, and 12 seasonal eye shades • Listened to your advice and brought back 5 of our most popular shades in liquid and creme-to-powder foundations
  4. 4. Finding Your Skin Type Do you have dry or oily skin? How can you be sure? What does “normal” even mean? While some women fall clearly into one category or another, you may find it harder to pinpoint the needs of your skin. Nicole Miller products are designed to work with specific skin types to achieve specific results. Use our handy quiz to determine your skin type and the products best suited for your skin. take our QUIZ { Pick the most correct answer, then go back and see which letter (either A, B, C, or D) you choose most frequently. } 1. An hour after cleansing, your skin feels: 4. How visible are your pores? A Soft and smooth A Small to medium size pores B Dry in spots, but fine B Visible pores in the T-zone everywhere else (forehead, nose, and chin) C Tight and dry all over C Very small or invisible pores D A little oily, starting to see shine D Large visible pores, often clogged 2. How does your skin look by midday? 5. How often do you break out? A Fresh and clean A I almost never break out B Shiny in the T-zone (forehead, nose, B I have a little trouble with pimples and chin) C My skin is clear C Flaky patches and some redness D Regularly—and I hate it D Oily or shiny all over the face 3. Which statement best describes your skin hydration? A It stays hydrated with the use of a moisturizer B It’s dry during winter months, but normal in summer C It’s dehydrated year-round Total A: D It gets greasy and breaks out if I use a heavy moisturizer Total B: Total C: See page |3 for Total D: Necessities Set— Save |8%
  5. 5. MEET YOUR SPECIFIC SKIN CARE NEEDS MOSTLY “A” THEN YOU HAVE NORMAL SKIN. Your skin is comfortable and clear, with only occasional signs of being dry or oily. You keep your happily balanced complexion on track with proper moisturizing and cleansing. AM Regimen: PM Regimen: • Hydrating Cleanser • Hydrating Cleanser mostly A • Hydrating Toner • Hydrating Toner NORMAL SKIN • Daytime Delivery Creme/Lotion • Night Firming Treatment Weekly Regimen: Use a Nicole Miller masque at least once a week for deep cleaning. MOSTLY “B” THEN YOU HAVE COMBINATION SKIN. Your cheeks, outer forehead, and the area around your jaw are dry, while the middle of your forehead, nose, and chin are oily. You need a mix-and-match approach to skin care that will juggle the needs of your skin. AM Regimen: PM Regimen: mostly B • Refining Cleanser • Refining Cleanser COMBINATION • Hydrating Toner • Hydrating Toner • Daytime Delivery Lotion • Night Firming Treatment (only on dry, flaky areas) SKIN Weekly Regimen: Spot-treat your skin with Refine Purifying Mud Masque for oil or blemishes, and use Replenish Hydrating Fruit Masque for dry skin. MOSTLY “C” THEN YOU HAVE DRY SKIN. You probably have skin that is frequently flaking. The surface is dull, and fine lines are obvious. Dry skin is more susceptible to signs of aging and environmental damage. On the positive side, you have very small pores. AM Regimen: • Hydrating Cleanser PM Regimen: mostly C • Hydrating Toner • Daytime Delivery Creme or • Hydrating Cleanser • Hydrating Toner DRY SKIN Night Firming Treatment (in winter) • Night Firming Treatment Weekly Regimen: Use the Replenish Hydrating Fruit Masque at least once a week. MOSTLY “D” THEN YOU HAVE OILY SKIN. You’re constantly blotting off shine in the bathroom and by the end of the day your skin feels greasy. You have obvious pores, with frequent blockages and blemishes. But you’ve also got fewer fine lines and wrinkles, thanks to all that extra hydration. AM Regimen: PM Regimen: • Refining Cleanser • Refining Cleanser mostly D • Clarifying Toner • Clarifying Toner OILY SKIN • Daytime Delivery Lotion • Night Firming Treatment (only on dry, flaky areas) Weekly Regimen: To help unclog pores, apply Refine Purifying Mud Masque 1–3 times a week. Using it more than this may dry out your skin and cause it to produce even more oil. TIPS & www.melaleuca.com/beauty/skincare TRICKS
  6. 6. s N icole Miller’ilosophy h Skin Care P that skin ca re is ultimately about health and wellnes d youthf ul- s. We believe e vibrant an in. It is mor is beautiful sk healthy, radi ant Healthy skin en promote strive to help wom they need to looking. We ess, whether e aging proc ellness appr oach skin at al l stages of th e a total w ect, or revitalize. We us and natural protect, corr treatments ing specialized ete picture th—provid s the compl to skin heal geth er to addres that work to ingredients t. th from the inside ou of skin heal nicole miller | fall 2009 6
  7. 7. Seasonal Skin Care prep your skin for cold weather Autumn represents a gathering in, a collective preparation for the coming winter, and a slow goodbye to summer. Make sure your skin makes a gentle transition from warm to cold weather by following these tips. Take a close look at your skin. Do you have any ASSESS age spots? Is your skin more dry or flaky? Adjust your skin care routine to treat any new concerns. For help finding the right products, go to: your skin www.melaleuca.com/beauty/skincare. Now is a great time to use Radiance Exfoliating Treatment (see page 22) to remove any buildup, dullness, or flaking skin and reveal a fresh complexion. For daily exfoliation try our NEW Renewing Exfoliator (see page 17) which helps EXFOLIATE restore radiance and minimize the appearance of age spots. Cold weather is the time people experience the driest skin. To prepare for the coming drop in temperature, consider increasing your hydration. Either apply your moisturizer more often or HYDRATE switch from a lotion to a creme (a night treatment will also work for really dry skin). The sun doesn’t go away just because the melaleuca.com | 1·888·2·nicole temperature has dropped. Get in the habit of keep using SUNSCREEN using year-round sun protection (like the SPF 15 in our day moisturizers) and applying a higher SPF anytime you are going to be outside for an extended period of time. 7
  8. 8. Come Clean A favorite for your face, the cleansing ritual removes all traces of the day and gives your skin a chance to breathe easy. Nicole Miller Cleansers and Toners are specifically designed to whisk away dirt, makeup, and excess oil without disturbing the delicate balance of your skin. refining cleanser hydrating cleanser Give grime a quick exit with this two-in-one Wash away dirt—not moisture. The gentle cleanser and exfoliator. Refining Facial formula of Hydrating Facial Cleanser Cleanser helps prevent clogged pores and uses plant-derived surfactants to lift away restore skin clarity without stripping the impurities without stripping the skin. Aloe, skin. Glycerin maintains your skin’s natural green tea, ginseng, and goji help soften moisture balance. Age-defying allantoin, and condition. Perfect for dry or sensitive found in comfrey, refines skin’s texture and skin. For normal-to-dry skin. reduces the appearance of fine lines and Hydrating Facial Cleanser 6.76 fl. oz. wrinkles. For normal-to-oily skin. 2701 | $28.50 (16.97pc 11pts) Refining Facial Cleanser 6.76 fl. oz. 2702 | $28.50 (16.97pc 11pts) hydrating toner Prep your skin for moisture and restore the clarifying toner skin’s natural pH balance. This alcohol-free Remove all traces of dirt and excess oil formula uses witch hazel extract to gently while improving your skin’s texture with stabilize and condition, improving skin’s natural botanical and fruit extracts. An texture whether normal, dry, or sensitive. advanced xylitol compound helps balance For normal-to-dry skin. moisture and protect skin, making it better- Hydrating Facial Toner 6.76 fl. oz. equipped to combat external aggressions. 2703 | $26.00 (15.47pc 10pts) For normal-to-oily skin. Clarifying Facial Toner 6.76 fl. oz. 4845 | $26.00 (15.47pc 10pts) SAVE UP “In the past year since I‘ve been TO $7 Estée Lau using Refining Facial Cleanser, I Sparkling der $23* have noticed a clearer skin tone. Clean Oil-C Foaming Ge ontrol l Cleanser, 6.7 fl. oz. It removes the dirt and makeup in Lancôme one application, leaving my face Gel Radian $ * 24 ce Clarifyin * Melaleuca Preferred Customer Gel-to-Foam g price. Competitor product smooth and clean.” Cleanser, 4. 2 fl. oz. Nicole Mil prices from Esteelauder.com —Lisa Burton, Lawrenceville, GA ler and Sephora.com, July 6, 2009. Prices may vary. Product names Refining Fa $|6.97* are registered trademarks of their cial Cleans er, 6.7 fl. oz respective owners. .
  9. 9. eye makeup remover NEW DUAL-PHASE FORMULA An ultra-gentle makeup remover that soothes and tones eye skin while taking off stubborn eye makeup with ease—just melaleuca.com | 1·888·2·nicole shake to activate. It uses the natural ingredient Japanese Inga is wearing NEW Indigo 4653 and Blue Lagoon honeysuckle, a safe, gentle alternative to chemical 8289 Eye Shadows, NEW preservatives. Dermatologist- and ophthalmologist-tested, Persimmon 3177 Blush, NEW safe for contact lens wearers. Clay Rose 2908 Lip Color, Dual-Phase Eye Makeup Remover 3.75 fl. oz. and NEW Gingerbread 8897 1429 | $26.50 (18.00pc 11pts) Plump Lip Gloss. 9
  10. 10. SAVE UP TO $68 Softer, Smoother, Estée Lauder $75* Brighter Resilience Lift Extreme Overnight Ultra Breathe new life into tired, dry skin with the ultra hydration and Firming Creme, 1.7 fl. oz. age-defying peptides in Nicole Miller moisturizers. Lancôme $95* Rénergie Microlift Night R.A.R.E.™ night moisturizer A. Superior Firming Night Creme, 2.5 fl. oz. This formula has triple the protection against the appearance Nicole Miller $26.50* of wrinkles and fine lines. There’s 25% more moisture to help Night Firming Treatment, 1.7 fl. oz. decrease the appearance of fine lines caused by dehydration, * Melaleuca Preferred Customer price. Competitor product prices from Sephora.com and peptides to help restore firmness and tone, and the signature Esteelauder.com, July 6, 2009. Prices may vary. Product names are registered trademarks of their ingredient LIFTESSENCE™ to help visibly reduce the appearance respective owners. of wrinkles and fine lines. Now you can fight the signs of aging, improve elasticity, and smooth wrinkles all with one little bottle. For all skin types. A. Night Firming Treatment 1.7 fl. oz. 2706 | $44.50 (26.50pc 17pts) day moisturizers We’ve increased all three of our plant-based moisturizing ingredients. Now you get more glycerin to help attract and retain moisture from the environment, more shea butter to prevent moisture loss by forming a protective barrier, and more aloe to deliver moisture to the skin’s surface. But that’s not all, we’ve also added peptides to encourage younger-looking skin and help improve firmness and tone. Combine this with the skin-protecting power of our broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects against both UVB and UVA rays and you’ve got a moisturizer that targets present and future skin concerns. B. Daytime Delivery Creme—Normal-to-Dry Skin 1.7 fl. oz. 2704 | $37.50 (22.50pc 14pts) C. C. Daytime Delivery Lotion—Normal-to-Oily Skin 1.7 fl. oz. B. 2705 | $37.50 (22.50pc 14pts) Sandra is wearing NEW Lavender 4654 and Blue Lagoon 8289 Eye Shadows, NEW Cranberry 3178 Blush, NEW St. Valentine 10 2909 Lip Color, and NEW Brownie 3455 Plump Lip Gloss.
  11. 11. 11 melaleuca.com | 1·888·2·nicole
  12. 12. necessities set: A. The Skin Care Trinity Every day your skin is exposed to a wide variety of irritants, pollution, and damaging UV rays. Over time, this exposure can lead to a variety of skin problems—from congestion and loss of radiance to signs of premature aging and fine lines. at's why Nicole Miller Skin Care has two sets designed to give you the perfect foundation for vibrant, healthy-looking skin. From basic cleansing and toning to targeted treatments that help restore skin to its healthy-looking best— Nicole Miller Skin Care has the set that fits your skin and your budget. “The Nicole Miller Necessities Set has done wonders for my skin. I noticed a difference in my skin after the first use. My skin felt really clean and it was glowing. After a couple of weeks, my pores were looking smaller and smaller and my skin just looked fabulous!” —Tara Spinney, Kittery Point, ME A. necessities plus skin care set NEW SAVE UP TO 37% “I just love, love, LOVE my Nicole Miller Skin Care. It has made a Maximize your results by combining basic skin care with specialized wonder of difference in my skin. I look forward to my routine in treatments and get better results than you would get from using the the morning and at night. It feels so good, I get compliments all the products separately. Set includes cleanser, toner, day moisturizer, and two specialized treatments chosen from the following: time, and I’m often told that I don’t look my age. If you haven’t • Night Firming Treatment tried the Necessities Plus Set, you don’t know what you’re missing. • Skin-Revitalizing Serum And once you try it, I believe you’ll love it too!” • Timeless Age-Defying Serum —Diana Weeks, Pocatello, ID • NEW Fortifying Vitamin Lotion nicole miller | fall 2009 Stacy is wearing NEW Fig 8290 Eye Shadow, NEW Persimmon • NEW Renewing Exfoliator 3177 Blush, NEW Brick 2910 Lip Color, and NEW Amber Rose Necessities Plus Skin Care Set 3457 Plump Lip Gloss. 5791 | $125.00 (75.00pc 44pts) Save up to 37% 12
  13. 13. B. B. necessities set SAVE 18% Want beautiful, more healthy-looking skin? Start here. Chock-full of vitamins, botanical extracts, and age- defying peptides in every step, the Necessities Set is an absolute must for healthy-looking skin. The basic melaleuca.com | 1·888·2·nicole acts of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing are at the foundation of every skin care routine. Set includes: cleanser, toner, and day moisturizer of your choice. Necessities Skin Care Set 2573 | $75.00 (45.00pc 27pts) Save 18% 13
  14. 14. How Old Is Your Skin? Depending on sun damage, heredity, and basic skin care, your skin’s “age” falls into one of three treatment categories: Protect, Correct, or Revitalize. Use the quiz below to determine your skin’s needs and get product recommendations specific to your needs. take our QUIZ { Select the answer that most closely resembles your skin. Total your points from each question and see the key to find your treatment category. } 1. Which statement best describes 3. When I take the time to really look closely your wrinkles? at my skin, I: 5 Points: I don’t have wrinkles, but my skin 5 Points: Generally feel happy with is starting to lose a little radiance what I see 10 Points: My fine lines and wrinkles are 10 Points: Would like to look five more noticeable now than 2 years ago years younger 15 Points: I’m starting to develop medium 15 Points: Wish that I could look more than to deep wrinkles five years younger 2. When people guess how old I am they tend to: 4. Which statement best describes the appearance of your skin? 5 Points: Think I’m younger than my years 5 Points: Dull, uneven tone 10 Points: Guess right on target 10 Points: Fine lines/age spots 15 Points: Presume I’m older than I actually am 15 Points: Thinning/loss of firmness 15 Points: Wrinkles/sagging 5 Points: None of the above 5. What is your age range? 5 Points: 20–29 years 10 Points: 30–39 years 10 Points: 40–49 years 15 Points: 50–59 years 15 Points: 60+ years Total POINTS: 14
  15. 15. TREATMENT OPTIONS IF YOU HAVE 25–40 POINTS THEN PROTECT You are in the “Protect” stage. Your skin is smooth, soft, and fresh. You may start 25–40 Points to see early signs of dryness, age spots, fine lines, and loss of firmness. This is the PROTECT time to protect your skin from damage and prevent the appearance of early aging. Treatments formulated to help your skin will have a symbol next to the product name. IF YOU HAVE 41–60 POINTS THEN CORRECT You are in the “Correct” stage. During this time, signs of aging are more apparent. 41–60 Points Skin has increased dryness, age spot formation, and loss of firmness. Fine lines CORRECT and wrinkles begin to form. Pores begin to enlarge. This is the time to treat and correct the appearance of early signs of aging. Treatments formulated to help your skin will have a symbol next to the product name. IF YOU HAVE OVER 60 POINTS THEN REVITALIZE You are in the “Revitalize” stage. Dry skin, enlarged pores, and age spots are Over 60 Points common. Skin has lost significant density and firmness. Sagging and loss of REVITALIZE contour are prevalent, particularly in the jaw area. This is the time to revitalize your skin through more intensive treatments. Treatments formulated to help your skin will have a symbol next to the product name. Forever Young Growing up doesn’t mean you have to get wrinkles. With proper skin care and specialized treatments, your skin can look young for years to come. Utilizing the latest technology and natural ingredients, Nicole Miller offers targeted skin care solutions for everything from the appearance of fine lines melaleuca.com | 1·888·2·nicole and wrinkles to loss of clarity and sun damage. Clinically tested products prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles or reverse the signs of aging. No matter what stage your skin is in, from Protect to Correct to Revitalize , we have specialized products for your personal needs. See pages 16–23 for your treatment options. TIPS & www.melaleuca.com/beauty/skincare TRICKS 15
  16. 16. nicole miller | fall 2009 16 A. C. B.
  17. 17. NEW Facial Treatments The Problem Solvers Introducing three NEW facial treatments that give you gorgeous radiance and silky-smooth skin using powerhouse ingredients and cutting-edge formulation. Packed with peptides, antioxidants, vitamins, and amazing moisturizers—they’re your first line of defense against the daily grind. Now you can encourage a more youthful, even-looking tone, increase skin’s rate of exfoliation, and bring out a fresh, youthful glow. A. fortifying vitamin lotion NEW B. renewing exfoliator NEW Fortifies your skin against the ravages of the environment Increases skin’s rate of exfoliation, improving the texture of and gives it a more youthful, even tone. rough, flaky skin. • Delivers a power-packed blend of vitamins (E, A, B3, • Combines alpha hydroxy technology (AHCare®) B5, B6, C) to protect skin from free radical damage and with natural fruit enzymes to promote more even and environmental stress, improve and even skin tone, and natural-looking exfoliation of dead skin promote healthy-looking skin • Soothes, calms, and conditions newly revealed skin • Age-defying power of carnosine, a peptide that helps with kukui nut oil and an olive oil derivative tone and fortify the skin’s barrier, offers high antioxidant • Helps smooth, moisturize, and maintain skin benefits and promotes firm skin firmness with SCULPTESSENCE™, a linseed extract • Provides superior skin moisturization using Tremella • Uses a safe, natural, non-irritating preservative— mushroom extract, which can hold up to 500 times its Japanese honeysuckle weight in water Renewing Exfoliator 1.7 fl. oz. • Uses a safe, natural, non-irritating preservative— 2714 | $36.00 (25.00pc 16pts) Japanese honeysuckle SAVE UP TO $|00 Fortifying Vitamin Lotion 1 fl. oz. 2708 | $49.50 (34.50pc 22pts) Clarins $|30* C. skin-revitalizing serum NEW EXTRA-STRENGTH FORMULA Super Restorative Serum, 1 fl. oz. Lancôme $65* We’ve pumped up the Skin-Revitalizing Serum to now attack wrinkles from all angles. • Encapsulation technology gives skin superior retinol that stays active throughout the High Resolution Collaser-5X™ Anti- life of the product, delivering the same potent skin renewal benefits with every use Wrinkle Serum, 1 fl. oz. • Clinically tested peptides improve the appearance of skin firmness and minimize the appearance of wrinkles Nicole Miller $29* Skin-Revitalizing Serum, 1 fl. oz. • Microspheres gently blur the appearance of wrinkles on the surface melaleuca.com | 1·888·2·nicole Skin-Revitalizing Serum 1 fl. oz. 2715 | $41.50 (29.00pc 18pts) * Melaleuca Preferred Customer price. Competitor product prices from Sephora.com, July 6, 2009. Prices may vary. Product names are registered Inga is wearing NEW Blue Lagoon 8289 and Fig 8290 Eye Shadows, NEW Persimmon 3177 Blush, trademarks of their respective owners. NEW Brick 2910 Lip Color, and NEW Amber Rose 3457 Plump Lip Gloss. 17
  18. 18. th benefits what arenice le miller of using ovory creme? night rec e nically eme for eyes is cli Night Recovery Cr in firmness cantly improve sk shown to signifi But that’s just four weeks. around the eye in better tests showed even not all. Clinical eye after ness around the re sults in skin firm the proof, go to eight weeks. See incare .com/beauty/sk www.melaleuca al women after photos of re to see before and . and their results A. B. nicole miller | fall 2009 D. 18 C.
  19. 19. NEW Eye Care Treatment Solutions For Your Eyes Only e skin around your eyes is one of the first places to show aging. at’s why Nicole Miller has developed an entire line of skin care dedicated solely to the care of your eyes. ese products address all aspects of the eye’s special needs: extra hydration, irritation, fatigue, dark circles, and fine lines & wrinkles. Whether you already have crow’s feet or you’re trying to prevent them—Nicole Miller Eye Care is your answer to more beautiful, healthy-looking skin. A. eye gel NEW C. night eye creme NEW For relief of the appearance of puffiness, fatigue, and dark circles, For serious treatment of eye skin, this peptide-packed creme is slip this gel into your purse and apply when needed. clinically shown to significantly improve skin firmness in the eye area • Helps tighten and tone skin in just 4 weeks. But that’s not all. Clinical tests showed even better • Minimizes the appearance of puffy or sagging skin results in skin firmness around the eye after 8 weeks. • Provides soothing and toning benefits • Improves skin firmness • Protects against the appearance of future wrinkles • Decreases the appearance of skin sagging and fine lines Natural Ingredients: Oats, argania fruit, goji fruit, licorice, lychee • Soothes, tones, and moisturizes skin fruit, cucumber Natural Ingredients: Pea extract, Indian pennywort, echinacea, Bright Eyes Soothing Eye Gel 0.5 fl. oz. rosemary, cucumber, aloe vera, green tea, arnica flower 2711 | $34.50 (24.00pc 16pts) Night Recovery Creme 0.5 fl. oz. 9861 | $49.00 (34.00pc 22pts) B. eye wrinkle serum NEW The perfect day treatment for eye skin, this silky serum: D. eye firming creme • Minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles Take a proactive stance and reduce the appearance of fine lines • Prevents future signs of aging and wrinkles before they begin. • Improves the appearance of skin firmness • Increases skin firmness • Provides antioxidants and extra moisture • Lessens the appearance of wrinkles Natural Ingredients: Rice and soy peptides, yeast proteins, cucumber, melaleuca.com | 1·888·2·nicole • Helps strengthen skin’s ability to fight environmental damage aloe vera, green tea, horse chestnut Natural Ingredients: Echinacea, coneflower extract, vitamins Wrinkle Release Eye Serum 0.5 fl. oz. A, C, D, and E 9827 | $49.00 (34.00pc 22pts) Eyewear Refirming Creme 0.5 fl. oz. For eye makeup remover see page 9. 2713 | $24.50 (14.50pc 10pts) 19
  20. 20. Amy is wearing NEW Indigo 4653 and Fig 8290 Eye Shadows, NEW Cranberry 3178 Blush, NEW Clay Rose 2908 Lip Color, and NEW Red Hot 3456 Plump Lip Gloss. Press Pause Put the aging process on hold. Reverse the look of fine lines, age spots, or loss of clarity and return your skin to a younger look with a little help from Timeless. A. age-defying facial serum Every few weeks your skin regenerates, sloughing off the older top layer and bringing fresh, new skin to the surface. That’s where Timeless comes in. The gentle formula and patented AHCare® help speed the rate of skin’s natural exfoliation, while also delivering moisture and vitamins. Perfect for preventing and reversing the early signs of aging. • Restore clarity • Reduce the appearance of age spots • Diminish the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and environmental damage Timeless Age-Defying Serum 1 fl. oz. 3970 | $33.50 (20.00pc 13pts) B. hand creme with SPF 15 Vitamin C helps reduce the appearance of age spots and exfoliate the dry, tired skin common to hands. Glycerin and vitamin E hydrate and condition. Timeless Hand Creme* 1.5 fl. oz. 7970 | $15.00 (9.00pc 6pts) *While supplies last nicole miller | fall 2009 A. B. 20
  21. 21. 21 melaleuca.com | 1·888·2·nicole
  22. 22. SAVE UP TO $|4 The Deep Clean Clarins $28.5 Go deep below the surface to draw out impurities Pure & 0* and reveal your brightest, most radiant complexion. Radiant Mask , 1.7 fl. oz. Lancôme 28 $ * Pure Emprien te Masque, 3.4 fl. oz. Nicole Mille Re fine Purifying r $14.50* Mud Masque, 2.6 fl. oz. * Melaleuca Pre ferred Custome Competitor pro r price. duct prices fro and Lancome.c m Clarins.com om, July 6, 200 may vary. Pro 9. Prices duct names are trademarks of registered their respective owners. A. B. C. A. exfoliating treatment B. hydrating fruit masque C. refining mud masque Welcome fall with a fresh complexion. Replenish moisture using our Hydrating Deep clean pores with our exclusive Irish All-natural exfoliants reveal a brighter Fruit Complex with antioxidants derived seaweed complex. Used once or twice a complexion, while kaolin clay helps deeply from real fruit fibers. Shea butter, botanical week, this masque helps pores look smaller, clean pores. Skin is then conditioned with extracts, and sea salts smooth and soften while kaolin clay draws out impurities and hydrating algae, glycerin, and aloe. Use skin. Use once or twice a week. For absorbs excess oil. Not recommended for nicole miller | fall 2009 once a week. For all skin types. normal-to-dry skin. dry skin. For normal-to-oily skin. Radiance Exfoliating Treatment Replenish Hydrating Fruit Masque Refine Purifying Mud Masque 2.1 oz. 2.6 oz. 2.6 oz. 4632 | $24.50 (14.50pc 10pts) 4590 | $24.50 (14.50pc 10pts) 7225 | $24.50 (14.50pc 10pts) 22
  23. 23. Kimberly is wearing NEW Fig 8290 and Blue Lagoon 8289 Eye Shadows, NEW melaleuca.com | 1·888·2·nicole Cranberry 3178 Blush, NEW St. Valentine 2909 Lip Color, and NEW Barely There 257 Plump Lip Gloss. 23
  24. 24. NEW Shades for Fall autumn drama Autumn is a season of lush, rich color—from the leaves on the trees to the clothes on the catwalk. Keep your look current with a splash of jeweled color from the new Nicole Miller Fall 2009 collection.
  25. 25. Beauty with Confidence Beauty doesn’t come in any specific shade, shape, or style. It doesn’t magically appear when you put on lipstick or go away when you wash your face at night. Beauty is not something you create—it is something you discover within yourself. It is as unique as you are. Makeup highlights beauty. It emphasizes it. So women everywhere can take on the world. Every day. Nothing is more beautiful than confidence. check out what’s new fall stylesetters • page 28 eye shadow • page 30 blush • page 34 lip plumps • page 36 lip color • page 38 melaleuca.com | 1·888·2·nicole Inga is wearing NEW Blue Lagoon 8289 and Fig 8290 Eye Shadows, NEW Persimmon 3177 Blush, NEW Brick 2910 Lip Color, and NEW Amber Rose 3457 Plump Lip Gloss. 25
  26. 26. Create a Quick, Natural Look Do you need help finding natural, flattering shades? Here’s a quick three-step process for creating a soft, natural look. 1. Start with your lips. To find a natural lip color, jut out your lower lip in a pout. What color is the skin just inside your lower lip? Select a lip color that matches this. 2. Move to your cheeks. Once you’ve selected your lip color, find a blush that matches the shade of your lip color. 3. Finish with your eyes. What color are your eyes? Most people just think they’re one color—like blue or brown or green. But if you look closely, there are other colors there too. Do you have a ring of gold or green around your iris? Are there flecks of amber? Look closely at your eyes and then select three eye shadows with shades that match the colors in your eye. COLOR KEY warm In the following pages you’ll notice that every shade has cool either a for warm, a for cool, or an for neutral, the neutral shades all women can wear. nicole miller | fall 2009 Amy is wearing NEW Indigo 4653 and Fig 8290 Eye Shadows, NEW Persimmon 3177 Blush, NEW Brick 2910 Lip Color, and NEW Red Hot 3456 Plump Lip Gloss. 26
  27. 27. What am I ? Need help finding which colors would look great on you? We’re grouping all of our shades into three groups: warm, cool, or neutral. Use the three easy steps below to figure out WARM OR whether your undertone is warm or cool. The neutral tones are shades that work well on just about everyone. Once you know your undertone, you can find the matching icon. In COOL the following pages you’ll notice that every shade has either a an for neutral, the shades all women can wear. for warm, a for cool, or 1. Look at your skin in natural light (fluorescent lighting will change your skin tone). Is your skin rosy or golden? check your _________________ SKIN Rosy is more common with cool tones , while a golden appearance is usually found in people with warm tones . 2. Now look at your wardrobe. Do you prefer to wear pure white or a slight off-white? Compare the two colors against your skin check your in a mirror and choose the one that seems most natural against WARDROBE your skin. _________________ Pure white is more flattering on people with cool tones , while off-white flatters people with warm tones . 3. Hold two pieces of jewelry up to your skin—one silver and one gold. Which metal looks more natural and flattering with check your your skin tone? _________________ JEWELRY If silver is the most flattering you’re cool , if gold looks best you are warm . does this mean i can never wear…? Say the test said you’re warm, but you love wearing jewel tones (most of which are considered “cool” colors). Does this mean you have to switch to earth tones? Not a chance! e warm/cool categories are there to help, not limit your color choices. e key to melaleuca.com | 1·888·2·nicole remember when selecting shades is to keep all your colors in the same family—wear a cool eye shadow with a cool blush and a cool lip color. If you’re wearing warm-colored clothing, pair it with warm makeup tones. TIPS & www.melaleuca.com/beauty/face TRICKS 27
  28. 28. Pick Your Pretty Put a personal twist on the styles and colors of the season. Mix and match the latest shades for a look that’s uniquely you and completely fabulous. fall stylesetters SAVE 24% Kimberly is wearing Follow nature’s cue with a fresh new look from Nicole Miller. The new Fall NEW Fig 8290 and StyleSetters Collection lets you choose from new or existing shades and saves Blue Lagoon 8289 you 24%. The collection includes 2 eye shadows, 1 blush, 1 lip plump or gloss, Eye Shadows, NEW 1 lip color, plus a cute mock croc cosmetic bag. Need help selecting your Cranberry 3178 Blush, shades? We’ve done the thinking for you. See our color recommendations on NEW St. Valentine 2909 the right for pretty, pleasing combinations you’re sure to love. Lip Color, and NEW Barely There 257 Plump Fall StyleSetters® Collection* Lip Gloss. 7561 | $98.50 (59.00pc 30pts) Save 24% nicole miller | fall 2009 *While supplies last 28
  29. 29. cool? arm or What am I, w rs will look out w hat colo ge 27. To find iz on pa e our qu you, se best on NEW cashew persimmon 8822 MATTE 3177 fudge truffle NEW NEW 7248 brick* brownie 2910 3455 MATTE MATTE warm color recommendations: Fudge Truffle and Cashew Eye Shadows, Persimmon Blush, Brick Lip Color, Brownie Plump Lip Gloss NEW NEW indigo 4653 amber rose* MATTE 3457 NEW cranberry 3178 NEW NEW lavender st. valentine* 4654 2909 MATTE cool color recommendations: Indigo and Lavender Eye Shadows, Cranberry Blush, St. Valentine Lip Color, Amber Rose Plump Lip Gloss NEW honeyshimmer spice clay rose* 8848 9072 2908 MATTE slate NEW 8825 vanilla sugar* MATTE melaleuca.com | 1·888·2·nicole 2905 neutral color recommendations: Slate and Honeyshimmer Eye Shadows, Spice Blush, Clay Rose Lip Color, Vanilla Sugar Plump Lip Gloss 29
  30. 30. looking for matte? cinnamon 8830 plum wine 8833 If you’re in need of a shade that doesn’t have shimmer, just look for the word “MATTE” below the shade name. THE KEY TO COLOR: You may have noticed that every hot cocoa* fudge truffle honeyshimmer plum glisten shade now has either a for warm, a for cool, or an 7247 7248 8848 8842 MATTE MATTE for neutral. To find out what colors will look best on you, see our quiz on page 27. suede cashew candied brown sugar almond 8834 8822 walnut 8849 8829 MATTE MATTE 8826 goldfinch pecan nut brownie* sea spray 4649 8823 7245 9734 MATTE MATTE snapdragon hazelnut caribbean tijuana tide pool mermaid 8859 8824 8816 8434 9794 4651 MATTE buttercup bronze blue lagoon* angelica ice 8808 8843 8289 8854 8846 NEW french vanilla chocolate fiji moss crushed slate 8847 cake* 8818 8845 velvet 8825 MATTE 7246 8853 MATTE MATTE nicole miller | fall 2009 beach* sand dune* bronzelit* bonfire* midnight 3462 3460 3459 3461 8831 30
  31. 31. jamaica rosarito 8828 8430 plum dandy hyacinth fig* raisin 4652 8857 8290 8844 MATTE NEW lavender wisteria velour brazil 4654 8858 8835 8817 MATTE NEW wisteria lilac* tulip 8858 8882 8856 vintage rose misty mauve french pink 4648 8841 8832 Seeing Stars Shimmering shades and marvelous mattes swim before your eyes in a kaleidoscope of colorful possibilities. No look will go unfinished, no outfit rose quartz 8840 undone, thanks to the wide variety and endless combinations of Nicole Miller Eye Shadow. ink 4650 eye shadow MATTE This silky powder formula delivers lasting color periwinkle* 8888 that’s easy to blend. Green tea and vitamins A, C, and E supply antioxidant power to help fight melaleuca.com | 1·888·2·nicole environmental damage. Plant emollients and soybean phytosterols soothe and condition skin. NEW Available in 55 different shades. indigo mimi* baja* 4653 8884 8431 Eye Shadow 0.07 oz. MATTE $20.00 (12.00pc 7pts) *While supplies last 31
  32. 32. A. The Quick Draw Daring definition done double-quick thanks to super-fine A. volu mizing Uniqu masca lines and bold, lengthy lashes. e bru ra sh sep extrem arates e fulln and co ess. T ats ev B. delivers he sm ery las lasting udge-f h for lu definit ree, fla sh, condit ion, w ke-free ion an hile gly formula d softe cerin a blac contac n. Oph nd mu k 7 t lens thalmo ltivitam 734 weare logist- ins bro Volum rs. Co ntains tested , safe wn izing M no fibe for 810 $21.00 ascara rs or fi 5 (12.50 0.27 fl. llers. p c 8pts o z. ) makeup For eye see page 9. remov er B. liquid liner Wet-to-dry formula and a precision tip give you effortless brunette 5658 application and the finest of lines. blonde 5657 Intense Liquid Liner 0.1 fl. oz. $26.00 (15.50pc 10pts) black 5656* sable 6560 C. brow pencil auburn 5655 C. Pencil in perfection for arches everywhere. Our two-in- one Definition Brow Pencil colors and combs your arches black 5641 using a wax-free formula for a soft, natural look and feel. Comes in four well-sculpted shades. plum 5647 Definition Brow Pencil 0.042 oz. deep brown 5643 $17.50 (10.50pc 7pts) charcoal 5642 D. pencil eyeliner deep bronze 5644 Create any look from natural to urban-chic with seven midnight 5646 shades of creamy color that glide on easily and stay put to forest 5645* condition your delicate eye area with vitamins A, C, and E. D. Enhance Eye Pencil 0.04 oz. $17.50 (10.50pc 7pts) Wood Pencil Sharpener 6250 | $3.50 (2.00pc 0pts) *While supplies last F. 32
  33. 33. black volumizing 8228 brown/black volumizing 8229 black waterproof 8226 brown/black waterproof 8227 E. E. waterproof mousse mascara Color stays on until you take it off. Our Waterproof Mascara features a long-wear mousse formula that won’t streak, flake, or falter while delivering unsurpassed definition and volume. Ophthalmologist-tested, safe for contact lens wearers. Waterproof Mascara 0.27 fl. oz. $21.00 (12.50pc 8pts) F. lash primer A vitamin-rich, lash-thickening formula to help increase the volume and length of your lashes. Use Lash Primer as a base for your mascara to ensure maximum coverage and reduced flaking. Excellent for fine, weak lashes in need of conditioning. Stacy is wearing NEW Fig 8290 Eye Lash Primer 0.27 fl. oz. Shadow, NEW Persimmon 3177 Blush, 7735 | $21.00 (12.50pc 7pts) NEW Brick 2910 Lip Color, and NEW Amber Rose 3457 Plump Lip Gloss.
  34. 34. A. powder blush A Healthy Blush of Color Bring a healthy flush and sweep of definition to chiseled cheekbones everywhere. A soft flush of color gives your complexion a gentle glow. A super-fine blend of micronized powder combines with vitamins and botanical extracts in 11 skin-beautifying shades. Powder Blush 0.14 oz. $23.50 (14.00pc 8pts) B. powder bronzer Bronze Glo Powder Bronzer delivers a natural glow to your skin that easily washes off at night. The convenient compact means you can keep your color, even on the go. Formulated with green tea and vitamins A and E. Bronze Glo Powder Bronzer 0.37 oz. 3454 | $20.00 (12.00pc 8pts) C. tanning towelettes Get golden, glowing skin without harmful exposure to UV rays. Within hours of application, Bronze Glo Sunless Tanning Towelettes give you streak-free, natural- looking color. A decadent blend of vitamins and moisturizers delivers extra softness, for skin that feels as good as it looks. Easy-to- apply wipe is the perfect size for travel. Bronze Glo Sunless Tanning Towelettes 6415 | $28.50 (17.00pc 9pts)—8-pack 6416 | $5.00 (3.00pc 2pts)—single nicole miller | fall 2009 Kimberly is wearing NEW Fig 8290 and Blue Lagoon 8289 Eye Shadows, NEW Cranberry 3178 Blush, NEW St. Valentine 2909 Lip Color, looking for matte? and NEW Barely There 257 Plump Lip Gloss. If you’re in need of a shade that doesn’t have shimmer, 34 just look for the word “MATTE” below the shade name.
  35. 35. sweet apricot bronzy 9066 9070 NEW Blush Shades: Cranberry & Persimmon A. NEW persimmon peach satin spice 3177 9067 9072 MATTE THE KEY TO COLOR: warm cool neutral See our color quiz on page 27. golden sunrise hibiscus 9065 3176 MATTE MATTE B. NEW peony soft rose cranberry 9086 9068 3178 MATTE MATTE C. mauve sunset winterberry dusty mauve 9069 9071 9073
  36. 36. ps! NEW Lip P lum ades 3 Seasonal Sh es 5 Permanent Shad Sparkle and Shine Sparkling shades and maximum volume rekindle an era of lush glamour even Rita Hayworth would covet. A. plump gloss NEW SHADES B. lip gloss Make your lips instantly appear fuller. Never heavy or sticky, a gloss gives you Brilliance Plump Lip Gloss features the the perfect balance between color and clinically tested ingredient MaxiLip™— shine. Raspberry and cranberry smooth shown to make lips more voluminous and condition the delicate skin of the by up to 60% while reducing the lips. The antioxidant power of green appearance of fine lines up to 30%. Add tea helps fight environmental exposure, a sweet vanilla scent and you’ve got a while vitamins A, C, and E condition gloss no mouth can resist! and protect. Brilliance Plump Lip Gloss 0.5 oz. Brilliance Lip Gloss 0.5 oz. $21.00 (12.50pc 8pts) $21.00 (12.50pc 9pts) NEW THE KEY TO COLOR: warm, cool, neutral. See our color quiz on page 27. A. vanilla sugar 2905 LOOKING FOR MATTE? If you’re in need of a shade that clear doesn’t have shimmer, just look for the word “MATTE” below the 6398 shade name. B. *While supplies last NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW sugar cookie amber rose* cherry kiss* barely there red hot* apricot* brownie 3456 3457 2906 8898 2904 3455 257 MATTE MATTE MATTE
  37. 37. “My daughter and I both love Brilliance Lip Gloss. It isn’t e Lagoon 8289 Indigo 4653 and Blu drying like other lip glosses or Inga is wearing NEW sh, NEW Clay Rose Persimmon 3177 Blu Eye Shadows, NEW 7 Plump Lip Gloss. balms on the market, and adds NEW Gingerbread 889 2908 Lip Color, and the right amount of shine.” —Bernadette Donald, La Porte, IN Brilliance Plump Lip Gloss NEW NEW Brilliance Lip Gloss snickerdoodle gingerbread moonlight 6396 vavoom 8897 8900 6391 6392 6397 6394 rumor crush flirt MATTE
  38. 38. NEW Shades for Fall! iced mocha 6243 Speak Easy Creamy color so eye-catching it’s sure to have them hanging on your every word. A. lip color sienna 6378 Retinol, ginseng, and multivitamins fuse with power-stay color MATTE to create a rich, creamy Lip Color. Indulge your lips with 27 luxurious shades designed to flatter and freshen any look. Luxury Lip Color 0.1 oz. $21.00 (12.50pc 8pts) coral reef 6241 B. lip treatment This silky smooth formula provides the perfect base for Lip Color. Shea and mango butters, plus a moisturizing dose of vitamin E, help soothe dryness and drench your lips with lasting softness. cayenne 6377 Lip Treatment 0.1 oz. 2710 | $21.00 (12.50pc 7pts) A. C. lip liner Stop lip color from fading or running wild on your face. regal red* Definition Lip Pencils prevent embarrassing color infractions 6248 MATTE and keep lipstick in line with 13 worry-free shades. Definition Lip Pencil 0.04 oz. $17.50 (10.50pc 7pts) currant TIPS & www.melaleuca.com/beauty/lips 6246 TRICKS MATTE nicole miller | fall 2009 brick* NEW 2910 B. MATTE 38
  39. 39. bisque st. valentine* NEW 6242 2909 MATTE MATTE THE KEY TO COLOR: You may have noticed that every shade now has either a for warm, a for cool, or an for neutral. To find out what colors will look soft nude champagne fuchsia* best on you, see our quiz on page 27. 6245 6375 6247 MATTE MATTE LOOKING FOR MATTE? If you’re in need of a shade that doesn’t have shimmer, just look for the word “MATTE” below the shade name. NEW clay rose* pink sorbet politely pink *While supplies last 2908 6233 6235 MATTE C. nude 6809 sugarplum 6805* peach silk plumshine sugarplum petal pink 6802* 6244 6238 6239 plum crazy 6803 wine 6806 cranberry 6801 antique rose* mauvelous plumberry 2903 6232 6234 raisin 6810 appleberry 6807 chestnut 6815 fruity* pomegranate* burgundy bliss 8407 2902 6231 melaleuca.com | 1·888·2·nicole MATTE cinnamon stick 6808 terracotta 6812 sun ripened* red kiss rosewood soft peach 6811* 2901 6236 6237 MATTE MATTE 39