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iferd is a private,not for profit institute for education research & development.
iferd is for a creative education!

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Iferd english version

  1. 1. For a country to be prosperous, it must have talented citizenswith creative and entrepreneurial abilities. In order to havesuch talented citizens, there is a need of a creative education.To this end, there must be creative schools, taught bycreative teachers, and led by creative leaders. Such creativeteachers and leaders are nurtured from creative students,from creative schools and from a creative education thatexists in a country with an environment encouraging freethinking, creativity and entrepreneurial practice.(IfERD’S philosophy)
  2. 2. Why does iferd & what is iferd for? It is a private, independent, not-for-profit institute with high autonomy and flexibility in its operation. Iferd allows new ideas to be implemented faster and more saving money and time Iferd is for a creative education in Vietnam, contributes to the education renovation in Vietnam, preparing 21 c skills of Vietnamese citizens Iferd is a bridge for private- public and community cooperation as well as international cooperation
  3. 3. Scope of activities (1)1. Research in educational and related education fields: Iferd conducts research supported by international & domecstic grants (iferd’s members conducts more than 20 international research projects within 10 years) Rsearch focus: creativity, entrepreneurship, application of ICT in education, educational management, professional development of teachers, educational leaders, etc
  4. 4. Scope of activities (2)2. Skill DevelopmentIferd provides training courses and gives the learners professional certificates after making sure that the learners already obtained knowledge & formed skills
  5. 5. Current coursesPaid courses: Creativity theory and practice consists of 9 lessons plus 10 methods for developing skills for creativity. Creative teacher includes 6 lessons helping teachers use creative teaching methods to make students actively engaged in an easy and exciting learning process. Creative Educational Leader provides 5 lessons that help educational leaders develop a creative vision, a creative strategic plan, a creative environment, and creative teaching staff. Entrepreneurship includes 8 lessons providing knowledge and skills for entrepreneurship, covering the development of business ideas to choices of business model and operation. Highly Effective Questioning challenges educators and parents ways to raise and use good questions to develop children high order and creative thinking. Vietnam’s Education includes 10 lessons introducing a history of Vietnam’s education. Learners are invited to discuss issues of contemporary education.Free courses include Taking Lead in the Market Economy; Teaching in the 21 century, and Application of ICT in Education.
  6. 6. Scope of activities (3)3. Provide services Supplying new materials for teaching, learning & researching Study abroad Study tour, exchanging students, faculties, universities, schools Translation workshops Consulting school management and 21c teaching & learning (have not launched)
  7. 7. Iferd’s structure & relationsIfERD builds strongly on intra-country and internationalpartnership and welcomes any initiative for cooperation. IFERD WELCOMES ALL COOPERATION!