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Why Business People Should Learn a Foreign Language


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There are many good reasons why learning a foreign language can be very advantageous for business people: salary increase and better employability and improvement of cognitive performance are among few.

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Why Business People Should Learn a Foreign Language

  1. 1. Business people that speak a second language can expect between . Personnel of the U.S. military to $1,000 more per month if they are multilingual speakers. HIGHER Photo by Evan Jackson, CC
  2. 2. There are 1.85 million Americans graduating in 2015, only 18% of them speak a second language other than English. Being proficientin a foreign language gives you a Photo by Senado Federal, CC
  3. 3. Four out of five jobs created in the US are now created as a result of foreign trade
  4. 4. A from the University of Edinburg shows that fluency in other language improves cognitive performance and intelligence skills even in adulthood.
  5. 5. Speaking a foreign language makes you more employable according to the , particularly in the IT, business, law and translation industry.
  6. 6. Monolingualspeakers of any variety of English - American or British - will experience increasing difficulty in employment and political life (Graddol, cited in Schmidt, 2004) photo by Kate Hiscock - CC
  7. 7. Mandarin is the most important language for Americanbusiness people to learn . Spoken by 845 million people, Mandarin is the top language worldwide for business other than English, according to which makes it an extremely valuable asset in today's global economy.
  8. 8. The effects of globalization will increase the demand for skilled linguistics in an increasing range of languages. (Connel, 2002:3)
  9. 9. Language learning improves interpersonal skills and communication skills, enhances the ability to work creatively as partof a team; increases initiative, adaptability and flexibility; (QAA, 2002: 7)
  10. 10. I’m not a language person… Everybody is a language person, given the right tools! The fastest way to learn a language is through studying subjects you need to learn about and are interested in.