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Rewasit presentation pp


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Rewasit presentation pp

  1. 1. Water isn t equal to water,therefore make sure to get top quality.
  2. 2. Since more than 35 years REWASIT delivers water treatment plants worldwide.
  3. 3. The company completed more than 2500 water treatment systems and individual water processing stages.
  4. 4. We design and develop all kinds of water treatment plants.
  5. 5. We manufacture and build all types of water treatment plants.
  6. 6. We assemble on site and offer the service.
  7. 7. Made in Germany ISO 9001.
  8. 8. Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Lybia, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Cameron, Egypt, Ethopia,Belarus, China, Indonesia, Russia, Singapore, Ukraine, Viet Nam.
  9. 9. The origin of the water, surface water, well water, marine water , municipal Water.
  10. 10. Water cleans, we clean water, water must be filtered, water is too salty, water is too acidic, water has too much hardness, water contains iron and manganese, water contains gas and ozone, water is contaminated with germs.
  11. 11. Drinking water,according WHO standard.
  12. 12. Drinking water,in a 20 feet container.
  13. 13. Table waterfor the food and beverage industry, table water must be filtered, ozonised and multiplex filtered.
  14. 14. Ozonation plant,for the treatment of mineral water.
  15. 15. Boiler feedwaterfor power plants and energie production, the water must be filtered, softened, minerals and co2 must be removed.
  16. 16. Reverse osmosis,to receive complete salt free water.
  17. 17. Removal of iron and manganese, to protect plants againts rust deposits.
  18. 18. Decarbonization and desoftening, for partial desalination and desoftening to get soft and calcium carbonate free water.
  19. 19. Water cleans, we clean water, also for you!