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Swot analysis italy


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Swot analysis italy

Published in: Education
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Swot analysis italy

  1. 1. IIS Barsanti Massa - Italy
  2. 2. Strenghts = proximity to the port of Marina di Carrara (only 8 km from Massa)
  3. 3. Proximity to Pisa airport (45 km from Massa) Good motorway connection
  4. 4. Nice geographical position between the sea and the mountains; mild climate that enables the growing of a wide range of fruit and vegetables
  5. 5. Weaknesses: inadequate bus connection to/from the surrounding villages
  6. 6. Unemployment rate is around 16% (in the rest of Tuscany it’s about 8%)
  7. 7. Due to the latest economical crisis many small/medium enterprises went bankrupt, closed or dismissed workers
  8. 8. Opportunities There is a huge industrial area that could be renovated and made productive again
  9. 9. Many tourism facilities (hotels, B & B, beach properties, pubs) but the «season» is too short (july and august)
  10. 10. Art tourism is not properly exploited
  11. 11. Mountain tourism with high potential but scarcely developed
  12. 12. Huge high-quality marble basins
  13. 13. Threats: the natural environment is destroyed
  14. 14. (Many years ago there was a mountain here)
  15. 15. The natural environment is destroyed inside as well (the structure of the mountains is weakened; water springs are polluted)
  16. 16. The coast needs to be protected from the powerful sea storms
  17. 17. The territory is to be secured and safeguarded Landslide in the village of Casette