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Comicdom Con Athens


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Comicdom Con Athens is an annual comics festival taking place in Athens, Greece since 2006.
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Comicdom Con Athens

  2. 2. Our starting pointThe non profitorganization ComicdomPress was founded in2004to support and promotecomics
  3. 3. Our actions selected comics the only greek comics publications news portal the annual comics convention consulting on how to use comics for corporate educational workshops for communication children & teachers
  4. 4. Comicdom Con Athensinternational guestsoriginal art exhibitionpanels & signingsscreeningsworkshopssketch eventskids’ progamcosplay competitionretailers’ bazaarpresentations of new publicationsfanzines
  5. 5. The Venue: Hellenic american union one of the most acclaimed cultural organizations located in the center of Athens auditorium (200 seats) two high level equipped galleries atrium foyer seminar rooms
  6. 6. GuestsMilo Manara, John Romita Jr, Chris Ware,Peter Milligan, Mike Carey,Scott Lobdell,Marv Wolfman, Bryan Talbot,David Lloyd,Mark Buckingham,Barry Kitson, Joe Linsner,Ethan Van Sciver,Gary Groth,Rufus Dayglo,Yildiray Cinar,Bill Tucci,Jean Schulz,Jim Demonakos, Kyle Hotz,Paige Braddock,D’ Israelli, Sonia Leong,Bruno Brindisi,Aleksandar Zograf,David Prudhomme, Shaennon Garrity,Andrew Farago, Douglas Paskiewicz....
  7. 7. original art exhibitions
  8. 8. PEANUTS THROUGH 50 YEARS in collaboration with Charles M. Schulz Museum
  9. 9. THE SPIRIT OF WILL EISNER in collaboration withDennis Kitchen Art Gallery
  10. 10. FROM YELLOW KID TO CONAN in collaboration with Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum
  11. 11. Batman Yesterday and Tomorrowin collaboration with Cartoon Art Museum
  12. 12. 2000AD: THE JUDGE DREDD REVOLUTIONin collaboration with artist & collector Rufus Dayglo
  13. 13. Screenings The Mindscape of Alan Moore A Boy Named Charlie Brown Will Eisner: Portrait of a Sequential Artist Comic books Superheroes Unmasked TINTIN et Moi Osamu Tezuka’s Marine Express Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods Independents: A documentary Guide for the Creative Spirit
  14. 14. “I was impressed with the variety of panels presented – from “It’s no surprise that the birthplace of talks with publishers to the civilized world would provide intimate forums with artists. As the template for the most gracious, an exhibitor, my concerns were thought provoking and intelligent addressed and I felt very well comic book convention I have ever taken care of. It was a real had the pleasure to attend. Keep it eye-opener to see the up, Greece, and you’ll rule the world dedication of the comic again!” afficionados of Athens.” Scott Lobdell Jean Schulz“One of my favorites!This is a “And being the pointless sluggard I am, its taken me three days to get around to friendly, well-organized saying... COMICDOM ATHENS!!! Surely one and very enthusiastic of the best conventions on Earth. Thanks to all the organisers, to the indefatigable convention. The scope and volunteers, to the Greek creators I met quality of the panels was and hung out with, and to everyone else involved. It was a great weekend, and incredible” Im definitely coming back. Smuggling the Elgin marbles under my jacket...” Peter Milligan Mike Carey
  15. 15. So Far... Attendants2006200720082009201020112012 0 2500 5000 7500 10000
  16. 16. STATISTICS 5% 15% 15% 40% 25% 60% 40% 5-15 16-20 21-35 36-40 MALE FEMALE 40+
  17. 17. MEDIA COVERAGEAccording to calculations based onthe current advertising costs,the total publicity costof Comicdom Con Athens 2012 reached400.000 euros.
  18. 18. Promo Material 1exclusive program covers from ourinternational guestsexclusive posters by Greek artists
  19. 19. Comicdom Con Athens is a 100% volunteer based effortAll the events are free for the public All members of Comicdom Presscontinue to offer hours of volunteer work for the art form we love
  20. 20. Comicdom Con Athens twitter: @comicdom