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Brochure- STEM for ALL

Exploring of opportunities and challenges offered by studying STEM disciplines.
STEM is based on the theory of social cognitive career to test a conceptual framework for understanding the importance of studying science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

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Brochure- STEM for ALL

  1. 1. Engineering works have a direct impact on every aspect of daily life.
  2. 2. Promotion of STEM Education, is a Potential in Innovation The promotion of STEM education is trend for training students to meet the changes and challenges in our society and around the world with rapid economic, scientific and technological developments. Why is it Necessary to Promote STEM Education ? Promotion of STEM education is as a key emphasis under the ongoing renewal of the school curriculum for that the students to become lifelong learners with appropriate knowledge, generic skills as well as values and attitudes necessary for facing challenges in the 21st century. What is the direction for Promoting STEM Education? Strategies should be used to suit the needs and interests of students, essential learning experiences for all students that have the ability to learn and should be provided with STEM-related learning opportunities which form part of the essential learning experiences, that include learning opportunities beyond classroom.
  3. 3. Directing the students towards STEM will allow them to understand easier real life issues related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics in order to obtain easier of a job. Through STEM education implementation in school, this will lead to innovation, to new products and processes that will support the future economy. Science innovation will depend on a solid foundation of STEM knowledge, and most of the future jobs will require science, technology and mathematics knowledges To succeed in this Society, it should be eased an easier access to new information technologies, where students could develop STEM skills at a much higher level than it was considered acceptable in the past.
  4. 4. Strengthening the professional capacity of and collaboration between teachers and the students in orientation to STEM.
  5. 5. The promotion of STEM education is trend for training students to meet the changes and challenges in our society and around the world with rapid economic, scientific and technological developments. Promoting STEM education at school level is a continuous and dynamic improvement process. Could start with small local curriculum development projects which allow tolerance and an opportunity for further advancement. The path for solving the gap between skills and abilities is, to help and to train students to develop their interests, their collaboration stile, their critical thinking in order to develop their necessary skills to succeed in a global economy. Encouraging an interest in STEM is important regardless of your child’s age, but it is particularly crucial during middle school years.
  6. 6. Interview with a student: What is STEM for you? The future is in STEM: science, technology, engineering and mathematics. STEM study is important because it penetrates every part of our lives, is everywhere in the world around us. Technology extends continuously in every aspect of OUR life, it is a basic design that addresses the global challenges and environmental changes. Mathematics is in every occupation, every activity that we do in our lives. By engaging students in STEM can be offered opportunities to explore concepts related to this area, we will develop a passion so to follow a job in this field. The developing in a school-based at of curriculum in STEM will provide opportunities for students to make connections with real life, in order to trigger a passion for a career in this field.