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a PPT talk about ZTE green BTS solution

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  1. 1. ZTE UMTS Green Speed So ution Name: Liang.Xie E-mail: Wireless International Marketing Dept Ⅰ ZTE Corporation
  2. 2. Contents Requirement of Green Mobile Network ZTE UMTS Green Solution ZTE Green Case Summary
  3. 3. 秘密▲Global Warming Monkey Human Fish 3
  4. 4. 秘密▲Analysis of consumption of mobile network Consumption of Mobile Network Land Energy CO2 Material Network Construction Main equipment Supporting facilities 4
  5. 5. 秘密▲TCO Of Mobile Network Total Cost of Ownership 5
  6. 6. 秘密▲Green Mobile NetworkConcept of green mobile network Green equipment Material saving Power saving Green network construction Land saving Green energy Green power supply Green mobile network Green supply chain 6
  7. 7. Contents Requirement of Green Mobile Network ZTE UMTS Green Solution ZTE Green Case Summary
  8. 8. Contents ZTE UMTS Green Solution Green equipment Green network construction Green power supply Green supply chain
  9. 9. 秘密▲ Green Equipment Decrease Sites Number High Efficiency PA y ifier Efficienc Single antenna sensitivity is up to-126.5dBm w er Ampl Po 50% Power 40% High sensitivity Amplifier Efficiency 33% 10Q2 25% Now 7.2dB more than more than 5dB 19% 07Q2 13%single antenna maximum gain is added multi-antenna receive Decrease PAs overlap Forward DPD+Dohe High-Efficiency Power Amplifier Feed AB rty DPD+ Doherty +D-PT Sites Higher Efficiency, Lower TCOuplink coverage radius Number uplink Gain can be HPA 40% Efficiency HPA 50% Efficiency Adjusted betweenincrease about 16.59% 3 to 12 dB Power Consumption 14% less 29% less BBU+RRU TMA PS: Compared with 33% efficiency Radius of cell increase 20% PA Power consumption is 65% of the number of sites decrease 30% Whole Node B 9
  10. 10. 秘密▲Green Equipment- ZTE SDR Smooth Evolution MicroTCA Platform BP evolution 3 Sector Site RRU has 20MHz bandwidth capability, enough for LTE application. CPRI interface module keep Add 3 RUs to support 2*2 MIMO Adds 1 RRU for each sector to support 2*2 Control & Ethernet module keep MIMO 2*2 MIMO Interface module keep  Main control, fiber switch, power, interface module Software upgrade to are reusable. support LTE  Software upgrades to support new features.  Smooth evolution with lowest investment. 1. SW & min. HW upgrade 2. Smoothly upgrade 3. Smoothly upgrade GSM GSM GSM UMTS LTE UMTS LTE 10 10
  11. 11. 秘密▲Green Equipment -Intelligent Carrier Shutdown Utilization rate of radio resource 900 60.00% 800 50.00% Lower traffic period (0:00-8:00) 700 600 40.00% The average radio resource 500 Erl. utilization is 6.06% ; 30.00% Ratio 400 Average Ratio Medium traffic period (8:00-16:00) 300 20.00% The average radio resource 200 100 10.00% utilization is 29.4% ; 0 0.00% High traffic period 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 232 98 55.5 31.5 19.6 23.8 91.1 220 360 467 486 507 613 450 411 449 528 651 739 793 678 730 705 580 (16:00-24:00) The average radio Erl. Ratio 14.5 6.16 3.49 1.98 1.23 1.49 5.72 13.8 22.6 29.3 30.5 31.8 38.5 28.2 25.8 28.1 33.1 40.8 46.4 49.8 42.5 45.8 44.2 36.4 resource utilization is 42.4% ; Average Ratio 6.06 6.06 6.06 6.06 6.06 6.06 6.06 6.06 29.4 29.4 29.4 29.4 29.4 29.4 29.4 29.4 42.4 42.4 42.4 42.4 42.4 42.4 42.4 42.4 Intelligent carrier shutdown S333 With Without Intelligent Intelligent TRX 1 TRX 1 TRX 1 site carrier carrier shutdown shutdown Lower 8*0.8 TRX 2 TRX 2 TRX 2 traffic Medium 8*0.755 TRX 3 TRX 3 TRX 3 traffic 24*0.8 High 8*0.71 High Power Medium Power Low Power traffic traffic Amplifier traffic Amplifier traffic Amplifier (8*0.8+8*0.755+0.71*8)/(24*0.8) = 0.056 Decrease 15 watt Decrease 30 watt every sector every sector Save power 5.6% 11
  12. 12. Contents ZTE UMTS Green Solution Green equipment Green network construction Green power supply Green supply chain
  13. 13. 秘密▲Green Network Construction –Intelligent Equipment Room System Equipment room power consumption Principle of intelligent equipment room system air- When the outdoors temperature main condition satisfies requirement…. equipment 46% 51% System will automatically start fans to expel hot air from indoors the power consumption of main equipment just expend the half When indoor and outdoor temperature however the power consumption others of air-condition approach 46% beyond requirement…. 3% Fans will be closed and air-condition will be started to adjust indoor temperature. Air exchange Network system manager Outdoor Room temperature temperature The intelligent equipment room t° t° system can reduce 70% power consumption of air-conditions. MISU Air-condition ( Multi-function Integrated Supervise Unit) 13
  14. 14. 秘密▲Green Network Construction -2/3G Infrastructure Sharing Co-room/cabin  Study 2G sites and make a statistic of free space, power redundancy, transmission Co-feed-cable 3G BTS Co-transmission redundancy, tower condition, etc. window  Make a reasonable and suitable planning 2G BTS according to each site & 2G traffic Co-tower P B A M Shelter sharing Battery sharing Power sharing AC sharing Cable distribution box sharing Tower sharing Cable tray sharing Microwave sharing 14 14
  15. 15. 秘密▲Green Network Construction -ZTE BBU+RRU Solution Fiber Transmission RRU BBU Smaller Dimension On the pole On the Wall Easy RRU Installation BBU Self- 19 dissipation inch On the Wall  ZXWR RRU provide the coverage as the macro Node B, support IP65 protection grade, can be directly installed on the wall, pole, tower, etc.  ZXWR BBU can be deployed in 2G/3G transmission rack, extra space in 2G/3G BTS or directly hung on the wall, which effectively solve the problem that the 2G/3G equipment room In 2G/3G space is not enough or the floor can not bear the weight In 2G/3G BTS Transmission Rack 15
  16. 16. Contents ZTE UMTS Green Solution Green equipment Green network construction Green power supply Green supply chain
  17. 17. 秘密▲Green Power Supply Solar Hybrid energy solution Solar energy is a clean solar arrays energy Solar energy is the most abundant energy that can be wind-driven used, saving fuel cost generator Suitable for the area which Input 1 without power supply or lack Output Loads of power supply Input 2 Controller … Battery 1 Input 3 Wind energy Battery Wind energy is a green generator energy, saving fuel cost Can provide 24-hours Comparing with the traditional diesel generator, wind power supply energy & solar energy have the advantages on environmental protection, saving fuel cost, reducing Suitable for the areas which maintenance cost. But in some area, the wind & solar without power supply or lack of power supply cannot meet the using requirements for a long time, so hybrid solution that using wind, solar & diesel generator simultaneously is often adopted 17
  18. 18. Contents ZTE UMTS Green Solution Green equipment Green network construction Green power supply Green supply chain
  19. 19. 秘密▲Green supply chain ZTE firstly introduced the green & environmental protection concept into designing, manufacture, logistics, engineering. . Green Purchase Green Packing The packing adopts the “4R2I1D” principle • Reduce Ask the supplier provide environmental protection • Reuse proclamation of heavy • Recycle metal test • Refill • Integrated Adopt stringent procedure to supervise the suppliers, make sure Green Life-cycle … • Intelligent of the equipment & parts meet the environmental protection requirements • Degradable Recycling ZTE MicroTCA Platform Modularized designing and Unified platform designing ,easy for reusing and repairing Using recyclable materials, the discarding equipments can be well recycled 19
  20. 20. Contents Requirement of Green Mobile Network ZTE UMTS Green Solution ZTE Green Case Summary
  21. 21. 秘密▲ ZTE Green Case ZTE Assist Energy Efficiency Solar Green Scheme in Utilization in Olympics HONGKONG Afghanistan Customer requirements Customer requirements Customer requirementsReducing power consumption Reducing the OPEX ,especially Reduce the OPEXand decreasing carbon dioxide the cost of equipment room andemission powerSaving the space resource and Improve reliability Smooth evolutionequipments room Project highlights Project highlights Project highlightsDecrease sites quantity 2G and 3G co-site Hybrid solution, DGs +solar Green Base station Total 14 sites, save OPEXBBU and RRU 350,000 USD every year. Smooth evolution scheme 21
  22. 22. Contents Requirement of Green Mobile Network ZTE UMTS Green Solution ZTE Green Case Summary
  23. 23. 秘密▲Summary Green equipment Green Network Construction  Decrease Sites Number  Intelligent Equipment Room  High Efficiency PA  2/3G Infrastructure Sharing  ZTE SDR Smooth Evolution  ZTE BBU+RRU Solution  Intelligent Carrier Shutdown Green Power Supply Green supply chain  Solar  Green purchase platform Unified BBU  Wind energy  Green packing  Hybrid energy solution  Recycling Blue technology creates green world 23