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[GAMENEXT] Playhaven, best practices for kakao


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Question and answer with RocketOz on how they are monetizing their game
: Bryan Kim, director of advertising, PlayHaven / Jeffrey Lim, CEO of RocketOz

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[GAMENEXT] Playhaven, best practices for kakao

  1. 1. Playhaven Features Used by RocketOz Cross Promotions VGP / Announcements Rewards Widgets•  User Segmentation / Targeting•  Scheduling•  Placements Interstitial Ads•  Frequency•  Testing Opt-In Data Collection
  2. 2. Driving user reviews On average > 200% better CTR City offe e Villa ge y Da ys 폴링 목장 피쉬 Train ve C 폴링 말랑 해피 I Lo le S tory Derb 말랑 Map Normalized Reviews
  3. 3. Growing the invitations Number of invites 2x Increase! Increase of invites after reward bonus promotion 50%
  4. 4. Driving more revenue 388% Increase!
  5. 5. Train City Fan Arts