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13 Hilarious Brazilian Phrases That Make No Sense in English


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Here are some popular and hilarious Brazilian Portuguese phrases that make no sense in English

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13 Hilarious Brazilian Phrases That Make No Sense in English

  1. 1. ar Queimar o filme Literally: to burn a film Meaning: to make someone look bad
  2. 2. Procurar pelo em ovo Literally: look for hair on an egg Meaning: to nitpick
  3. 3. Quebrar um galho Literally: to break a branch Meaning: to help someone out
  4. 4. ar Segurar vela Literally: hold a candle Meaning: to be the third wheel
  5. 5. Bater/dar com a língua nos dentes Literally: tap the tongue on the teeth Meaning: spill the beans
  6. 6. Estar/ter com a faca e o queijo nas mãos Literally: have the knife and cheese on hands Meaning: to have the upper hand
  7. 7. Choveenãomolha Literally: it rains and it doesn’t get wet Meaning: indecision
  8. 8. João sem braço Literally: armless John Meaning: to play dumb, pretend to not know something
  9. 9. Pegar alguém de calças curtas Literally: to catch someone on short pants Meaning: to catch someone off guard
  10. 10. Arroz de festa Literally: party rice Meaning: a person who loves to party
  11. 11. Estar com a macaca Literally: to be with the female monkey Meaning: to be bad tempered
  12. 12. Bater as botas Literally: to thump/tap the boots Meaning: to kick the bucket
  13. 13. Falarabobrinha Literally: to speak zucchini Meaning: talking nonsense