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[GAMENEXT] 라이프스타일에서의 게이미피케이션 적용 사례(말랑스튜디오)


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: 말랑스튜디오 / 김영호 대표

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[GAMENEXT] 라이프스타일에서의 게이미피케이션 적용 사례(말랑스튜디오)

  1. 1. 라이프스타일에서의게이미피케이션 적용 사례
  2. 2. malang studio portfolioLifeClix Growth개발기간_3개월 (11/03 ~ 11/06)개인의 추억을 동영상으로 만들어 주는 서비스Magical Boots개발기간_4개월 (10/10 ~ 11/02)단순한 Swipe/Touch 조작으로 진행하는 캐주얼 게임Dr.Kormedi개발기간_3개월 (10/12 ~ 11/02)개인의 건강 상식을 업그레이드 시켜줄 의학정보 App
  3. 3. malang studio portfolio당뇨 & 영양개발기간_3개월 (11/07 ~ 11/09)삼성서울병원과의 협력개발한 당뇨환자를 위한의료정보+진단용 AppStyleRing개발기간_3개월 (11/09 ~ 11/11)벨소리와 알림소리에 무빙 일러스트를 더한Stylish Ringtone App
  4. 4. 모두망했습니다.
  5. 5. 꿈 많은8살, 초등학교 1학년
  6. 6. 근육질 아저씨가 되어예쁜 누나를 구하고,
  7. 7. 고독한 격투가의 길을 걷고,
  8. 8. 끝을 알 수 없는남극탐험도 도전!
  9. 9. 배관공 아저씨가 되어피치 공주님을 구해냈습니다.
  10. 10. 나 빼면 삐진다?!
  11. 11. Concept _ problem Did you oversleep again?
  12. 12. Concept _ solution If you wake up early, you will receive something special. It’s a Game! Alarm + Gamification = Reward System
  13. 13. How does it work? Turn the alarm off You have to play two games. Get a present
  14. 14. It’s time to sleep,
  15. 15. Choose your favorite alarmmon character
  16. 16. Choose your alarm schedule type volume snooze time
  17. 17. It’s time to wake up,
  18. 18. It’s time to wake up,
  19. 19. It’s time to wake up,
  20. 20. +03:00 +00:30
  21. 21. If you wake up on time,you will receive something good. If you wake up late, you won’t receive anything.
  22. 22. What will you receive for a reward?
  23. 23. Items for game applicationsPrompt users to download applications. Users can experience new games.
  24. 24. Games
  25. 25. Items for playing a game 핫 스타트! 피버 타임으로 게임을 시작합니다!+00:37.2 남은시간 30:00.0 Paid Items within the time limit
  26. 26. Couponsfor purchasing real products Entice users to visit a store. Improve product’s sales.
  27. 27. 말랑스튜디오가 생각하는 게이미피케이션이란? “생활 속 즐거움” 이라고 생각 합니다.그리고 무엇보다도 자연스러움이 중요합니다. 마치,
  28. 28. JUMP!어떤 텍스트도 없이 보고, 느끼는 그대로!
  29. 29. “나와 닌텐도의 크리에이티브의 비밀은 아무도 가지 않은 길을 가는 것이다.앞으로도 유저가 필요한 것을 찾기 위해 노력하겠다.” -“마리오의 아버지 미야모토 시게루”
  30. 30. NEXT…
  31. 31. Badge system is a loyalty program for Alarm Mon users that motivates user behavior in five areasIcon Name Badge message Upgrade level Area type Comments Newbie Congrats on waking up on time! One-time only Giveaway First badge is give away as an ic e-breaker to badge system Early Bird You woke up before 7am three days in Up to three level Time Variations of this badge based o a row! s n wake up times (5am-10am) Zombie You fail to wake up three times in a row! Up to three Time Variations of this badge (from levels 10am-12pm) Loyal user You’ve used Alarm Mon for a month! Up to three Loyalty Variations include badge for levels using after long period of inactivity (“Homecoming”) BFF You’ve liked us on Facebook! One-time only Loyalty This can be linked to sharing but ton link
  32. 32. Icon Name Badge message Upgrade level Type Comment Social Butterf Wow! You’ve shared the app with 5 diffe Up to ten levels Social This can be linked to ly rent users! sharing button link Ninja You’ve woken up in less than 5 seconds Up to five levels Skill An important incentiv for three consecutive days! e for users MVP You’ve have woken up to all of Alarm One-time only Skill Easy to obtain Mon characters! Task Rabbit You have more than three alarms set in One-time only Usage Variations include we one day! ekend usage only (W eekend warrior!) Money Make You’ve clicked on an in-app ad 5 times i Up to three levels Usage Make this app very a r n a day! ppealing Secret agent You’ve used Alarm Mon in earphone mo One.-time only Golden egg Random surprise bad de! ge