Perfect For Web Browsing


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Perfect For Web Browsing

  1. 1. LET’S COMPARE OFFERS • Perfect for web browsing, sharing photos & more • Access across the nation's largest Wi-Fi network. • Includes Anti-Virus & Email Protection 1 .95** $ 4 /mo for 12 months **$14.95/$19.95 Intro Pricing Promotion: Customers purchasing new AT&T High Speed Internet Basic, Express or Pro or new FastAccess DSL Lite, Ultra or Xtreme 3.0 will pay $14.95 per month for 12 months after application of bill credit. Customers purchasing AT&T High Speed Internet Elite or Xtreme 6.0 will pay $19.95 per month for 12 months after application of bill credit. First 2 credits will appear on same bill within the first 3 bill cycles. After 12 months existing standard rates apply. 12 month term required. Promotional rates will expire if customer upgrades or downgrades their speed tier during promo period. Early termination fee applies. Qualifying Local access line required. Other conditions and restrictions apply. Offer expires 12/31/10. Economy Internet Service - Special Offer Get speeds way faster than dial-up with downloads up to 1.5 Mbps and uploads up to 384 Kbps for only $19.99 a month for 12 months! No dialing in required and no tying up the phone line. o Download speeds that are way faster than dial-up. o Norton™ Security Suite — superior protection, fastest performance (a $160 value) included at no additional charge. o The SmartZone® Communications Center, which combines e-mail, Comcast voice mail and contacts into one convenient place online. o Seven e-mail accounts, each with 10GB of storage. o Access to to share photos, check e-mail and more. Offer limited to residential customers satisfying applicable eligibility criteria. Post-promotional price starts at $24.95 and varies depending on the Comcast services you subscribe to.
  2. 2. CLEAR Wireless Internet. Super Fast 4G Wireless Internet is Here. CLEAR On-the-Go Internet turns an entire city into a wireless hot spot Get CLEAR® 4G and get the fastest wireless internet in the nation*. CLEAR turns entire cities into wireless hotspots, so you can access 4G internet speeds at home, on the move or both. The innovative CLEAR WiMAX network lets you download TV shows, watch live sports, stream movies and video chat on the go, as fast as you would at home. That’s the power of CLEAR, super fast wireless internet. Five Reasons Why CLEAR Internet is Better: With CLEAR, you get wireless internet speeds as fast as you would get with a home DSL or cable broadband connection. CLEAR enhances your online experience and gives you the ability get online virtually anywhere you go in the CLEAR coverage area. Affordable plans for home, on-the-go, business and voice let you choose how you want to experience 4G WiMax. 1. It’s Faster - Get wireless internet at broadband speeds. The CLEAR USB modem is the fastest in the nation*. 2. It’s Affordable - Plans start at $30/month. Get wireless internet straight from the company that started 4G. 3. It’s Convenient - Get wireless internet access across the entire nation with CLEAR Internet+. 4. It’s Easy - We send you the equipment. You plug it in & get online. It's that easy and it’s great for people of all ages. 5. It Uses the Latest Technology - Powered by WiMAX technology, CLEAR is the leader in 4G wireless internet. The Only Internet Solution You’ll Ever Need. • CLEAR On-the-Go: Plug the CLEAR USB modem into your laptop and enjoy 4G speeds across the CLEAR coverage area. Or get CLEAR Internet+ and stay connected across the entire nation. Watch live streaming video during your daily commute, e-mail
  3. 3. friends and download music at the park or work in a cab on your way to the airport. • CLEAR Home: The CLEAR modem plugs into your computer, so you can access 4G speeds at home. It’s also portable. Bring the CLEAR modem with you virtually anywhere you go in the CLEAR coverage area, plug it in and get online. • CLEAR Voice: Enjoy the benefits of CLEAR Voice for your home or business. Forward calls to multiple phones depending on the time of day, day of week and caller number, get voicemails sent to your email account in .WAV attachments, enjoy unlimited long distance*** and more. The Plan Who Loves It? Usage The Supercharged Home User Data Usage Home Internet Check e-mails, browse the internet and chat online with fast home internet. UNLIMITED The On-the-Go User UNLIMITED Data Usage On-the-Go Internet Stream live video, download music and play online games – wherever you go. The CLEAR USB Modem is 4x UNLIMITED faster than 3G. Everyone Data Usage CLEAR Internet+ This “Go Anywhere” modem keeps you connected across the entire nation. It switches from 4G to 3G when you’re outside of the CLEAR network so you can surf UNLIMITED faster and further than ever before. MOST POPULAR! The Multi-Tasker Data Usage GET 2 Pay bills on your home computer, watch a playoff game on your way to a meeting, video chat & more. Home and Unlimited On-the-Go UNLIMITED Home + On-the-Go Internet. SAVE UP TO 40% The Bundler Data Usage
  4. 4. GET 3 This all-inclusive plan comes with Home Internet, On-the-Go Internet and Home Phone. Forward calls, check voicemails UNLIMITED Home + On-the-Go + with your email account and get Voice the fastest CLEAR speeds available.