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Three keys to_social_media-content_community_strategy


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2011 saw businesses jump into social media. With the changing consumer buying habits, however, businesses really need to consider building a strategy that delivers quality content, consistently to a community of people.

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Three keys to_social_media-content_community_strategy

  1. 1. Understanding the Social Media Puzzle
  2. 2. Where Is Everyone?
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  4. 4. 2/3 of adults internet users use social sites (only number two to email according to Pew Research)Facebook will reach over 1 billion users in the first quarter of 2012. – Over 50% are active daily (Facebook) – Over 350 million access Facebook through their mobile devices (Facebook)
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  6. 6. What Does This Mean For Your Business?
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  8. 8. Consumer Buying CycleReviews Website Social BlogNetwork
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  12. 12. Where should you focus?Content Community Strategy
  13. 13. Content Needs To Be User Focused Share or Solve; Don’t Shill“(Provide) high value to your customers, inwhatever way resonates best with them.” Source: Content Rules
  14. 14. Indium Corporation – Clinton, NY Manufacturer and supplier of specialty solders 73 subject specific blogs 12-15 additional independent blogs Key word specific strategy 600% rise in customer contacts in one quarterHubSpot - Cambridge, MA Sells marketing software 3-4 Marketing Posts per day Free webinars, marketing reports, e-books, tools 5,000-10,000 clicks within 3 days of the most popular posts posts with approximately 900 people visiting the website generating on average 135 new customers Source: Content Rules
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  17. 17. IBM Produced and in-house video series called “The Art of the Sale,” distributed it to friends and put in newsletter. It started to spread. Since the initial video in 2006 they now have 8 videos that have been translated in to several languages. This tied with the 17,000 internal blogs plus thousands of external blogs has build a community with a 114 year old business. Source: - manufacturer of commercial blenders Owner Tom Dickson loves to blend things. In 2006 he launched his first “Will it Blend” videos. Today they have 116 videos and over 184 million views with increased in retail sales of reportedly over 700% .
  18. 18. The Key Is Strategy, Tactics and Resources. Strategy Goal: What is your long term and short term goals for Social Media? Audience: Who are you talking to? What are their challenges? How do you solve their challenges? Where: What platforms will you use? Where does your client go for information?
  19. 19. Tactics Knowledge: What do you already know how to do? What do you need to learn? Where can you learn or purchase what you need? What and How Often: What type of content will you produce? What type of community do you want to develop (or tap into)? How often will you post?ResourcesAlthough many of the platforms are free, companies need to dedicatepersonnel and financial resources to successfully execute social mediamarketing.
  20. 20. Jen Vondenbrinkjen@yourlifesimplified.comFor more information check out:Facebook: @JVSimplifiedLinkedIn: http://yourlifesimplified.comBlog: