Tips tricks and networking at your next expo


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If you are new to a tradeshow and want some tips for before during and after, check out this presentation.

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  • What has your tradeshow experience been like. Has it been full of great new contacts and lots of cool stuff or has it been a lot of pushy sales people. This program is to give you the fundamentals of running a good tradeshow, while keeping your visitor’s experience top of mind at all times.
  • There’s nothing worse than a person sitting behind a table with a bunch of paper laid out if front of them. Now before the show, think about the experience you want to give to your visitors. Relate it to your goal and message. Make it something memorable so when people leave you are the business they are talking about.
  • Your return on investment of the booth will increase when you actively participate in drawing people to the event. Tell your top customers – call or email your top customers and let them know you’ll be at the show. Give them an incentive to show up for example: Demonstrate a new product or service you’ve been talking about Introduce them to another exhibitor or potential customer for them. Remember think about what’s in it for them. Set up appointments with potential customers. You can use some of the same reasons. It’s also a great way for them to get unsolicited recommendations from current customers. Connect with other exhibitors. Review the exhibitor list and make a plan to visit potential customers, existing customers and even competitors. Send out a press release. If there’s something newsworthy about your business, write up a short article and send it to local papers. Don’t forget to mention you will be at the Mega Business Expo
  • See your worksheets for all the different social media tips
  • Part of the networking experience is to walk the floor of the show. Make sure you have a plan before starting so you can maximize your time. Get the list of exhibitors ahead of time. Rank them as a 1, 2, or 3 and make sure you visit all the 1’s on your list. Know why you’re visiting and what you want to accomplish. This helps you avoid just wandering the aisles and talking to your friends. Your neighbors can be your biggest place to network. Get to know them, what they do. Don’t limit yourself to just the people to the right and left of you, get to know your whole row!
  • Tips tricks and networking at your next expo

    1. 1. Tip, Tricks andNetworking for theMega Business Expo Presented by Jen Vondenbrink of Life Simplified
    2. 2. What’s Your Tradeshow Experience
    3. 3. Program Goals Provide tips and tools to help you be successful at the Mega Business Expo. Give you ideas on social media marketing. Help you think like your visitors
    4. 4. Fun Facts 64% of attendees tell at least 6 people about the event. (so you want to be memorable) 72% of show visitors say the show influenced their decision to buy (so build quality relationships) 87% of attendees will share some information obtained at the showStatistics from the Center for Exhibitor Industry Research
    5. 5. Before the show: Set Goals New orders – Donna Anderson of Lia Sophia did this her first show and booked 3 parties that jumpstarted her business. Research competition Generate leads Grow your mailing list Get press Introduce a new product Increase visibility
    6. 6. Before the show: Messages  Pick 2-3 messages to share with visitors. Make sure you relate them to your goal.  Create a useful offer related to your message such as: – Free service/consultation – Free product – Free e-book/paper – Giftcard – iPad – Free app
    7. 7. Before the show: Plan the Experience Get into your Visitor’s Shoes Robin Clapp of Website Design by Robin brought her computer to display her latest websites. Joe Tavares of FastSigns set up a game A landscape company set up a firepit A CPA joined forces with a massage therapist.
    8. 8. Before the event: Drive Participation Tell your top customers Set up appointments with your prospective customers. Dave Kantelis at Officeland does this to introduce some of his new products like his Kuerig Coffee Makers Connect with other exhibitors Send out a press release Use social media…see more coming next
    9. 9. Before the event: Social Media Social media is a great place to spread the word but what do you write about? – Send people the online invitations on Facebook and LinkedIn – Talk about prepping for the Expo – Write a couple blogs about the Expo – Tag other businesses – Engage with others about the Expo – Plan some tweets and posts now to save time later
    10. 10. Before the event: Other considerations Have a plan of who’s working the booth Train your employees on important messages Make sure you have all the materials you need
    11. 11. Networking at the event: Walking theFloor  Have a plan  Rank the people you want to talk to (1,2,3) – 1’s = most important – 2’s = should talk to – 3’s = friends and could talk to  Get to know your neighbors…all of them.  Meet other chamber members
    12. 12. Engaging people at the event  Retail trick – engage with something personal not business first.  Introduce people  Keep to your 2-3 messages  Get out from behind the table  Don’t be a long talker
    13. 13. Logistics for day of the event Come early to set up – great time to network Bring comfortable shoes Bring a change of clothes if setting up and exhibiting Know the booth schedule (who’s at the booth and who’s walking the floor) Stay all the way until 7:00pm. Some of your best connections can be made toward the end of the night
    14. 14. After the event: FOLLOW UP 80% of leads aren’t followed up after the show. Most are inappropriately followed up by adding all the names in the fishbowl to the mailing list…don’t do this!
    15. 15. After the event: FOLLOW UP Rank leads for follow up Divide the responsibilities Add people only to the list they subscribed to Complete any obligations/promises Send thank you’s to customers and potential customers for stopping by
    16. 16. The Success of Your Expo? You !
    17. 17. Jen Vondenbrink If you’re interested in having Jen n w us o speak to your organization, please to follo contact us. e l freFee lif /jvsimp tter: Twi /twi You can find out more about Jen and :/ her company Life Simplified at http ied om ok : bo ok.c cebo w.face afe Fa /ww Jen will be at the Mega Business .C h ttp:/ implified Expo at the Marketing Unzipped .S /Life /c Booth, October 30th. Stop by for a : in .com edIn .linked ified visit! Link /www pl htt p:/ life -sim any/ omp