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retail solutions for the best customer experience


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Grocery Retail Point-of-Sale solutions designed to deliver market-leading point-of-sale capabilities for the best possible customer experience

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retail solutions for the best customer experience

  1. 1. Grocery Retail Point-of-Sale solutions designed to deliver market-leading point-of-sale capabilities for the best possible customer experience IBM SurePOS 700 Solutions for Grocers “ Grocers are adding more technology and functionality at the POS, and integrating new store applications. These new tools are designed to provide a better checkout experi­ ence, better cashier pro­ ductivity and expanded services to shoppers” Grocery retailers face an increasingly Delivers ultimate performance demanding marketplace where the by extending the cashier’s capabilities Overview point-of-sale has become much more at POS with new functionality and than scan and take cash. Grocers are tools that enhance the consumer ■ Objective adding more technology and functional­ experience—while helping to maintain Simultaneously increase revenue, ity at the POS, and integrating new the fastest possible checkout in high reduce operational costs and store applications. These new tools are volume situations. The new SurePOS create a superior customer experience designed to provide a better checkout 700 delivers the latest POS technolo­ experience, better cashier productivity gies, combined with a growing focus on ■ Benefits and expanded services to shoppers. low power consumption and other Faster checkouts, remote manage­ Adding new features must happen eco-friendly features that meet both ment, scalable performance, easy without slowing transaction times. Plus, business and country requirements. serviceability, specialized software grocery retail POS systems must deliver from IBM and IBM business part­ ners, responsive technical support, core reliability and a POS platform that Lowers total cost of ownership lower total cost of ownership provides ultimate performance, capac­ by shrinking costs and reducing the ity, scalability and architecture to sup­ hassles of systems management. ■ Solution port future capabilities. Proactive, automated management sys­ IBM SurePOS™ 700 Grocery solutions, including the complete tems access units remotely to monitor family of IBM SurePOS 700 POS The innovative SurePOS 700 Series is systems, from IBM Retail Store transforming grocery retail. Solutions
  2. 2. the health of the POS and environmen­ tal variables. New design features such as virtually tool-free front access for servicing and replacement of compo­ Solution Components nents, and Light-Path Management IBM SurePOS 700 Series, IBM SureMark™ with diagnostic lights that detect prob­ Printers, IBM SurePoint™ Displays, IBM 4690 © Copyright IBM Corporation 2007 Operating System, IBM SurePOS ACE for All Rights Reserved lems, help minimize technical support 4690 OS, IBM General Sales Application, IBM Retail Store Solutions costs. The results are higher up time IBM 4680-4690 Supermarket Application, P.O. Box 12195, 3039 Cornwallis Road and reduced store impacts. IBM integration software, and IBM Business Research Triangle Park, NC 27709 Partner applications U.S.A. Printed in the United States of America Offers built in reliability through October 2007 extensive testing and unique retail- IBM meets the challenge. IBM, the IBM logo,, SurePoint, hardened design features to meet the IBM understands grocery challenges SureMark and SurePOS are trademarks or registered trademarks of International Business operational demands of grocery. and has responded with the Machines in the United States, other countries IBM builds in safeguards against data SurePOS 700, the world’s premier or both. loss through protected storage, against POS. IBM consumer service and For a list of additional trademarks, please see viruses and tampering with embedded self-service solutions, including IBM assumes no responsibility or liability for security features; and against electrical IBM AnyPlace Kiosk™ and Self any use of the information contained herein. outages with optional integrated Checkout systems, are revolutionizing Nothing in this document shall operate as an backup power options Remote man­ express or implied license or indemnity under the way people shop. the intellectual property rights of IBM or third agement capability means systems can parties. be updated without being taken off line. Rely on IBM experience. References in this publication to IBM products or services do not imply that IBM intends to IBM is a world-wide leader in retail make them available in all countries in which Optimizes investment in POS POS. First to introduce the retail bar IBM operates. Copying or downloading the through the ability to run current appli­ code system, IBM has more than images contained in this document is expressly prohibited without the written consent of cations and peripherals on the new 30 years of retail experience, including IBM. Any proposed use of claims in these SurePOS 700, as well as an open plat­ more than two million POS installations materials outside of the United States must be form that can work with many software reviewed by local IBM country counsel prior to around the world—many of these top such use. applications. New units can be added grocers using the SurePOS 700 family All statements regarding IBM’s future direction and will coexist with systems already in to support their front end operations. and intent are subject to change or withdrawal place. Flexible connectivity, a choice of without notice, and represent goals and Technical support is available locally, as objectives only. integrated or distributed configurations well as Web-based, to keep stores The IBM home page on the Internet can be and a selection of color-matched operating at peak productivity. found at peripherals allow retailers to configure a POS solution to meet a particular need To learn more about how the and budget, now and in the future. SurePOS 700 Series can empower your grocery enterprise. Please contact your local IBM representative or visit RTS03001-USEN-00