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Infragistics Seminar Israel, November 2011 NetAdvantage® for Silverlight


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Built for the performance-minded developer who needs to bring blazing fast Rich Internet Applications to market, NetAdvantage® for Silverlight Line of Business features quality clear APIs based on our Unified XAML Product Strategy, sharing a common API across our Silverlight 4 and WPF 4 controls. Quickly and easily create great user experiences centered around Microsoft® Office® 2010 with support for exporting our grid control to Word® documents. We've also expanded our xamSchedule™ suite of full-featured, Outlook® 2010-style scheduling controls with new features and functionality, including a preview Microsoft Exchange® data connector (as a CTP), Outlook Calendar View, Date Navigator and more.

This release also includes a Windows 7 system calendar-style calendar control, and an all-new dock manager component for your Silverlight RIAs. The IG Theme provides a complete style that can be applied across all visual elements in our Silverlight Line of Business controls ensuring your application a consistent, professional appearance. NetAdvantage for Silverlight Line of Business gives you the robust toolbox for creating the greatest Silverlight apps you can imagine today.

Our Silverlight controls feature complete "stylability", including full support for Visual Studio® 2010 and Expression Blend®, Rich Internet Application (RIA) services, and a next generation UI that lets you take your Web applications to the next level.

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Infragistics Seminar Israel, November 2011 NetAdvantage® for Silverlight

  1. 1. A Sample Line of Business App Built using Silverlight 4Kiril MatevTechnical EvangelistInfragistics
  2. 2. ContentsWhat is SilverlightWhat applications is it suitable forSilverlight as a platform for LOB applicationsSample LOB Application demo: • UI Declaration • Data Access • Data Persistence • Export to Excel • Printing • Data Visualization • Deploy application out of browser
  3. 3. What is SilverlightAn application framework for deploying two-tiered browser-(and out-of-browser)-basedapplications.Current version is Silverlight 4, withSilverlight 5 to be released later in 2011.
  4. 4. Platform supportSilverlight applications need the Silverlightplugin to run, available in Windows-based, and some MacOS browsers(Mozilla, Safari).Silverlight is the native development platformon the Windows Phone 7.
  5. 5. Animations & TransitionsSilverlight is well-suited for creating rich UIs:• Enables rapid development of rich UI due to its built-in support for declarative specification of animations and transitions.• Enables the animation of any property, which makes animations/transitions easy to set up.• SL 5 will use hardware accelerated graphics, so animations/transitions are faster and do not burden the CPU
  6. 6. Layout controlSilverlight offers rich layout capability:• Flexible GUI for different resolutions – Silverlight makes it easy to scale controls to different sizes• Silverlight offers built-in layout panels which rearrange layout automatically when the resolution or module size or locations change
  7. 7. TemplatingSilverlight enables flexible controlappearances:• Silverlight adds flexibility in defining the appearance of different control elements, such as scrollbars, headers, footers, rows, etc.• This enables developers to quickly change the application’s UI without affecting its behavior
  8. 8. StylingSilverlight makes application styling easier:• Colors, gradient fills, brushes, rotations, tile brushes - a rich framework of readily available• Pure-text declarations of styles makes them easy to maintain• Blend is a styling tool that can be used to setup animations, effects and transitions using a graphical user interface
  9. 9. MaintenanceSilverlight cuts down the cost ofmaintenance:• Data binding, animations, transitions are implemented by Silverlight, so the added richness in the UI comes at no cost for the developer in terms of an increased code base
  10. 10. Increased Developer Productivity• Declarative data binding• Allows declarative specification of layout• Using C# both on the client and server
  11. 11. A Sample LOB ApplicationObjective:Create an application to display a few viewsof data from the Northwind database:1. Customers (grid, editable)2. Daily Sales (grid and chart)3. Sales By Category (grid and chart)4. Browse invoice data (pivot grid)5. Export to Excel, Print, Save/Load Layout Settings6. Deploy application out of browser
  12. 12. UI DeclarationDeclare a ribbon control and a tab controlcontaining the different viewsSeparate application units into reusablecontrols
  13. 13. CRUD OperationsImplement CRUD operations using RIAServicesAutomatically commit changes made in thegrid controls to the database
  14. 14. Data PersistenceImplement saving/loading of user settings(selected tab index) in isolated storage.IsolatedStorage allows two ways to storedata locally on the user’s computer:• Key-value pairs• Files
  15. 15. Export to ExcelImplement export to Excel of grid data withno dependencies on MS Office libraries.
  16. 16. PrintingImplement printing of the currently active gridcontrol.Silverlight 4 supports printing using thePrintDocument class, which can print anyvisual element.
  17. 17. Data VisualizationImplement a chart withzooming, panning, and tooltips for the dailysales values.Silverlight 4 enableszooming, panning, which are especiallyuseful in charting scenarios.
  18. 18. Questions and Answers
  19. 19.