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Presentation of art Belly dance


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Published in: Spiritual

Presentation of art Belly dance

  1. 1. Belly DanceArt Presentation Lecturer: Vu Kim Thu Group member: Vo Huong Lien Nham Thi Thu Trang Chu Thuy Dung
  2. 2. Belly Dance 1. Definition of Belly Dance 2. History 3. Costume 4. Belly dance in Some countries
  3. 3. What is Belly Dance?
  4. 4. What is Belly Dance? • Belly dance or Bellydance is a "Western"- coined name for a traditional "Middle Eastern" dance. • The term "Belly dance" is a translation of the French "danse du ventre" which was applied to the dance in the Victorian era.
  5. 5. History The origins of belly dancing, though unclear, can be traced to the Middle East, the Mediterranean, and Africa.
  6. 6. History Belly Dancing also has been depicted in Persian miniature paintings from the 12th and 13th centuries.
  7. 7. Costume • In India • In Turkey • In America
  8. 8. Costume • Costume : Flowing garments, veils, Billowing pants made of glitzy and rich fabrics
  9. 9. Costume • Jeweler : Flashy and exotic jewelry like anklets, bangles , armbands, toe rings etc
  10. 10. Costume • Other accessories that add extra entertainment quotient to the performance like intricate belts that are eye-catcher, scarves
  11. 11. Costume - Indian
  12. 12. Costume - Indian
  13. 13. Costume - Indian
  14. 14. Costume - Turkey
  15. 15. Costume - Turkey
  16. 16. Costume - America
  17. 17. Costume - America
  18. 18. Belly Dance • Turkey • USA • India
  19. 19. In Turkey • A great place to visit for belly dance lovers is Turkey • Turkish belly dance uses the belly dance moves and core belly dance techniques of classic bellydance in a generally more energetic
  20. 20. In USA • The USA has always been a melting pot of cultures • Nowadays, there are a lot of great belly dance performers and teachers, well known worldwide, who are based in the USA.
  21. 21. In India • Belly dance style is quite popular in India • Nowadays, with the advanced knowledge to appreciate beauty,
  22. 22. Thanks for Listening Q & A