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Writing a curriculum vitae


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Writing a curriculum vitae for LJSSE Erasmus+

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Writing a curriculum vitae

  1. 1. WRITING A CURRICULUM VITAE A curriculum vitae (C.V.) is a clearly written and organized presentation of personal information of the type that a prospective employer needs to know. It is called a resume in American English. I have prepared a curriculum vitae for myself as I imagine I will be in ten years’ time. NAME Kyriakos K. DATE OF BIRTH MARITAL STATUS Single ADDRESS Avgorou EDUCATION 2011-2017 B’ Avgorou Primary School 2017-2020 Panos Ioannou Secondary School in Kokkinochoria 2020-2023 High School in Kokkinochoria 2023-2027 Degree College, University of Nicosia B.A Business Administration Cambridge First Certificate in English JOB EXPERIENCE 2027- PRESENT Clerk in Ioannou and Son, Nicosia. REFEREES Mrs. Athina Vantzi Principal, Panos Ioannou Secondary School