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Building a Facebook Engagement Strategy


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Facebook is about a two way conversation, not just shouting your message to a group. Learn steps you can take to engage your audience and ultimately grow your business.

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Building a Facebook Engagement Strategy

  1. 1. Do You Know Your Fans?Building a FacebookEngagement Strategy
  2. 2. What is an Engagement Strategy?
  3. 3. Your Facebook Business Page
  4. 4. Your Facebook Business Page
  5. 5. Ways to Get the Word Out
  6. 6. Focus On Content Step One: Who is your audience?  What are they like?  What are their issues?  What are their interests?  Why would they want to do business with you?  When are they on Facebook (estimated)
  7. 7. Focus On Content Step Two: What Should You Share?  Articles  Photos  Videos  Polls  Comments
  8. 8. Focus On Content Step Three: Determine When You Can and Should Post.  Look at your schedule to determine how many times within your current calendar you can post.  Determine when your fanbase is online
  9. 9. Engagement Time! Ask questions. Fill in the blank status updates. Stay current. Comment on television shows
  10. 10. Next Level If you’ve already taken the initial steps To build your engagement strategy Here are additional steps to think about: •Connect outside of Facebook. •Become active on their business pages. •Become active on their blog. •Connect personally on Facebook
  11. 11. Building A Facebook Engagement Strategy Jen Vondenbrink For more information check out: Facebook: Twitter: @JVSimplified LinkedIn: Website: Blog: