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Cyprus presentation October 2018 Greece


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Cyprus presentation October 2018 Greece , LJSSE Erasmus+

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Cyprus presentation October 2018 Greece

  1. 1. October 2018, Ierapetra, Crete, Greece
  2. 2. Africa Europe Asia
  3. 3. Population 800 000 Currency euro Member of the E.U. since 2004 Cyprus has 6 districts
  4. 4. Avgorou
  5. 5. Vrisoules Aheritou
  6. 6. In Cyprus
  7. 7.  In March 2014 Cyprus Hydrocarbon Company was founded. It is a state-owned company whose aim is to deal with matters relating to exploration, production and monetization of Oil and Gas reserves from the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of Cyprus.  Jobs related to the above industry are those connected with the creation of infrastructure, distribution and maintenance of natural gas exploitation activities.
  8. 8. Limassol Port Larnaka Port Limassol Marina
  9. 9.  Cypriots, as islanders, have a strong connection to the sea. Employments related to the sea are those related to Shipping companies (ship management, ship freight and logistic, ship finance and trade) as well as in Port Management companies (commercial management, maritime regulation, transport).  Other marine professions are those related to fish farming. Cyprus has over ten active fish farms. The direct employment in the aquaculture sector is 417 persons; however a greater number of people are employed in aquaculture related jobs.
  10. 10. Medical Tourism Cyprus Thalassemia Center
  11. 11.  Cardiology  Osteopaedig surgery  Dentistry  Cosmetic and plastic surgery  Wellbeing (recuperation, spa therapy, thalassotherapy)  Mediterranean dietologists
  12. 12.  The Cyprus Thalassaemia Centre is a day care centre dealing with thalassaemia, Sickle Cell Disease and other hereditary anaemias. Some professions related to thalassemia research and treatment are  Bioscience  Molecular Medicine  Genetics  Biometical research  Haematology
  13. 13.  Organic Farming  "Green" interior designers  Energy saving and energy producing building architects and engineers  Pollution mechanics  Biomechanics  Environmentalists  Waste managers  Energy technologists
  14. 14. The development of new companies in Cyprus increases the need for professions related to law, accounting and financial consultation. Such professions are,  Accountants  Human resource managers  Capital managers  Law consultants  Insurance agents