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An exciting investment opportunity in Flagler Beach Florida with amazing returns!

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  1. 1. Investment Review and Proposal The Flagler Beach Development Project Another growth opportunity presented to you by Brian Thompson Enterprises
  2. 2. The investment property is located at 2105 N. Central Avenue in Flagler Beach, Florida. Currently a single family residence sits on a double sized lot that is not salvageable due to the state of disrepair.
  3. 3. What makes this property so ideal for investing? • The property is a double sized lot measuring 110 feet wide and 150 feet long. • The lot is already subdivided into a 50 x 150 lot and a 60 x 150 lot, which allows for TWO single family residences (SFR) to be built, maximizing profit potentials. • Only one new tax ID needs to be obtained to build one of the new SFR, simplifying and shortening the development process.
  4. 4. • Located one block from the Atlantic Ocean, allowing for beautiful ocean views & spectacular sunrises from the front of the property. • Located approximately 50 yards from the Halifax River/Atlantic Intercoastal Waterway showcasing amazing views and sunsets from the rear of the property. • Beach access one block away. No public parking meaning essentially a private beach. • Close to Flagler Beach pier & the quaint seaside downtown, yet far enough away to be a getaway.
  5. 5. Location, Location, Location! Spectacular Ocean Views!
  6. 6. Amazing Sunrises!
  7. 7. Picture Perfect River Views!
  8. 8. Breathtaking Sunsets!
  9. 9. Views from the …And the Beach Property…
  10. 10. Flagler Facts: • Flagler Beach’s name comes from Henry M. Flagler, an early Florida railroad tycoon and developer. • Flagler Beach, in Flagler county, is 19 miles North of Daytona Beach and 67 miles SE of Jacksonville. Flagler County is the fastest growing county in Florida. • In Flagler Beach, 72% of the houses and condos are occupied by the owners, not rented out. • Other than the Flagler Pier, no structure exists directly on the beach in Flagler. Flagler offers the longest, unobstructed view of the Atlantic Ocean on the East Coast. • There are no chain restaurants in Flagler, only local flavors. • Flagler is known as a small Florida beach town and is famous for its quiet, beautiful, friendly environment. People love it because it is reminiscent of “Old Florida”. • It is home to numerous parks and preservation areas. • Flagler Beach has a population of 4,954.
  11. 11. The Project: After demolishing the current structure and leveling the property, the plan is to build two beach homes, both three stories tall and approximately 2700 square feet. These homes will be sold, realizing a significant profit potential. Construction will commence immediately on the first SFR, with the second SFR being started after the sale of the first.
  12. 12. A local, award winning architect, has been contracted to design the houses. Here are the elevations of the first, which features a Key West styled beach house.
  13. 13. Beach House #1, Lot 11
  14. 14. What Are The Numbers? • The lot was purchased for $325,000 with $75,000 down. • The seller is holding a three-year balloon at 5.5%. • The Architect’s fee is $10,700 per project. • The cost of building each house will be approximately $110 per square foot, to include permits and demolition of the existing structure. • Local Realtors have estimated that in the current market the houses will sell for between $650,000 and $725,000. • This equates to 65% LTV based on a conservative $650,000 per home value.
  15. 15. What’s the Exit Strategy? • The goal is to sell both homes prior to completion of construction. Marketing efforts will immediately begin once ground has been broken and will include targeting local, national and overseas markets. • The properties should sell quickly because they are unique to the market given that they are brand new and most importantly because of their dual spectacular ocean and river views.
  16. 16. Where Do I Fit In As An Investor? • The property has been purchased and the lot has been split. • The project needs an investment partner or partners to assist in further financing of this project. • The project requires an additional investment of approximately $350,000 to build home #1. • Instead of a complete “upfront” investment of $350,000, the investment amount can be incrementally dispersed
  17. 17. What Will I Make On My Investment? • The investment partner will be entitled to 50% of the net profit of the entire project. • Investment returns will be immediately dispersed upon the sale of the second home.
  18. 18. Profit Potential • Lot purchased: $325,000 • Construction Costs House #1 (based on 2700 square feet): $297,000 • Miscellaneous Costs House #1: $20,000 • Construction Costs House #2 (based on 3000 square feet) $330,000 • Miscellaneous Costs House #2: $20,000 • Total Estimated Project Costs: $667,000 • Total Estimated Project Revenue: $1,375,000 ($650,000 For House #1 & $725,000 For House #2) • Sales & Closing Costs: $68,750 • Total Estimated Profits: $314,250 • 50% of Total Estimated Profits To Investor: $157,125 • Initial Investment: $350,000 • Rate Of Return: 45% • Estimated Project Duration 12-15 Months
  19. 19. How will I know what’s going on with my money? How can I keep track of my investment?
  20. 20. • Weekly video blog updates will be available via the internet, updated personally by Brian Thompson. • Intermingled updates via Twitter and email will be available as the project dictates. • Live video feeds via the internet will be available for all investors. You can watch the progress in real time through a webcam that will be set up on the property! • Ability to email questions directly to:
  21. 21. So just who is going to run this project and what does he know about real estate?
  22. 22. Brian Thompson is a leader in the real estate rehab and investment industry with over 10 years of experience and success. He has a Master’s of Business Administration Degree in Finance and is also a Licensed Mortgage Broker. He continuously seeks prime investment opportunities and truly believes that real estate investing is the key to success in the business world. His passion remains finding, planning and running successful real estate investment projects and enjoys being able to share his skills and success with others. In addition to investing he also enjoys teaching others how to become real estate investors. For that reason, he has made it his mission to help investors, new and experienced, avoid some of the costly mistakes he encountered on his way to the top and guide them to become successful real estate investors.
  23. 23. Brian has specific extensive experience in: • Rehabbing • Flipping • Lease Options • Land Trusts • Land Development • Building • Terms Deals • Private Money Lending • Mentoring • Public Speaking • Field Training
  24. 24. Brian Thompson has: • Experience In A Wide Array Of Investing Strategies • Specialized Experience In Rehabs & Property Development • Has Successfully Completed Over 30 Independent Real Estate Investment Opportunities & Has Collaborated On Over Seventy-Five With Various Partners • National Experience Working On Projects Throughout The United States • Extensive Experience Teaching, Coaching & Mentoring New Investors • Created Three Hands-On Field Training Programs In Real Estate • Conducted Several Real Estate Themed Webinars • Several Years Of Experience In Creative Financing Solutions For Various Real Estate Ventures • Several Years Of Project Management Experience • Been Featured In A National Real Estate Magazine • Mentored Students On A Real Estate Project That Appeared On TLC’s “Flip That House”
  25. 25. Brian has been featured in various national publications including…. •Beach House Bonanza! • •Probate Property is a Diamond in the Rough! • •Single Home, Double Lot Opportunity! •
  26. 26. Want to See More? • Watch videos of some of my projects on • Follow me on Twitter to keep up to date on what I’m doing at • Email me with your questions/comments at
  27. 27. Thank You For Considering This Investment Opportunity! For More Information Contact Brian Thompson @