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Bukit brown Cemetery Basic Information


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This presentation seeks to provide a quick run through of the information and issues concerning Bukit Brown Cemetery

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Bukit brown Cemetery Basic Information

  1. 1. Bukit Brown Cemetery: Dead Spaces?DR LIEW KAI KHIUN
  2. 2. Fast Facts on Bukit Brown• 211 Acre between Lornie Road and Pan Island Expressway• Legally owned by George Henry Brown before being purchased by Ong Clan in 1880s.• 1922: Established as government municipal cemetery• Estimated 100,000 graves till date• Parts of Cemetery were cut for golf courses and road development.• 2013: Road extension into heart of cemetery
  3. 3. Part of the MarinaDrainage Basin
  4. 4. Nature Corridor• Stopover point for migratory birds• Established wildlife and plant species• Green lungs for Thomson- MacRitche Area. Chestnut Malkoha
  5. 5. History and Historical Personalities in Bukit Brown Cemetery
  6. 6. Design of tombstones
  7. 7. Decorations, Statues and design ofembellishment of Graves
  8. 8. Mapping Bukit Brown• Grave Identification• Socio-cultural Documentation• Geological, Botanical and Zoological Surveys
  9. 9. Bukit Brown: Nature,Culture, History, Park.
  10. 10. “Development” Plans for Bukit BrownCemetery
  11. 11. Questions• How to balance development and conservation?• How to weigh the intangibles of heritage against the tangible of GDP?• What sort of Singapore do we want?
  12. 12. BUKIT BROWN as World Heritage?Bukit Brown Cemetery Okunoin Gobyo Cemetery, Mt. Koya, Japan (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  13. 13. The End