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Hybride Fact Sheet ENG.pdf

  1. 1. Company profileHybride Technologies is a Quebec-based production company that specializes in the digitalvisual effects that serve creative visionaries in film and television from around the world.Founded in 1991 by Pierre Raymond, Daniel Leduc, Michel Murdock and Sylvie Talbot, thecompany now boasts more than 80 employees, divided into five creative units.Located close to Montreal in the Laurentians region, Hybride features a comfortable 1,500-square metre facility that promotes a highly creative work environment and fosters clientconfidentiality. As a company always on the leading edge of technology, Hybride offers acomplete range of services for digital editing, 3D animation, compositing, and colourcorrecting, allowing it to undertake large-scale projects. Furthermore, Hybride has its ownresearch and development division so it can create custom-designed software to meet thespecific needs of any project regardless of scope or magnitude.Hybride’s contribution to the film and television industry has been recognized and awardedat numerous international contests and events, including the Satellite Awards, the VESAwards, Emmy Awards, MIM Awards, and the ITS International Monitor Awards. Severalfilms, including Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez’ Sin City, Zack Snyder’s 300, RobertRodriguez’ Spy Kids, and Eric Brevig’s Journey to the Center of the Earth as well asdocufilms such as Yves Simoneau’s Napoléon and Yves Simoneau and Francis Leclerc’sMarie-Antoinette are just a sampling of the international super-productions produced incollaboration with Hybride artists.Driven by the same passion that led to its founding, Hybride is now considered one of theundisputable leaders in the field of digital visual effects. Whether it’s in the United States orEurope, Hybride’s productions continue to have an amazing effect on the film and televisionindustry!
  2. 2. Filmography LE GRAND DÉPART (December 2008) Distributor: Cinémaginaire inc. Director: Claude Meunier JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH (July 2008) Distributor: New Line Cinema Director: Eric Brevig SURVIVING MY MOTHER (2007) Distributor: Cinémaginaire inc. Director: Eddie Cockrell L’ÂGE DES TÉNÈBRES (2007) Distributor: Cinémaginaire inc. Director: Denis Arcand 300 (2007) Distributor (Producer): Warner Bros. Pictures Director: Zack Snyder MARIE-ANTOINETTE (2006) Distributor (Producer): Emergence inc. / GMT Productions Director: Yves Simoneau, Francis Leclerc SNAKES ON A PLANE (2006) Distributor (Producer): New Line Cinema Director: David R. Ellis 10.5: APOCALYPSE (2005) Distributor (Producer): Jaffe/Braunstein Films/ Pearl Pictures Director: John Lafia THE ROCKET (2005) Distributor (Producer): Cinémaginaire Inc. Director: Charles Binamé AURORE (2005) Distributor (Producer): Cinémaginaire Inc. Director: Luc Dionne IDOLE INSTANTANNÉE (2005) Distributor (Producer): Cinémaginaire Inc. Director: Yves Desgagnés THE ADVENTURES OF SHARK BOY & LAVA GIRL IN 3-D (2005) Distributor (Producer): Dimension Films, Troublemaker Studios Director: Robert Rodriguez SIN CITY (2005) Distributor (Producer): Dimension Films, Troublemaker Studios Directors: Frank Miller, Robert Rodriguez RACING STRIPES (2005) Producer: Alcon Entertainment Director: Frederik Du Chau SKY CAPTAIN AND THE WORLD OF TOMORROW (2004) Distributor (Producer): Brooklyn films, Natural Nylon Entertainment Director: Kerry Conran 2
  3. 3. NOUVELLE-FRANCE (2004)Distributor (Producer): Nouvelle-France Productions, Melenny ProductionsDirector: Jean BeaudinTHE LAST SIGN (2003-2004)Distributor (Producer): Carrère, Spice Factory, TransfilmDirector: Douglas LawA DIFFERENT LOYALTY (2003)Distributor (Producer): Lions Gate Films/Forum Films Inc.Director: Marek KanievskaSPYMATE (2003)Distributor (Producer): Keystone PicturesDirector: Robert VinceONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO (2003)Distributor (Producer): Columbia PicturesDirector: Robert RodriguezSEDUCING DR. LEWIS (2003)Distributor (Producer): Max FilmsDirector: Jean-François PouliotSPY KIDS 3-D: GAME OVER (2003)Distributor (Producer): Dimension Films/Miramax FilmsDirector: Robert RodriguezNAPOLEON (2002-2003)Distributor (Producer): GMT ProductionsDirector: Yves SimoneauSPY KIDS 2: The Island of Lost Dreams (2002)Distributor (Producer): Dimensions Films/Miramax FilmsDirector: Robert RodriguezSPY KIDS (2001)Distributor (Producer): Dimensions Films/Miramax FilmsDirector: Robert RodriguezTHE ART OF WAR (2000)BATTLEFIELD EARTH (2000)THE FACULTY (1998)EYE OF THE BEHOLDER (1998)FREE MONEY (1998)GREY OWL (1998)ALEGRIA (1998)MIMIC (1997)THE PEACEKEEPER (1997)NICO THE UNICORN (1997)HABITAT (1996)HIGHLANDER III (1995) 3
  4. 4. Nominations VES AWARDS 2008 (nomination) Pierre Raymond, Richard Martin, Sébastien Rioux and Nadine Homier, were part of the nominated team for their contribution to the visual effects of the teleseries Marie-Antoinette in the category “Outstanding Supporting Visual Effects in a Broadcast Program”. 12th ANNUAL SATELLITE AWARDS For the movie 300 (Chris Watts, Grant Freckelton, Derek Wentworth, Daniel Leduc) ; Winner for Best Visual Effects 55th ANNUAL EMMY AWARDS Finalist in the Main Title Design category, for the opening of the miniseries Napoleon MIM Awards 2003 Finalist in the Corporate Web Site category ITS INTERNATIONAL MONITOR AWARDS 2002 Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams Winner for Best 3D Animation ITS INTERNATIONAL MONITOR AWARDS 2002 Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams Winner for Best Visual Effects MIM Awards 2001 The Art of War Golden MIM for Best Visual Effects, Film category THE NEW YORK FESTIVAL 2000 CCM commercial Gold medal for Publicity Campaign category - Issued to Marketel advertising agency MIM Awards 2000 Battlefield Earth Grand Prize for Best Special Effects, Film category MIM Awards 2000 Visa Loons commercial Grand Prize for Best Special Effects, Television category THE FLAG STAFF FESTIVAL1999 Mont-St-Sauveur commercial Gold prize for Television, Sports Publicity category ITS INTERNATIONAL MONITOR AWARDS 1997 Molson Export commercial Best Digital Special Effects, Publicity category ITS INTERNATIONAL MONITOR AWARDS 1997 Carling Trophies commercial Finalist for Best 3D Animation IMAGES DU FUTUR 1996 Habitat 1st Prize for Best Canadian Production - 2nd Prize for Best Special Effects PLAYBACK’S TOP SPOT 1996 Carling Trophies commercial Best Animation APPLIED ARTS AWARDS 1996 Carling Trophies commercial Best Special Effects, Publicity category 4