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Self Realization Course


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The Self Awareness Institute is a gathering place for thousands all over the world who are actively engaged in raising their consciousness and realizing their full potential. We provide you the tools and training, guided meditations, meditation mp3s, classes and retreats to access your inner knowing, purpose and raise your calibrated level of consciousness to full enlightenment. What makes us unique is our use of Shaktipat (Life Force Energy) to deepen your connection and awaken higher awareness. This is the fast track to Self Realization.

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Self Realization Course

  1. 1. Self Realization Course A special course for friends of Matthew Ferry To Register & Get Started Program Begins: Monday, May 18, 2008 Program Duration: For 12 consecutive weeks, via phone Time: 1pm - 2pm, pacific * This Course is only for those people who are ready & committed to make a Breakthrough in Their Lives. * Learn to Connect with your life's Purpose. * Live in Peace no matter what is going on in your life.