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LIFE! was first established in 1993. In 2008, we joined SlumberTrek, which gave us the well-established design capabilities and distribution channels we needed to bring our everyday goodness to your life too. Right now, our products include: bean bags, bags and sleeves for your tech stuff, and beach gear for fun in the sun. With over 3 million units already sold to customers in Australia and around the world, the fun has only just begun.

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Bean bag mycrib

  1. 1. Contact us: +613 9897 0700 M – F 8am to 5pm eastern Life! Live It Up! – Designer Bean Bags your hands! At last a comfy resting place for your iPad or other tablet device.No more trying to angle just right while watching movies or playing games while
  2. 2. Contact us: +613 9897 0700 M – F 8am to 5pm eastern a drink. Bean filling means the iCrib moulds comfortably in your lap, on thefloor and on uneven surfaces. Use iCrib on the train or bus, in bed, on the couch inthe car for the kids – it even makes a handy pillow when you need a rest! Comeswith a side pocket for your phone or earbuds.Stylish kids furniture for the everyday – practical and comfortable made in toocool for school denim. The Cloud Chair Bean Bag is the perfect hang out seat forkids. Side pockets offer a handy place to keep ear phones or that secret stash oflollies.
  3. 3. Contact us: +613 9897 0700 M – F 8am to 5pm eastern Arcadia Dream Bean Bag is the newest concept in Life!® bean bag style withits generous pillow shaped design that enables multiple seating positions. Madefrom durable water resistant fabric on one side and snuggly soft flannel on theother the Arcadia Dream is the perfect fit for your Life!Our StorySure. We could have gone big. Really big. But that’s not who we are.When we say LIFE!® Live it up!, we mean go big in little ways, every single day.Spread the fun times out; make them last as long as you want.Think about it. Would you rather have one big splash … or an endless array ofwarm, happy smiles? You know, those little corner-of-the-mouth smiles you getwhen you notice your bean bag has a pocket for ear buds … your iPad stays put inits iCrib … your friend says your tote bag rocks … your phone comes home fromthe beach not covered in sand … and your wallet has some cash left over?That’s LIFE! in a nutshell. Practical affordability that puts everyday style andsmart design into your every day.
  4. 4. Contact us: +613 9897 0700 M – F 8am to 5pm eastern! was first established in 1993. In 2008, we joined SlumberTrek, which gave usthe well-established design capabilities and distribution channels we needed tobring our everyday goodness to your life too. Right now, our products include:bean bags, bags and sleeves for your tech stuff, and beach gear for fun in the sun.With over 3 million units already sold to customers in Australia and around theworld, the fun has only just begun. by its fillings are stain resistant. All you have to do is empty the cover,Bean Bags – The Most toss it in the washing machine andComfortable dry. They are perfect in places whereFurniture you spend most of your time which makes you tired so that when youIf you think your couches, sofas and feel headaches and back pains youbeds are the most comfortable can always comfort yourself. Spendsofties in the world think again after less and get more benefits with thisyou plunge yourself into bean bags. furniture.They are very popular nowadays and Bedloved by people of all ages. They areaffordable and can serve as furniture Your traditional beds may cost you aand an interior design at the same fortune but you still have to betime. You can clean them easily since careful to accidentally hit the hardmost of the covers used to get filled parts of it to avoid getting bruises.
  5. 5. Contact us: +613 9897 0700 M – F 8am to 5pm eastern with this affordable cushion support that takes away your stress.because it does not have hard parts After the whole ritual you can starton it plus you can take a plunge your work again with fresh mind andanytime without worries of hurting body. You can move them easily andyourself. You can ask your provider to store anywhere without a hassle.customize your bed for you so that You can enjoy sun bathing by theyou can make it match your beach and pool or fishing while sittingpersonality or just get the design, on outdoor bean bags. You will notcolor and size that you desire. This be worried about dirt sticking in thekind of bed will give you the best covers because they are designed tocomfort. You will be pampered and suit the environment outside. Thishave a good sleep since it can mold kind of seat has replaced most of theyour body to make you feel secure. It backyard chairs that folks used to sitcan also regulate heat and for this on while having barbeques and beerreason you will not worry about your with friends. They are more suitableback sweating. in bonding moments because theyChair are just so amazing to have around.Wherever we are we can always find Bean Bags – Veryseats to relax and avoid getting tired.Sitting is the most used comfortable Comfortableposition that we all do the whole day Furnitureand having a cozy chair around to besat on is surely pleasurable. It allows There are so many choices inus to regain energy and continue to designing the seating arrangement atfinish our task fruitfully. You can have home. People aim for good style andyour short relaxing moments inside comfort at the same time. Nowadays,your office by indulging in your bean bags are popular in seatingpampering chair while closing your arrangements because of its uniqueeyes and feeling the wonderful designs and comfort. Some
  6. 6. Contact us: +613 9897 0700 M – F 8am to 5pm eastern that have privatecomfortable rooms for individuals Sitting on a chair for a long time feelswanting to relax use bean bags. Bean hot. Bean bags absorb the heat sobags are usually low, but there are that we won’t feel too hot. Itchair like shapes that doesn’t give an regulates the temperature anduncomfortable feeling when standing protects us from feeling too cold asup from a low floor. These kinds of well. When children spill their foodunique seats can be put anywhere on these kinds of chair, cleaning it isinside the house because of its really easy. You can just wipe beanvariety in color and shape. It’s like a bags clean because of its easy tocomfortable piece of furniture. clean material. They are mostly made up of elastic material that doesn’t absorb stains. Its outer casing can beAnother best place for this removed and washed in a washingcomfortable seat is the play room. machine. Sitting on it is veryChildren accidentally fall sometimes comforting that you might want toand the fear of hitting their heads on relax for a moment once you sat onhard chairs can be comforted by bean it.bags. One advantage of using thesestuffs is they don’t use too muchspace. They might look big but they Take note that these relaxing chairscan be packed together. Putting them are not limited indoors. There arestacked up on top of each other in a also outdoor bean bags that can becorner is not tedious. Bean bags help used for picnics and other events.a sitter’s muscle to relax because it These outdoor comforts are watercovers the body. Sitting on it in a resistant and wipe – clean. They aremore natural position helps relieve great on patio, near the pool andback pains. Most of us would love to even to carry in your car. Sitting outsit in a comfortable chair like this. door can still be comfortable with
  7. 7. Contact us: +613 9897 0700 M – F 8am to 5pm eastern inventions. Bean bags are There are so many reason why folkssuitable for both children and adults. buy this pellet filled covers. They areThey can even be used as colorful way cheaper than the usual chairsbackdrop for garden parties and chair and beds plus the comfort it brings isat the same time. Using outdoor bean way pampering than what ourbags for garden parties help conserve traditional furniture provides us. Theyspace and at the same time extra can be cleaned, moved and storedcash for props. There are so many easily.advantages and purposes that can be Sitting – The most used comfortableacquired from this wonderful position that we all do all day.invention. Whether we are at school, work, home and even traveling we sit. It is how we temporarily relive our tiredBean Bags – Why Buy body and regain energy for the nextThem? task. The chairs and couches made from this stuff can take away stressBean bags are sealed covers filled and tired bodies will be comforted bywith dried beans, PVC pellets or them. They take the shape of aStyrofoam that comes with different person plunging into it and supportsizes, shapes and colors created to every body part that rests on it. Theserve many applications. Nowadays perfect position that this cozy stuffwe can see toys, beds, couches, provide will allow blood and oxygenchairs and other things made from to circulate well and for this reasonthis stuff. People of all ages have fell headaches along with back painsin love with the benefits and comfort during your work can be wiped out bythat this wonderful creation brings. this amazing seat. It is also capable ofThey have replaced traditional sofas regulating heat since air can circulateand other furniture at home. Bean through its fillings.bags in Brisbane are really popular.
  8. 8. Contact us: +613 9897 0700 M – F 8am to 5pm eastern furniture is perfect when you are creation is not just limited inside thea student staying in a dorm or in your room but there are also seats madeapartment. They are very suitable for for outdoor purposes. They can beyour budget and the artsy design will cleaned, moved and stored easily.serve as an interior design as well.You will always spend most of yourtime studying in college and whenyou need a break, you can grabsnacks, plunge yourself in this softyand enjoy the siesta. You will dealwith many things in college makesure that you always have this kind ofcomfort to ease you physically andemotionally. You will neverexperience this kind of pampering inother cushions. With this cushion youcan face every task at school becauseit will take care of you when youneed to rest.Bean bag chairs have been verypopular in the market. They can beseen in offices, homes and day carecenters. Their designs and colors aretruly attractive than even those whodo not know it will surely come closeto have a better look and feel. Assoon as they find out the satisfyinggains that they bring they do nothesitate town one of them. This