Liesl's Family Collage Project


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Liesl's Family Collage Project

  1. 1. Family CollageBy: Liesl Goodwin Botwin Family Theme: Love will keep us together
  2. 2. FAMILY “We are born into a  Family life is a universal family, mature in a human experience, but family, form new no two people share the families, and leave our exact same experience families upon death.”(pp1)  When one forms a family We create families just they create a system as we are created by that is build on their our family (pp1) interaction and communication patterns. (pp57)
  3. 3. Meet the Botwin Family  The Botwin family is a happy two-parent biological family  There is a strong bond of love between all members  Communication is transactional and all are active in making family decisions.
  4. 4. Nancy Judah The parentsNancy is a loving mother who is especially affectionate towards her youngest sonShane. She works but spends her free time doing house work and taking care of herkids and husband. Judah is a loving husband who shows his affection verbally andnon-verbally. He works full time and is seen as the man of the house.
  5. 5. Silas Shane BrothersSilas is the oldest brother and he lets Shane know it! but he is always there forhim. He likes hanging out with Shane but sometimes he is too busy with hisfriends. Silas is close with is dad and confides in him for advice. Shane is quite,thoughtful and very intelligent. He wants to be just like his dad and older brother.He has a close relationship with is mom.
  6. 6. SilasKnown in the family as the He is open with hisgolden boy. He isn’t afraid parents about histo say what is bothering relationships and sexualhim activities with girls
  7. 7. ShaneTreated like the typical Shane doesn’t always expressyoungest sibling; you could say his thoughts and feelingshis mother babies him verbally unless approached.
  8. 8. FriendsNancy and Jonah see their friends as being part of thefamily system.
  9. 9. Family dinner has become afamily ritual in the Botwinhouse. It is a great time totalk with one anotherwithout interruptions  Rituals serve as a way to bond family members of all ages and across generations. (pp119)  Rituals contain a variety of meanings and messages. They remind members who they are and reflects a family’s relational culture (pp116)
  10. 10. Relational MaintenanceWe communicatively maintainfamily relationships through oureveryday interactions (pp114). Nancyand her friend support Shane bywatching his soccer game. Judahand Nancy both participate in otheractivities such as bring the kids toschool or talking about your day atthe diner table, this will help tocreate and maintain the desiredrelational definitions.Talk is the essence to relationalmaintenance. Talk may includediscissing individual needs,negotiating new behaviors, orforgiving another (PP112) .The Botwin family uses all 5maintenance strategies; positivity,assurance, social networks, sharingtasks and openness (pp113)
  11. 11.  Families are characterized by activities member share From a systems perspective the behavior of each family member is related to and dependent on the behavior of the others In this picture Nancy, Silas, Shane, Andy and Doug all spent the day at a fair.
  12. 12.  With in a family system the parts and the relationship between them form a whole; changes in one part will result in changes in the others. (pp59) After the death of Judah the family is faced with unpredictable stress. This kind of stress is brought about by events that disrupt life patterns but can’t be foreseen. (pp300) Communication patterns and networks change drastically when members face a major crisis such as death. (pp309)
  13. 13. Stages of Family Crisis 4 stages 1.Shock resulting inIn a crisis such as death numbness, disbelief, orthe family goes through a denialprocess in handling theloss. (pp307) 2. Recoil stage resulting in anger, confusion, blaming, and guilt 3. Depression 4.Reorganization resulting in acceptance (pp307)
  14. 14. Judah’s brother moves inAndy decides to move in with Nancy Nancy lost the one person sheand the kids. The family formation, confided in. Andy s now there toamong other things, had changed take his place.due to the crisis.
  15. 15. Family rolesThe unexpected death of a family member sends a family system intorole confusion. Nancy’s role has now change since she has to be theprimary money maker. Silas has stepped up and assumed the role ofman of the house. He helps out Nancy with the household needs (taskrole)and has become more like a father figure to Shane. Shane seemsto be more separated from the family.
  16. 16. New family theme: Family Sticks TogetherThe Botwin family coped withdeath by pulling together andmaking things work. In the New rituals were made; theyprocess the family overcame celebrate Judah’s birthdaymany challenges and created together but in a new waynew roles, communicationstyles, and behaviors