Public space for real 1.10.10


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Presentation at symposium For Real, Maastricht University, 1.10.10

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Public space for real 1.10.10

  1. 1. MAD • Phd Cultural Studies/KULeuven • Research coordinator Social Spaces •
  2. 2. Social Spaces • Deals with: – Public space – Social media – Social design
  3. 3. Public space • very concrete context • you do not “just” put a work there • you create a dialogue with various stakeholders + context • social spaces: allow all stakeholders to participate in expert (architecture, policy, art, design,... ) creation of public space (social design)
  4. 4. Problem situation: public space – media • media mediate between people and public space • tension: passive intuitive use vs autonomy • question for lot of media artists, designers, developers today how to reconfigure this relation into an active/participatory relation via creative work • case studies + own work • Images IBM, Touch
  5. 5. First criterium for creating active participation = hybrid objects/media • observation = hybrid objects/media (vs slick, finished objects) encourage participation by other perspectives before, during, after point of showing art work in public space • situated in realm of collaboration, not perspective of users or experts • Image Yanki Lee
  6. 6. Hybrid objects • role of hybridity in objects is of great importance for participation • enabling different conversations, addressing and not ignoring tension media- public space • Image Ideo
  7. 7. Hybrid objects every object has potential to become hybrid
  8. 8. Second criterium for creating active participation = long creation processes Blast Theory, Uncle Roy all around you 3 years to produce a game, work with different stakeholders discovery of hybrid objects/media that work Uncle Roy All Around You is a game played online in a virtual city and on the streets of an actual city. Online Players and Street Players collaborate to find Uncle Roy's office before being invited to make a year long commitment to a total stranger. Communication online- street: GPS => video => self-reported positioning, player regains autonomy Images Blast Theory
  9. 9. Third criterium for creating active participation = co-creation & prototyping • GOforIT • observations youth culture • sports hall full of games • Image Patching Zone
  10. 10. GOforIT • low tech prototypes • Tic-tac-toe: folk game
  11. 11. GOforIT • final installation: hybrid site specific and larger folk culture • problematics of sustainability of media works Image Patching Zone
  12. 12. Fourth criterium: to provide afterlife, reveal and share source code • GRL • dialogue with current infrastructure • media becomes tool to express one self in public space by sharing codes, people can do it theirselves! • long life span in various hybrid manifestions... • Image GRL
  13. 13. Eyewriter • GRL interesting, because every output they create is prototype and input for new ideas • durational art (O'Neill) produces “work” that keeps on generating social interactions after the artist has left the project site • GRL: “It is a low-cost eye-tracking apparatus & custom software that allows graffiti writers and artists with paralysis resulting from Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis to draw using only their eyes” • Image GRL
  14. 14. Social Spaces • durational art/design • role artistic/design research group in public space • Hybride stad – observation via different perspectives – disclosing data heritage – encouraging people to build in it, remix media (stories, real life, illustrations) – now new project on stories c-mine – Drawing Moritz Ebinger
  15. 15. Challenge media creators working in public space? • strengthening knowledge role media work in public space + understanding quality of hybrid objects for participation – media that are 'honest' about tensions they create between people - public environment – prototype – open source code • to create hybrid objects experiment with – length of creation processes – co-creating with stakeholders
  16. 16. Contact