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LIFE! was first established in 1993. In 2008, we joined SlumberTrek, which gave us the well-established design capabilities and distribution channels we needed to bring our everyday goodness to your life too. Right now, our products include: bean bags, bags and sleeves for your tech stuff, and beach gear for fun in the sun. With over 3 million units already sold to customers in Australia and around the world, the fun has only just begun.

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Bean bags australia

  1. 1. Contact us:+613 9897 0700 M – F 8am to your hands! At last a comfy resting place for your iPad or other tablet device.No more trying to angle just right while watching movies or playing games whilejuggling a drink. Bean filling means the iCrib moulds comfortably in your lap, on thefloor and on uneven surfaces. Use iCrib on the train or bus, in bed, on the couch inthe car for the kids – it even makes a handy pillow when you need a rest! Comeswith a side pocket for your phone or earbuds.Life! Live It Up! – Designer Bean Bags
  2. 2. Contact us:+613 9897 0700 M – F 8am to kids furniture for the everyday – practical and comfortable made in toocool for school denim. The Cloud Chair Bean Bag is the perfect hang out seat forkids. Side pockets offer a handy place to keep ear phones or that secret stash oflollies.The Arcadia Dream Bean Bag is the newest concept in Life!® bean bag style withits generous pillow shaped design that enables multiple seating positions. Madefrom durable water resistant fabric on one side and snuggly soft flannel on theother the Arcadia Dream is the perfect fit for your Life!
  3. 3. Contact us:+613 9897 0700 M – F 8am to StorySure. We could have gone big. Really big. But that’s not who we are.When we say LIFE!® Live it up!, we mean go big in little ways, every single day.Spread the fun times out; make them last as long as you want.Think about it. Would you rather have one big splash … or an endless array ofwarm, happy smiles? You know, those little corner-of-the-mouth smiles you getwhen you notice your bean bag has a pocket for ear buds … your iPad stays put inits iCrib … your friend says your tote bag rocks … your phone comes home fromthe beach not covered in sand … and your wallet has some cash left over?That’s LIFE! in a nutshell. Practical affordability that puts everyday style andsmart design into your every day.LIFE! was first established in 1993. In 2008, we joined SlumberTrek, which gave usthe well-established design capabilities and distribution channels we needed tobring our everyday goodness to your life too. Right now, our products include:bean bags, bags and sleeves for your tech stuff, and beach gear for fun in the sun.With over 3 million units already sold to customers in Australia and around theworld, the fun has only just begun.
  4. 4. Contact us:+613 9897 0700 M – F 8am to Bag Chairs - A MustHave In CollegeFor a lot of young adults who have justgraduated high school, heading off tocollege would most of the time meanhaving to leave the comforts of theirparent’s home and having to reside in auniversity dorm for the next four years orso. A dormitory room would most of thetime be occupied by two or more students.On the other hand, there are also somecases wherein these living spaces can beowned by a single teenager. But no matterhow many occupants these school dormshold, the most important thing here is thatthese living quarters are completelyfurnished with the essential furniture thatwill make the place conducive for studyingwhile at the same time giving them ahomey feel. Apart from the basic beds,closets, and study tables, one of the mostcommon things that is found in a lot ofdormitories are bean bag chairs.There are just so many reasons as to whythese gigantic cushions are well-loved by alot of young men and women in college.Probably the top most reason here is due tothe fact that these humongous bags ofbeans would only require a minimal space.Unlike the conventional living room sofas,bean bag chairs only take up very littlespace. They are also designed to adapt todifferent shapes, which is why they can beeasily stuffed in the corner or under thebeds if they are not in use. Their being light-weight makes it so much easy for them tobe carried around by the students if everthey are planning to move to a new livingspace.Another thing that makes these beancushions a huge favorite by a majority ofthe student body is due to the fact that theyare greatly considered as the ultimatefurniture for comfort and relaxation. Peoplewho are in college would normally burn themidnight candle in order to do some lastminute studying. These overly large pillowsare going to be excellent things to sit on forlong hours since they do not give peopleback aches and neck strains unlike thetraditional chairs.Furthermore, these sacks of beans are notonly friendly to the budget but they arecreatively made with materials that assurethat these items are going to last for a longtime. In addition to this, beanbags are alsovery easy to clean and maintain, whichmake them even more suitable for lifeinside the university dorms.
  5. 5. Contact us:+613 9897 0700 M – F 8am to Bags Can BePurchased Over theWebIndividuals always look for comfort in thebest way possible that is why whenever wepurchase products whether it is for ourhouse or for ourselves, we always considerthat in our decisions. We are often curiousif a certain product that we like to buy isreally comfortable or if it is a wiseinvestment. Today, the modern technologygives us a very accessible option to get thecomfort that we seek! Bean Bags can benow purchased around the web. You canhave the comfort that you have beenseeking with just a few clicks away.The materials of comfy bean bags areusually dried beans, PVC pellets orexpanded polyester. There’s nothing toworry about it because the materials beingused are light weight and safe. In order toavoid getting damage, you have to ensurethat the container is sealed well. Startingfrom year 1969, these products havebecome popular across the world used byso many individuals in their houses and alsoin their offices. Australia is one of thecountries where these cool furniture is sopopular.As the years go by, manufacturers havediscovered many ways to revolutionize theproduct and make it more beneficial to itsconsumers and for this reason it hasexceeded everyone’s expectations. Theamazing fact about this is that chairs, beds,even toys are now made of it! Anotherthing is that these can be easily boughtonline.There are different styles of bean bagsavailable in the web stores that you canselect from. Take your choice from quirkyand playful designs to stylish and moderntypes. If you like to have more comfortablefurniture set, you can separately buy itsmaterials too. Now isn’t fascinating? Withthe terrific help of the internet, it will befaster for you to find these items, driving tothe nearest department store won’t be youroption anymore, you can shop at home. Allyou have to do is to sit and do a few clicksand you’re done shopping.Consumers in Melbourne love to shoponline. They love comfort and style. Beanbags in Melbourne are very famous; eachand every household has already had theseproducts. To have a more comfortableliving, getting these bags must be includedon your plans. For they represent flexibilityor complexity because as you can see theycan be used in so many different ways withcompromising its sole purpose – comfort.Overall, the internet is a big factor to helpus get what we want in the most efficientway.
  6. 6. Contact us:+613 9897 0700 M – F 8am to Rave Is On ForBean Bags InAustraliaToday’s bean bags in Australia are way evenbetter than years before. It has evolvedfrom a “sack” looking round shape chair totoday’s different sizes and designs. Before,it is filled with beans and it’s not durableenough to last for years. Now, it is filledwith high quality foam fillers or polystyrenebeads that bounce back when you applypressure on it. The materials now rangefrom denim, cotton, leather, suede and softvinyl. The fabrics and fillers can be changedwhen it is worn out.If you will purchase this kind of chair,consider to add a liner to cover the insidesof it. This will allow you to wash the cover ifit is stained. You can use a mild soapparticularly on delicate fabrics. If you willnot use a liner, you will not be able toremove the cover and you will have to spotclean the areas that are soiled. Thedurability of the beanbag will also beprolonged through this and the refilling offillers will be easier too.Bean bags are usually used in a game room.The teens enjoy the comfort it gives with itsvarious sizes that can accommodate anybody. It even comes in a long lounger typethat is covered in suede fabrics. Most ofbeanbags are available in colors that arepractical and can suit any room color. Achild’s room is also a good place todecorate with this. You can have itcustomized with the child’s name on it orget one with your kid’s favorite cartooncharacter’s face. The little one can sit on itto read, play or just have a chat theirfriends. Most young adults also have this intheir apartments. It is likewise a greatfurniture that is perfect for dorm rooms. Itis easy to move around and anybody can siton it even the big bodied jocks.These seats can also be seen in schools,libraries, bookstores and some clinics. Thisis wonderful for kids for it provides anenvironment that can help them to learn.Unlike with other conventional chairs, theyare hard and not that comfortable andchildren can get uneasy with it. Accordingto a study, this is also good for thosechildren with Autism. It relaxes them andmakes them feel safe for it conforms totheir body whenever they sit on it.Corporate businesses utilize this too in theirconference rooms. They use this for teammeetings and it can contribute to a morefocused learning environment.When you finally decide to get one, investon high quality bean bag chairs that havethe features that you need. The dimensionand material must be chosen well to suitthe place where you want to enjoy it.