I bargained with Life for a Penny


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Inspiring poem by Jessie B. Rittenhouse.. most of us would have first read it in Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich". Life changing stuff !

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I bargained with Life for a Penny

  1. 1. I bargained www.milindjadhav.com with Life for a Penny
  2. 2. And Life would pay no more
  3. 3. However I begged at evening
  4. 4. When I counted my scanty store
  5. 5. For Life is a just employer
  6. 6. He gives you what you ask
  7. 7. But once you have set the wages
  8. 8. Why, you must bear the task
  9. 9. I worked for a menial’s hire
  10. 10. Only to learn, dismayed
  11. 11. That any wage I had asked of Life
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