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LIFE! was first established in 1993. In 2008, we joined SlumberTrek, which gave us the well-established design capabilities and distribution channels we needed to bring our everyday goodness to your life too. Right now, our products include: bean bags, bags and sleeves for your tech stuff, and beach gear for fun in the sun. With over 3 million units already sold to customers in Australia and around the world, the fun has only just begun.

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Bean bag coast

  1. 1. Contact us:+613 9897 0700 M – F 8am to your hands! At last a comfy resting place for your iPad or other tablet device.No more trying to angle just right while watching movies or playing games whileLife! Live It Up! – Designer Bean Bags
  2. 2. Contact us:+613 9897 0700 M – F 8am to a drink. Bean filling means the iCrib moulds comfortably in your lap, on thefloor and on uneven surfaces. Use iCrib on the train or bus, in bed, on the couch inthe car for the kids – it even makes a handy pillow when you need a rest! Comeswith a side pocket for your phone or earbuds.Stylish kids furniture for the everyday – practical and comfortable made in toocool for school denim. The Cloud Chair Bean Bag is the perfect hang out seat forkids. Side pockets offer a handy place to keep ear phones or that secret stash oflollies.
  3. 3. Contact us:+613 9897 0700 M – F 8am to Arcadia Dream Bean Bag is the newest concept in Life!® bean bag style withits generous pillow shaped design that enables multiple seating positions. Madefrom durable water resistant fabric on one side and snuggly soft flannel on theother the Arcadia Dream is the perfect fit for your Life!Our StorySure. We could have gone big. Really big. But that’s not who we are.When we say LIFE!® Live it up!, we mean go big in little ways, every single day.Spread the fun times out; make them last as long as you want.Think about it. Would you rather have one big splash … or an endless array ofwarm, happy smiles? You know, those little corner-of-the-mouth smiles you getwhen you notice your bean bag has a pocket for ear buds … your iPad stays put inits iCrib … your friend says your tote bag rocks … your phone comes home fromthe beach not covered in sand … and your wallet has some cash left over?That’s LIFE! in a nutshell. Practical affordability that puts everyday style andsmart design into your every day.
  4. 4. Contact us:+613 9897 0700 M – F 8am to! was first established in 1993. In 2008, we joined SlumberTrek, which gave usthe well-established design capabilities and distribution channels we needed tobring our everyday goodness to your life too. Right now, our products include:bean bags, bags and sleeves for your tech stuff, and beach gear for fun in the sun.With over 3 million units already sold to customers in Australia and around theworld, the fun has only just begun.Fast Facts about BeanBagsOne kind of furniture we wouldntwant to miss out on our modern dayliving room, bedroom, play room,dorm room or outdoor porch is abean bag. It creates a welcomingatmosphere for visitors to hang-out,relax and enjoy the chair and theview. This is not just any other chair;it is the most durable, flexible, stylish,comfortable furniture to have. It iswhere our comfort begins. Inwatching TV, playing video games, oruse it as a toy for kids to play with;the functionality is endless. In thenext few lines, we shall see morefacts about bean bags.Over the years, manufacturers havedesigned it in different dimension,functionality, needs and comfort.Usually, these chairs are filled withpolystyrene beads, which arecushiony, light and airy and it resistcompression. They form the body socomfortably that they were made aschairs. The latest of its kind are nowfilled with high density foam, which
  5. 5. Contact us:+613 9897 0700 M – F 8am to back when you stand back up.The foam is much cheaper forshipping for it can be highlycompressed. Some are made incombination of both for bestproducts to sell. Indoor or outdooruse, this item never fails to be a nicefurniture display. It is durable on anyweather conditions. This is why a lotof people in the US and UK, designthe most crazy bean bags in theworld. Different sizes and weights ofit have invaded our homes. It is alsomade to be used for travel for itslightweight feature. Many people useit also for outdoor display, due to itsrip-proof, durable, and easy to cleanmaterial. High quality products havebeen designed for urban homes andoffices. Other stores customizes oncreating it, from design, sizes, fabricsand functionality, prices would varyas well.Beanbags are designed for all ages.Most people buy it because of itsstylish and lightweight design andcomfort. Manufacturers compete onits quality material, sizes and price.The benefits of it are countless as itprovides value for your money. Wecan see many items on sale over theinternet, our local furniture stores, inshopping malls and outlets. Howeveronline shoppers can still enjoy thefree shipping the stores offer withoutleaving home or office. Shop by age,size, fabric or material, price, brand,accessories and customization, theyhave it online. Excellent comfort isour number one priority in buyingthis furniture.How to Use Bean BagsIf you want to feel comfort whensitting down and watching yourfavorite television show, you canalways curl yourself up in beanbags of various colors and sizes. Lyingon a beanbag is such a comfortableexperience that many prefer to relax ,and even sleep on it. Before it wasdiscovered and used by many ,people just sat on chairs and couches,which can never take the shape andform of your body. Thus, when youlie down while relaxing or just simplysitting, you cannot feel totallyrelaxed. Unlike when you’re lying in abean bag, it takes the shape of your
  6. 6. Contact us:+613 9897 0700 M – F 8am to and gives you a soothingfeeling.There are many ways to use a beanbag and here are some of them:1. Can be used for lounging. Thereare times, especially on weekends,when we simply want to sit idly andpass away the time relaxing.Sometimes, we invite friends andfamily members to have a drink whilelazily sitting and sipping a cup ofcoffee and engage in smallconversations. Sitting on bean bagscan make this precious moment evenmore relaxing.2. Ideal for game rooms. Playingvideo games while sitting on a chairisn’t good for the back . When you’reseated on a bean bag, it’s easier tomove and twist your body as thegame gets more exciting. Time passesaway without your noticing it whenyour body is relaxed.3. Outdoor seating. Yes, beanbags arenot for indoors alone. They can beplaced outside and you can do yourrelaxing under the sun. The bagscome in various colors and make thatyou can choose whatever catchesyour fancy. You can even makematches with your attire, umbrella,or whatever accessories you have inorder to make a colorful sight.4. Ideal for nursery rooms. Yes,mothers can nurse their toddlersmore comfortably when they areseated on bean bags. When babiesare lulled to sleep, so are theirmothers. Indeed, there’s nothingmore comfortable than sitting on acomfortable bag that washes away allyour tiredness because of thecomfort that it offers.There are many ways that beanbagsare becoming popular but what’sgetting more popular are outdoorbeanbags. More and more peoplewant to feel more relaxed whileoutdoor, and to carry along withthem their comfy beanbags givesthem security that wherever theyare, they can sit back and relaxcomfortably!Hugs from Bean BagsHave you ever told someone to juststay beside you a little while? Youlove the feeling of beingoverwhelmed, the coziness, thewarmth and you suddenly want a
  7. 7. Contact us:+613 9897 0700 M – F 8am to hug. It may sound weird but attimes after a heart break you long forthat majestic touch of someone justto feel okay. You felt so depressedand would want to cuddle all nightlong but unfortunately there’s no oneto cuddle with. Fretting is not thecure for this one because you can stillhave bean bags to hug you to easethe pain and the emptiness inside.That is when you feel so comfortableand you find yourself crying yourselfto sleep.There are a lot of things to reminiscethat you wish would just turninvisible but you just can’t hide howyou feel. What else can you do if allelse fail? People may not be there foryou but bean bags can give youremedy for this. After a heart breakyou often see yourself enjoying lifejust as not to remember the thingsthat made you weak once, so youdelve yourself into watchingtelevision, inside your room watchingyour favorite movies, having datewith your friends, yes, you want to bein a room full of people. Many beanbags are made to suit your style andyour taste and there are pieces ofthem which are portable and theycan be found anywhere. They differon how they appear and they callattention when you find them instores. It maybe because on how theylook that you love seeing them inyour homes or it could be thecomfort they bring whenever youneed absolute cuddling.Comfort is the reason for all thenestling, the cuddling and thesleeping. So you better find a perfectspot at home in which can give youpeace. You cannot always get hugsfrom people but you can always feellike you’re being hugged. Yeah, thecomfort of reading a book whilesitting on a bean bag chair or simplysleeping after an all day activity.Everybody deserves a hug for a jobwell done, a treat for stressful daysand something to calm the emotionsfor those who got their heartsbroken.Sometimes, people cannotunderstand what you are goingthrough no matter how you explainand it is okay to depend on materialthings for comfort as long as it is nottoo much. We cannot haveeverything in life; we go through upsand downs. We may win and we maylose but thinking there are wonderfulthings to live by and these too shallpass can give us another chance to
  8. 8. Contact us:+613 9897 0700 M – F 8am to our mistakes and another dayto keep on going with our lives. Dealwith your emotions, it is okay to getcarried away at times but be incontrol with your emotions and donot let emotions control you. And ifin case you need bear hugs, do notforget to spend some cash on a beanbag at the nearest store to give youcomfort with whatever mood youmay be.