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Money estimating and counting


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Estimating and Counting money

Published in: Education
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Money estimating and counting

  1. 1. Money Estimating and Counting Money
  2. 2. Explore  Take a look at the play money on your desk with a partner  Discuss the values, names and characteristics of the bills and coins
  3. 3. Coins
  4. 4. Bills
  5. 5. Let’s Estimate  You will get 10 seconds to look at the image in the next slide and estimate how the value of the money in the picture
  6. 6. Do you have enough money? Andrew walks the neighbour’s dog each night to earn some money. He wants to buy gel pens.
  7. 7. Count Andrews Money
  8. 8. Shopping Spree!  You have $43.25  Use the pictures on the next slide to create a list of items you can purchase with your money  Show as many combinations of toys as you can  Write your answers in your math workbook
  9. 9. What Can You Buy With $11.50 $43.25? $14.80 $25.00 $16.25 $21.99
  10. 10. Check Out  With your partner practice checking out/paying for the toys you are buying  Use the play money to pay for your purchases (start with largest bill and work towards smallest coin) + = ?
  11. 11. Challenge! Suppose you have $45 in your wallet. What bills or coins are they? Show all possible answers.