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The Spirit of Leadership


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The Spirit of Leadership

  1. 1. The Spirit of Leadership
  2. 2. The Spirit of LeadershipA short story – Being a leader • A manager was once told he needed to improve his leadership skills to reach a new position inside the company. • He decided to visit some Business Schools to search for the true essence of leadership. • But he was not entirely satisfied with the different answers that he had received.
  3. 3. The Spirit of LeadershipA short story – Being a leader• After being so desperate he decided to visit a wise man.• But before sharing the answer, that wise man Leade rship gave him a little task to do: – “ You must find one of your true followers and bring him to me.
  4. 4. The Spirit of LeadershipA short story – Being a leader • The manager kindly asked if such person could be one of his subordinates but the answer was NO! • He left the place very depressed feeling much more confused than before: – “Where can I find my true follower?”
  5. 5. The Spirit of LeadershipA short story – Being a leader • He thought that he could not understand the true meaning of being a leader. • After many silly ideas and years gone by, the manager decided to visit the wise man bringing with him his young daughter.
  6. 6. The Spirit of LeadershipA short story – Being a leader• The wise man asked him: – Why did you bring your daughter?• He answered: – Well, when I am at home, she always follows me. If I go to the kitchen she goes as well. Wherever I go she is always willing to go. She is my true follower.
  7. 7. The Spirit of LeadershipA short story – Being a leader • Wise man: – “Why does she follow you? • Manager: – “She follows me… Because… She loves me.” • Wise man: – “Why does she love you?” • After thinking for a few minutes the manager answered: – “Because I love her.”
  8. 8. The Spirit of LeadershipA short story – Being a leader • After such an answer the wise man told the manager: – “Now, you know what the True Essence of Leadership is. And now you can go!”
  9. 9. The Spirit of LeadershipImportant • When studying the life of many important leaders, we can clearly see that they really loved their followers. • And their followers were able to love them, as well. • Based on such a story, we have prepared a list of important characteristics of good leaders.
  10. 10. The Spirit of Leadership01 – Being flexible• There are many changes during our professional career: – Companies and competitors change their strategies. – Governments set up new rules and make new regulations on business activities. – Financial crisis and natural disasters can stop the flow of raw materials• When changes happen, leaders must adapt and make sure their businesses will survive; while still finding innovative ways to reach their goals.
  11. 11. The Spirit of Leadership02. Being able to communicate• Many leaders are fantastic speakers.• However, speaking well is not the only skill that makes a leader effective.• Leaders who communicate well are those share their thoughts with employees, encourages them to contribute ideas, participate during the communication process, and empowers them to take part in decisions and choices.
  12. 12. The Spirit of Leadership03 – Courage, Tenacity and Patience Courage • It is important for a Tenacity Leader: – To have the courage to Patience stand alone, the tenacity to not succumb to pressure, and the patience to keep fighting until he or she wins the day. • And sometimes being able to do all three at the same time.
  13. 13. The Spirit of Leadership04 – Combination of Humility and Presence • Leaders have to be able to talk and listen to their employees on all levels of the company. • At the same time, they must have the respect of their employees. • This kind of respect is based on being honest, having integrity, being decisive and being tough but fair.
  14. 14. The Spirit of Leadership05 – Being Responsible • An effective leader always takes responsibility. • They do not try to figure out a way to escape any problems, issues or conflicts that his leadership may have created. • A good leader faces the issue, assesses the facts and deals with the problems as they come.
  15. 15. The Spirit of LeadershipOur References • We would like to thank the following writers for their expressive contribution for this presentation: – Anitra Reaves, Organizational Communication Strategist, Multicultural Development, Strategic Advisor – Dr. David G. Javitch – Ron Edmondson characteristics-of-good-leadership-repost.html – Bill Mcbean characteristics-great-leaders
  16. 16. The Spirit of LeadershipOur Business Contacts Feel free to send us an e-mail. Our Website: Our E-mail: Linkedin: Roberto de Paula Lico Júnior Skype: roberto.lico Twitter: @licoreis