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Good becomes Danger


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I just shared a document about how a good becomes not so good with life. It is just a warning that sometimes we think we are doing good but in the end, it's lead to death. Find how it happen!

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Good becomes Danger

  1. 1. HOW GOOD becomes DANGER
  2. 2. ONE DAY
  3. 3. Jake had a good idea. He wanted to improve himself!
  4. 4. He made a list of good qualities like…
  5. 5. Chastity, Cleanliness, Frugality, Humility, Industry, Justice, Moderation, Order, Resolution, Silence, Sincerity, Temperance and Tranquility.
  6. 6. What do you think of Jake’s idea?
  7. 7. They really are great list of good qualities, are they not?
  8. 8. So he tried very hard to improve everything about himself by obeying them even in the smallest detail.
  9. 9. But one man see this as a “way of death”
  10. 10. WHY
  11. 11. WHY How could a sincere effort to follow good conduct have a negative result?
  12. 12. Because it changed being good into a list of rules
  13. 13. This means that good behavior is NOT centered on rules but on a Relationship
  14. 14. This means that good behavior is NOT centered on rules but on a Relationship
  15. 15. Good behavior that comes only from knowing what is right will always be limited
  16. 16. Our Hearts will ONLY be changed by Holy Spirit!
  17. 17. Then we will have a genuine and unselfish expression of love and thanks!!!
  18. 18. Footnote: The Ten Commandments by Loron Wade
  19. 19. By: lifeartideas Twitter: @lifeartideas Email: