Bean bag cloud chair


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LIFE! was first established in 1993. In 2008, we joined SlumberTrek, which gave us the well-established design capabilities and distribution channels we needed to bring our everyday goodness to your life too. Right now, our products include: bean bags, bags and sleeves for your tech stuff, and beach gear for fun in the sun. With over 3 million units already sold to customers in Australia and around the world, the fun has only just begun.

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Bean bag cloud chair

  1. 1. Contact us: +613 9897 0700 M – F 8am to 5pm eastern Life! Live It Up! – Designer Bean Bags your hands! At last a comfy resting place for your iPad or other tablet device.No more trying to angle just right while watching movies or playing games while
  2. 2. Contact us: +613 9897 0700 M – F 8am to 5pm eastern a drink. Bean filling means the iCrib moulds comfortably in your lap, on thefloor and on uneven surfaces. Use iCrib on the train or bus, in bed, on the couch inthe car for the kids – it even makes a handy pillow when you need a rest! Comeswith a side pocket for your phone or earbuds.Stylish kids furniture for the everyday – practical and comfortable made in toocool for school denim. The Cloud Chair Bean Bag is the perfect hang out seat forkids. Side pockets offer a handy place to keep ear phones or that secret stash oflollies.
  3. 3. Contact us: +613 9897 0700 M – F 8am to 5pm eastern Arcadia Dream Bean Bag is the newest concept in Life!® bean bag style withits generous pillow shaped design that enables multiple seating positions. Madefrom durable water resistant fabric on one side and snuggly soft flannel on theother the Arcadia Dream is the perfect fit for your Life!Our StorySure. We could have gone big. Really big. But that’s not who we are.When we say LIFE!® Live it up!, we mean go big in little ways, every single day.Spread the fun times out; make them last as long as you want.Think about it. Would you rather have one big splash … or an endless array ofwarm, happy smiles? You know, those little corner-of-the-mouth smiles you getwhen you notice your bean bag has a pocket for ear buds … your iPad stays put inits iCrib … your friend says your tote bag rocks … your phone comes home fromthe beach not covered in sand … and your wallet has some cash left over?That’s LIFE! in a nutshell. Practical affordability that puts everyday style andsmart design into your every day.
  4. 4. Contact us: +613 9897 0700 M – F 8am to 5pm eastern! was first established in 1993. In 2008, we joined SlumberTrek, which gave usthe well-established design capabilities and distribution channels we needed tobring our everyday goodness to your life too. Right now, our products include:bean bags, bags and sleeves for your tech stuff, and beach gear for fun in the sun.With over 3 million units already sold to customers in Australia and around theworld, the fun has only just begun. provide comfort to its owners— although those who are seeking furniture that are more suited to providing adequate seatingBean Bag Chairs Where arrangements to more than a single person ought to consider moreAffordability and Appeal options rather than going straight forMeets a classy bean bag chair.There’s not much to discuss aboutbean bag chairs apart from their All in all, those who are clamoring forutmost affordability as well as conventional bean bags are likelyboundless appeal to fans of single, concurrently pursuing aminimalist/functionalist home degree or recently became part ofdecorating enthusiasts. Bean bag the active workforce—there’s a widechairs have nevertheless managed to range of bean bag chairs that cater to
  5. 5. Contact us: +613 9897 0700 M – F 8am to 5pm eastern individual personality quirks and better than most of the designspreferences. Needless to say, the presently being sold on the market.customizability of bean bag chairs iscomparable in magnitude to itsavailability on online stores as well as On the other hand, those who facepossible sizes to choose from. The budgetary restrictions are still able tomost basic bean bag chairs more avail of bean bag chairs, andoften than not comprise of suede, purchasing one that they arefabric, vinyl or leather. Default bean particularly fond of online is not outbag chair coverings often feature of the question as well. If you go tomonochrome hues—the bulk of the an authoritative, trustworthy sitecustomization process is entirely up selling bean bag furniture—expect toto you, although there are a lot of come across the same, approvedboutiques as well as hobby shops polyester fillings (which are prettycropping up that are starting to harmless as long as they’re kept outrealize the appeal of custom made, of children’s reach) as well asconceptual designs and would gladly reasonable warranties whenever youaccept your commission no matter venture the internet for a relaxinghow taxing or bizarre your aesthetic bean bag chair for your home orconsiderations may be. The office.majorities of readymade conceptualdesigns however, are more or lessinspired by current trends or The aforementioned veterans who’veotherwise take cues from easily mastered the craft of creating customrecognizable pop culture fixtures. made bean bag chair coverings onFurthermore, custom bean bag chair your behalf are prone or at leastdesigners who’ve spent years honing partial to unique, angular designstheir craft undoubtedly pick up more which mimic divergent patterns thatthan a few distinctive tricks that’ll you might be interested in—buthelp make their future commissions these concepts still serve a functional
  6. 6. Contact us: +613 9897 0700 M – F 8am to 5pm eastern and never fail to relieve you hanging out with your family andof exhaustion or stress at the end of friends. There are various typesthe day. Finally, couch length bean available on the market and it givesbag chairs are starting to pick up you the option of choosing the rightsome steam and are readily available one for you or the right for the roomon web based marketplaces. where you want to put it.Bean Bags – Hip and Round, square, game chairs, novelty and extra-large are the typical types.Cosy Round ones are shaped like a ball and it comes in different sizes as well.If you’re looking for a cosy and very These are ideal for the living room.relaxing type of chair, get bean bags. The less traditional shape is square;They are Sac that are filled with it’s constructed like a cube. It can beplastic pellets or any kind of fillers. use as tables, footrests and perhapsIt’s easy to carry and you can put it in something to lean on. To get moreany room you want. It comes indifferent sizes, shapes and styles. support, it is best to get game chairs. It provides traditional seatingThey are versatile, long wearing, experience and a contoured back,practical and fun that’s why it excellent for video game activities.remains popular in a lot of Novelty type is the category forhouseholds. children. This type may be shaped like lips, animals, footballs, flowers and many others. It adds an edge toBean bags are comfortable and soft, children’s room. Bean bags are soproviding the user a wonderful place comfortable that everyone wants toto relax and unwind. It’s a great place sit on it, that’s the beauty of extra-to sit whether you’re watching the large types. Two or three people cantelevision, reading a book or simply be accommodated.
  7. 7. Contact us: +613 9897 0700 M – F 8am to 5pm eastern Hurry and add them to your favourite room!If design is your concern, there’s noneed to worry because you canmatch your bean bag to the decor ofyour room. There is a wide variety of Bean Bags: Safe andcolours and outer shell materials that Pure Fun for Everyonemakes it possible. Custom design isnow also available to suite what you I bet we’ve all held or seen bean bagsdesire. Leather is the most luxurious at least once in our lives. It bringsmaterial because of its durability and back such fun memories of ourresistance to stain. Faux suede bean childhood. They come in manychairs gives a trendy look, it comes in shapes and sizes and we havedifferent colours as well. You can enjoyed, and can still enjoy them in aavoid stain and dirt by spraying a lot of different ways.fabric treatment to it. Denim is also There’s this safer version of playingone material that is use as an outer dodgeball where these soft bags areshell. It’s durable and comfortable. It used instead of the usual harderis washable and great for the kids’ plastic balls. I remember playing thisroom. game when I was in elementary school with my friends. The first time, we let the bag slide across the floorBean bag furniture is a versatile piece aiming to hit our opponents. But itthat can be used anywhere in the became a little boring as a sliding baghouse. With the different category on the floor, slowed down by drythese days, it really is a great addition friction, was rather too easy to avoid.or replacement to some of the So, we decided to let the bags fly!furniture in the house. Turn your Throwing was more fun indeed andhouse into a home where your family the game progressed more quickly.and friends would love to gather. We had a hell of fun dodging and
  8. 8. Contact us: +613 9897 0700 M – F 8am to 5pm eastern hit everywhere- on the butt, five small square-shaped bean bagsthe stomach, and if you’re lucky, well, that look like tiny pillows, about theon the face. I don’t remember it size of matchboxes. Usually the fourcausing any serious injury on any of bags are identical while one looksus though, for the thick cloth different. The game involves tossingwrapping the beads or beans inside the bag with one hand, hitting it withserved as a cushion. So it felt no the back of your hand, and finallydifferent from getting hit by a pillow catching it. All three actions are done– a miniature one. using the same hand and without letting the bag touch the floor. Yes, itWatching jugglers perform can be as can be challenging but it is also a lotentertaining as playing dodgeball. of fun. It is a good way to developBalls, clubs, rings, and even the more hand-eye coordination and focus fordangerous stuff like fire and knives kids and for fun-loving adults too.come flying in the air but are skillfullymanipulated by the expert juggler. If If you are a parent or a teacher,you want to get your hands into introduce any of these fun activitiesjuggling, I’d suggest not to start to your children. These are greatpracticing with fire or knives. Invite alternatives to computer games thatless injury to yourself and go with the are rapidly intruding our kids’ freebean bags! These are great practice time these days. Liberate them fromjuggling tools for the beginner. sitting around all weekend in front of the screen, and hand them that fun,Another fun way with these babies is safe little bean bag and see what ita game which I think is unheard of in can do!the rest of the world, except in thecountry from which I hail from. It isironic because the game is called“Chinese Jackstone” but it’s neitherplayed in China nor does it involveany stones! In the Philippines, we use