Who is better Man or Woman?


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Who is better Man or Woman?

  1. 1. Who is BetterMan or Woman? Genders shouldn´t matter!
  2. 2. Who is better Man or Woman?Introduction Many people are really worried about some non-important questions or challenges. And a question that we should not worried so much about is:  Who is better Man or Woman?
  3. 3. Who is better Man or Woman?Introduction There are many factors which should be considered in determining if men are better than women. All the arguments here presented work just as well for:  Racial and cultural,  Religious and ethnic comparisons.
  4. 4. Who is better Man or Woman?Size and Strength The median man is generally stronger than the median woman in any cultural or racial group. However, there is considerable overlap in physical size and strength between individuals in any population and because of that there is no clear winner in this area.
  5. 5. Who is better Man or Woman?Dexterity Women are often said to be better at small muscle work (sewing, electronic component assembly, etc.). Again this is an individual physical trait and exemplars of clumsy women and dexterious men are easily found.
  6. 6. Who is better Man or Woman?Emotional Traits Cultural inculcation trains women to be "nicer" and boys to be "tough". It is not inherent in them, the adoption of a "role" is not indicative of superiority. There is evidence that hormonal changes during the reproductive cycle may impact women - this is chemically induced and not necessarily a "brain wiring" issue. Neither side wins in this race
  7. 7. Who is better Man or Woman?Maturity  An area highly dependant on cultural expectations and training.
  8. 8. Who is better Man or Woman?Intellect The range of human intellect is normally distributed throughout the population. Measures for intellect (IQ tests and similar) are often produced by individuals with cultural and experience leanings that lead to biased results. Test subjects also are influenced by these same training biases (Girl cant do math)
  9. 9. Who is better Man or Woman?Conclusion – Neither is better! Individual men and women have different strengths and weaknesses. The ideal situation is to have individuals of both sexes cooperate and share their complementary strengths.
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