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acne treatment medication


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acne treatment medication

  1. 1. If you are tired of using harsh acne medications that cause undesirable side effects, or you wouldlike to try a natural herbal acne treatment, the good news is that there are several home acneremedies that you can try. Many different natural treatments have been used for hundreds ofyears to treat this common skin condition. The good news is that you will get a natural treatmentwithout using chemicals, and many natural ingredients are found to be just as effective as somecommon over-the-counter remedies.Popular Herbal Acne Cures - IngredientsAnti-bacterialThere are a few natural antibacterial ingredients that can help cure blemishes, allcourtesy of Mother Nature. One of the most well known natural cures is tea tree oil. You mayhave heard of the Melaleuca plant, which is similar to aloe vera in that it is known worldwide as agreat natural cure for many conditions. Melaleuca is the source of tea tree oil, which is a greatnatural anti-inflammatory it is for skin. Tea tree oil is an effective treatment to apply on zits andblemishes, as it kills the bacteria that can contribute to acne. When you use tea tree oil, be sure todilute it with water first. It is too concentrated to apply directly to skin, so dilute it to a five percentsolution, then apply to clean skin. Many people find natural tea tree oil to be nearly as effective asbenzoyl peroxide, but it is less drying.Anti-inflammatoryIn addition to using an anti-bacterial ingredient, you may also want to try anatural anti-inflammatory to help quell the redness and pain of blemishes. A natural cure forinflammation is licorice root. You can crush the root and apply it to your skin. As with most naturalremedies, you will want to leave it on for several minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water andpat dry with a clean towel. Your sensitive skin will feel much nicer after this simple natural mask!Detoxifier and AntioxidantAntioxidants are good for the skin because they fight free radicals whichcause skin damage. And detoxifiers help to draw out and remove the harmful bacteria that is atthe root of breakouts. One well known cure is strawberries. And, this is one natural cure you caneat as well as apply to your skin! You can use either the strawberry leaves or the fruit itself.Crush the leaves, and soak in warm water, then apply the soaked cloth to your skin for severalminutes. This will reduce inflammation. Or, crush some berries and mix them with yogurt andleave this mask on for ten minutes and then rinse it off.Another common detoxifier is dandelion. This is a natural remedy that you will want to drink in anherbal tea. You can either purchase the dandelion and make your own concoction, or visit yourlocal health food market and find an herbal tea that contains dandelion. Read the instructions onhow to best brew your tea, sip and enjoy! Often, curing acne from the inside out is a greatapproach, because it starts deep in the skin and doesnt always respond to topical treatments.In summary, try a combination of natural acne remedies the next time you are trying to deal with apainful breakout. You may find that these remedies either do well in healing on their own, or willsupport the other topical acne treatments that you are already using. If nothing else, you willprobably enjoy the ritual of applying a nice mask to your skin, and will enjoy relaxing with a cup ofherbal tea.
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