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At the humanity plus summit at the Harvard Science Center Cambridge I will deliver this presentation entitled HACCP as Lifespan Extension Managment System.
Integration of the science with a globally accepted systems management system HACCP may enable the industry of life and health extension to grow into a self-directed personalized mass market.
To do this the system must be able to overcome moral hazard hazards more daunting than science historically speaking.
A single open source accessible health record isthe product of this system.
An operating system of the scale of Windows can deliver the goods.
Universally accessible extreme lifespan and healthspan.

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  • Humanity+2010 june12-ver16may

    1. 1. HACCP AS A LIFESPAN EXTENSION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM “Empowering Self-Directed Health-span/Life-span Extension” Presented to 2010 Humanity+ Summit June 12–13 2010, Harvard University Presented by Morris Johnson “CITIZEN-SCIENTIST” CTO OF PHARMA INC. Box 33, Road 707 S, Beaubier, Sk., Ca., S0C-0H0 Canterpene (at), 701-240-9411, 306-447-4944
    2. 2. What is HACCP? Developed by Pillsbury for NASA to provide food safety while reducing dependence on finished product sampling and testing The HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) system gives value to food and pharma by ensuring a safe high quality finished product Adopted worldwide for food/pharma safety in 1980's Key Element is: Preventative Control by managing Critical Control Points (CCPs)
    3. 3. The HACCP 12 step life-cycle Manages 5 Key aspects of medical practice: “PRECP” 1-Preventative 2-Regenerative 3-Enhancement 4-Crisis management 5-Palliative
    4. 4. The overarching hazard reduction Safety system is supported by quality and efficiency QA/QC management practices: 1- Six-Sigma - Quality Improvement , error correction cycle DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse,Improve ,Control ) In food and Pharma Six-Sigma strives to keep quality errors under 6 per 1 million transactions 2- LEAN -(elimination of waste and the reduction of variation found within processes physical and human resources, Knowledge and Information “Open source access” to all published research is a key QA/QC tool
    5. 5. STEP-1/12-Assemble HACCP team Individual/ You are your own HACCP Coordinator (HC) Primary care Physician, Additional health services providers as required
    6. 6. STEP-2/12-Describe product and process Your: Statistics e.g. age/gender Health history Family history Personalization : to describe you as a biological program: Genomic profiling e.g “23 and me” Metabolomic profiling Microbiomic profiling Biomarker profiling e.g. inflammatory and oxidative Your bio-hard drive gets a “Norton”.
    7. 7. STEP-3/12-Identify intended use What life stage are you at: Infancy Childhood Youth Adulthood, Mid-life Old-age What do you plan to do with your life …this will determine the aggressiveness with which to apply the succeeding steps.
    8. 8. STEP-4/12-Detail a Plant Schematic diagram, Design a process flow Diagram; Manage incoming Materials The inputs will be from all of the 6 hazard analysis pre-requisite domains: 1-Nutrigenomics 2-Metabolomics 3-Microbiomics 4-Environomics 5-Epigenomics 6-Psychomics /Transcriptomics Relate the inputs/timing/combination to cell/tissue/organ and whole body function
    9. 9. STEP-5/12- Do On-site Verification of flow diagram and Plant schematic Here you relate step 4 with steps 2 and 3 to look for conflicts …this is where you personalize everything
    10. 10. STEP-6/12-Do Hazard Analysis Initial HACCP Hazard Analysis Pre-requisites Risk Analyses are completed before a plan is deemed operational Update annually or when a significant event or a number of minor events occur. Your plan must be do-able “say what you do, do what you say”. To complete a hazard analysis: Define Hazard and how to address it ; Who will complete hazard mitigation, Frequency for review ; Deviation Procedure, and corrective/preventative measures; Verification and Validation that the method used is appropriate and effective Record the cycle of events Then detail the management of the data/records HACCP is not paper bound…e-health and health data management technology make this user friendly on the interface side…technology will render it invisible. Like Windows, mac or linux or unix This is an Operating System …. for your biological program and sub-routines
    11. 11. STEP-7/12-Critical Control Point Determination: (CCPs) Aubrey de Grey‟s 7 deadly sins of biology (SENS): 1-Junk inside cells, 2 Junk outside cells , 3-Too few cells, 4-Too many cells, 5-Chromasome mutations , 6-Mitochondrial mutations, 7-Protein cross-links, I would like to suggest perhaps 2 more: 8 Regulatory mutations (centriole and chromatin) ; 9 Intra phagocytic metagenomic microbiota (Metagenome), a distributed biofilm
    12. 12. STEP-8/12-Set Critical Limits to which the hazards can and will be reduced The limits to which for example degenerative metabolic biological pathways e.g. inflammation, oxidative stress, metabolic syndromes and derivative pathology can be controlled are science driven but modified by external non- biological Moral Hazards"the punishment we get for doing good deeds" or as the cartoon character Ogo Pogo said “we has seen the enemy and they is us”.
    13. 13. STEP-9/12-Monitoring Procedures Technology from interactive swarms of nanobots to smart devices ..the industry, infrastructure , software and hardware welcome 7 billion customers. scanning-brains-all-from-your-phone/ - Patient-Driven Health Care Models Fully fledged integration of HACCP with e-health data and narrow AGI will render this function invisible. HACCP methodology simplifies integration of structure and function. Convergence of monitoring technology form and function: e.g. E-health monitoring clothes, and jewelry Security and policing are enabled so there must be deregulation of what we call social crimes such as soft drug use or consumers will not accept the intrusive and pervasive health technologies.
    14. 14. STEP-10/12-Establish Deviations and Corrective/preventative measures (CPM) for each hazard and create a Recall Plan How much can you control given the technology and resources you personally have to work with . CPM are focal to HACCP… It is this aspect that originally led me to the concept of something I first called “HACCP for Humans” AKA- Advanced Regenerative Lifespan Augmentation “ARLA”
    15. 15. STEP-11/12-Verification Procedures Verification that what you have done has sufficiently controlled the hazard. This is lockstep with validation that the procedure(s) you have chosen are operating as originally designed or intended Perhaps the major regulatory bodies will morph to oversee these functions with increasing assistance from emerging AGI technologies.
    16. 16. STEP-12/12-Record Keeping/Document storage and management and Audits System wide e-health data mining is essential to optimize outcomes Keeping 7billion biological programs running asynchronously in parallel without crashing would be a really good entry level management job for an AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) Managing all risks at CCP‟s within the 5 domains of medicine while designing / running simulations and hot-patching bio-code Would make an AGI happier than a pig in shit
    17. 17. RECALL PLAN Defective product has to be reworked or disposed of PALLIATION and a funeral vs CRYONICS or/and ENCHANCMENT Cryonic Stasis is limited by regulatory and legal factors preventing it from intervening before extreme levels of biological degeneration have run their course (death) 21st C enhancement factors increase our robustness presents a new economic paradigm. The capacity to make life and health more valuable than death , in the marketplace is pivotal to the success of “HACCP 4 ARLA”.. It is no longer sustainable to grow and educate 7 billion plus humans for 25 years, extract 35 years of work and then dispose of their wealth and intellectual capital over a final 20 years. The economics of adding indeterminate periods of work , re-education , and leisure to pay for lifespan and healthspan extension services creates the new aspect to the recall plan… first step towards biological enhancement/self-directed evolution.
    18. 18. Audit/ Periodic Revision The user defines the sophistication of a self-or third party audit plan Each audit cycle leads to improved levels of process control, improved monitoring, verification and validation methods Morphing a government and bureaucrat centric status quo to an open sourced one with just “Me and my AGI enabled agent” Is both a challenge and a business opportunity. Commercializing an operating system and bootstrapping it just like Gates did starting with Windows 2.0, but doing it with a Linux style collaborative style As Christine Petersen once said “you with all your good science needs me the token commercialization person”
    19. 19. The Pre-requisite management domains to utilize HACCP for Human Health Management Each of 6 „omics domains operates on different levels on a time scale. Each succeeding level has a composition requiring a longer time scale for action with a higher capacity for residual persistence. Initially there are 6 pre-requisite domains. Bullets can be added to each as system audits justify them. For Example in the food safety HACCP system in Canada we have 6 domains and 72 bullets in total.
    20. 20. 1-Nutrigenomics All molecules small and large can act singly or together to drive the other „Omics. There is no distinction between foods, supplements and pharmaceuticals.. They just have different temporal and activity coefficients Simply put there are 2 sets of inverse relationships. Food on one end predominates the second-to-second base metabolism required for survival. Small amounts of micronutrients effect the mid and long term „omics loops Pharma and toxins are on the far end of the spectrum. e.g.
    21. 21. 2-Metabolomics The management of “stable” metabolic feedback loops Many think of these now as limited to things like pre-diabetes, inflammatory or plaque driving processes. As the preventative, regenerative and enhancement aspects of medicine become more well developed a deeper understanding of the metabolic feedback loops driving metabolomics will be generated then managed in an ever more predictable fashion. fingerprints-offer-path-toward-personalized-medicine/
    22. 22. 3-Microbiomics Microbiomes can up/down regulate A distributed biofilm with metabolomic , epigenomic and nutrigenomic functions. Ethno-Endogenous Microbiomes Exogenous Microbiomes- range from herpes to synthetic organisms such as nanobots , stem cells or respirocytes and will include genetically altered microbes which purposefully and predicatably re-write core genomics. DIY microbiomes…???? Safer than genomic modification; Components can be designed to be removable or exchanged/upgraded
    23. 23. 4-Environomics Physical Stress Biological Stress Chemical Stress Social Stress 5-Epigenomics/Transcriptomics - The Low Hanging Fruit USA Patent Number 6541680 “Nutritional methyl supplements change DNA methylation and related characteristics of mammalian offspring ” is-aging-an-accident-of-evolution-a-weekend-feature.html
    24. 24. 6-Psychomics- “managing moral hazards” The biological Moral Hazard: the Placebo Effect Non-biological Moral Hazards: Political e. g. individual ownership of ones body VS State controls Military e.g. Leon Kass‟s fear that long lived people would not fight wars Economic e.g. hyperbaric hydrogen therapy VS Dismantling due to uninsurable liability Legal e.g. hemp as a food&health supp VS narcotics law enforcement and power of illegal economies who use law to maintain market monopoly Regulatory e.g. common sense regulations VS mindless authority or Dimethy-sulfoxide as a “chemical needle” VS is unregulatable technology shunned and regulatorily persecuted Theistic e.g. stem cells VS religious interpretations of sentience/soul Social e.g. Dumbed down media VS Dr. OZ et. al.VS Social Media enabled collaboration Cultural e.g. Neo-Luddite eco-terrorist bio-sabotage of GMO labs Moral Hazards can decimate the successful operation of the entire plan
    25. 25. The net benefit , "The Longevity Dividend" Begs the question … Does the length of health-span and life-span we can expect entirely depend upon making the value to the global economy of life more than that of death? You bet your life it does…….Yes. Life insurance companies value a human life at 2 million. Health plans converge at figure of 50,000 per quality adjusted life year. (QALY) A combination of economics and science , QALY cost decides if a medical good or service is worth doing immediately or if it should be rationed e.g. heroic critical care efforts VS end of life cycle palliation. Investment Decisions made by the pension and insurance industries are CRITICAL “Third Bridge” technologies with mass individualized commercialization will require substantial capital investment HACCP increases the value of the “longevity dividend” by reducing the cost of QALYs so that lifespan and healthspan extension goods and services provide sufficient return to society&capital to justify investment into the Economy of Life .
    26. 26. TAKE-HOME POINTS HACCP, a robust management system with 30 years History of use is the logical methodology to propel the concept of universally accessible extreme health-span and life-span extension into mainstream adoptation HACCP can manage moral hazards, which threaten to limit the rate of adoption of Pro-Longevity technology by the global economy within a time frame short enough to save the lives of the baby-boomer generation. Simply put HACCP is the root/ core management system to deliver universally accessible indefinite human lifespan within the functional lifespan of the baby boomer generation. Your body is the most valuable piece of property you will ever own so manage it accordingly
    27. 27. HACCP method And system enable creation Of Novel health records which capture Data In a unique and comprehensive manner so that it can be utilized as “open source”, Compiled into databases, Analysed, mined and yield the capacity for Individuals to self-direct their own Robust Lifespan/Healthspan Management program in a Six-sigma and Lean manner. Current systems do not empower you.>>>> With HACCP “YOU” control everything. “Product, Process, Premises, Personnel”.
    28. 28. “Aging and Death are Sacred Cows but Sacred Cows make the best burgers!” I‟d like to thank Alex Lightman for Inviting me as well as my Sponsors: my Company shareholders & partners
    29. 29. Canterpene, a healthspan/lifespan extension product that has had to manage moral hazardsAnd has converted a problem into a solution Patent Pending 2,636,594- REGULATORY COMPLIANT METHOD TO GROW , HARVEST AND PRODUCE INDUSTRIAL MILLED HEMP SEED AND DERIVATIVE FUNCTIONAL PRODUCTS FOR HUMAN AND VETERINARY USE
    30. 30. (This page reserved for a .jpg of our clinical trial which will be done by June 03)
    31. 31. Thank you….Questions?