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[PDF] Press Release: Seeing the world with different eyes

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  1. 1. Press releaseDornbirn, June 2011Seeing the world with different eyesÜbersee-Museum Bremen uses LED technology to illuminate new permanent exhibitionB1 I At the Übersee-Museum in Bremen, Zumtobel has used an advanced LED lighting concept to set thestage for the permanent exhibition titled “Experiencing what affects the world”.Creating an atmosphere, providing accents, The Übersee-Museum is one of Germany’ssetting the stage: by providing an advanced most frequently visited museums. Its collec-LED lighting solution, Zumtobel has helped to tions on natural history, ethnology and tradepresent the new permanent exhibition at the are housed in one building. “Experiencing whatÜbersee-Museum [Overseas Museum] in Bre- affects the world” is the title of the new per-men to optimum effect. In the process, mainly manent exhibition covering a whole floor of thethe Arcos spotlight range developed especial- museum, a total of 1200 square metres. Provi-ly for museums has been used: thanks to its ded with lots of excitement and education, vi-clear design, cylindrical unit and large variety sitors can walk through the exhibition on sevenof optics available, Arcos provides perfect ligh- “paths”, discovering global phenomena and theting conditions in exhibition areas and galleries. way they are related. The subjects dealt withHigh lighting quality, low energy consumption are communication, global economy, climateand little maintenance effort are crucial for mu- change, sex & gender, migration, time, andseums. The Arcos spotlight range by Zumtobel human rights. For transferring knowledge in aincorporates state-of-the-art LED technology varied manner, the exhibition not only uses ato meet all these requirements. The museum’s variety of illustrations but also impressive exhi-management is excited about the new ligh- bits and realistic models. Numerous hands-onting system: “We are impressed not only by stations invite visitors to get involved into re-the energy saving effects of Arcos but also by search, allowing them to call their own role andits versatile range of applications. The system cultural perspective within the global contextenables us to create accents, illuminate surface into question.areas, and to dim the lighting according to thesensitivity of the items displayed. This lighting In order to make the seven subject areas tangi-versatility is fantastic for a museum”, explains ble for visitors, the team of the MUSEUMSREIF!Prof. Dr. Wiebke Ahrndt, head curator of the agency has created a proper setting, usingÜbersee-Museum Bremen. plenty of space and a good sense of edutain-
  2. 2. B2 I The speech balloon display cases in the Communication area are illuminated perfectly by Zumtobel’sMicros LED downlights.ment. “We see ourselves as people translating ted gently at high colour rendering quality of Raexhibition subjects into three-dimensional set- > 90. Explains lighting designer Andreas Witt oftings”, explains the innovative agency, which is Enjoy Witt & Roggenkamp: “Whenever contem-specialised on museum, exhibition, information, porary lighting solutions are needed, LED tech-education and edutainment concepts. “Accor- nology has already become firmly establishedding to the museum’s specifications, and using for us lighting designers in the art and cultureonly creative design means, we also sought to scene on account of its energy saving potential,develop a “central museum area” within the ri- lighting quality and long service life. The optiongid architecture, which is to leave an imprint, yet of colour temperature selection in particular, thewithout creating isolation or irritation”, explains excellent lighting quality as well as the slim-lineJörg Werner of MUSEUMSREIF!. design of Arcos were decisive criteria for us to use this spotlight range by Zumtobel to illumi-This idea of integration is enhanced by nate the permanent exhibition.”Zumtobel’s lighting concept, consistently usingthe Arcos spotlight range. The LED spotlights In the subject area of Communication, displaywith various beam angles from spot to flood, cases in the form of speech balloons are usedand colour temperatures of 3000 K or 4000 K, to impart knowledge. Painted in bright yellow,have all been installed on tracks. In this way, the individual stations provide a short overviewthe light is used selectively – providing diffuse of the peculiarities of human and animal com-light here and focused light there, either in warm munication. Micros LED downlights installedwhite or intermediate white –, thus creating a vi- flush in the ceiling provide adequate illuminati-vid atmosphere in the room. The luminaire them- on. Compact, practical and versatile, these en-selves always stay in the background, perfectly ergy-efficient LED luminaires by Zumtobel are amatched to the white ceiling. The high-quality perfect alternative to 20 W or 35 W low-voltagelens technology of the LED module provides for halogen luminaires. All Zumtobel luminaires in-uniform, soft light distribution. As the light pro- stalled in the museum can be dimmed, allowingvided is IR/UV-free, the exhibits can be illumina- for additional potential savings.
  3. 3. B3 I The subject of time: a waiting queue with seats invites visitors to take their time. Illuminated by pleasantlywarm light from Arcos LED spotlights, they can sit in peace and enjoy what they see.Fact box: Übersee-Museum Bremen, Bremen/DClient: Übersee-Museum Bremen, public-law founda tion; Bremen/DExhibition design and presentation: MUSEUMSREIF! GmbH, Bielefeld/Bremen/DLighting design and electrical installations: Enjoy Witt & Roggenkamp, Paderborn/DLighting solution: Zumtobel ARCOS LED spotlights MICROS LED downlights
  4. 4. B4 I Mainly Arcos LED spotlights have been installed in the museum, which are per- fect for efficient, conservational museum lighting – this picture shows the illuminated three-sided steles of the “human rights system”. For more information, please contact: Zumtobel GmbH Nadja Frank PR Manager Schweizer Straße 30 A - 6850 Dornbirn Tel. +43 (0)5572 390 - 1303 Fax +43 (0)5572 390 - 91303 www.zumtobel.comPublication is free if due acknowledgement is made: Zumtobel