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  • Last year, the inability to produce subpoenaed e-mail resulted in million dollar—even billion dollar—lawsuits against U.S. companies.
  • Sherlock Holmes - Management Lessons

    1. 1. Sherlock Holmes Management Lessons
    2. 2. Sherlock Holmes – Management Lessons Introduction • Sherlock Holmes was created by Arthur Conan Doyle and based on a Medical Professor called Dr. Bell. • Dr. Bell used to ask his students to observe their patients carefully and use these observations before suggesting a medical treatment.
    3. 3. Sherlock Holmes – Management Lessons 03 Main Management Tips • Through Sherlock Holmes´ books and stories we can first point out three important Management Tips: – Observation, – Deduction and – Knowledge.
    4. 4. Sherlock Holmes – Management Lessons Management Tip 01 - Observation • Sherlock Holmes was a very keen observer and also spent many hours in the field doing research. • For any business, observation is a matter of survival but, unfortunately, most business people never spend enough time in the field to understand the market and their customers.
    5. 5. Sherlock Holmes – Management Lessons Management Tip 02 - Deduction • Mr. Holmes had fantastic deduction skills. • He knew that deduction is the art of drawing a conclusion or finding out a solution by reasoning and deep thinking based on: – Information, – Experience and – Perception.
    6. 6. Sherlock Holmes – Management Lessons Management Tip 03 - Knowledge • Despite being a detective Mr. Holmes had very good knowledge on the use of many different skills (forensics, chemicals, music and human psychology). • This knowledge helped him to gather more information about his complex investigations. • It is essential to make the same efforts in a business environment and develop new skills through studying when facing business challenges.
    7. 7. Sherlock Holmes – Management Lessons Important Management Lessons • We have selected 07 Management Lessons to help you to develop some of the most important skills developed by Mr. Holmes.
    8. 8. Sherlock Holmes – Management Lessons Management Lesson 01 – Accept your intuition • Many people have experienced making decisions based on a "gut feeling" from time to time and have found the outcome to be satisfactory and acceptable. • We should be aware that our intuition is based on our experience accumulated over the years and it must be also always taken into consideration when facing a decision or a challenge.
    9. 9. Sherlock Holmes – Management Lessons Management Lesson 02 - Learn how to deduce things • Learn how to deduce things from studying a person or a situation to avoid any unnecessary risk or mistake. • It is possible to work out and find answers by keen observation of our surroundings and people.
    10. 10. Sherlock Holmes – Management Lessons Management Lesson 03 – Learn to listen better • Listening is a skill that must developed very well and always be taken into consideration when dealing with people. Mr. Holmes was a master at this art. • A good listener will pick up not only what is said but also that which was not said to establish his own opinion and actions.
    11. 11. Sherlock Holmes – Management Lessons Management Lesson 04 – Never underestimate • Never underestimate people and do not discount the information gathered from even the simplest sources. • Popular literature, such as magazines and tabloids, the daily gossip or a simple conversation can teach us much and open up our mind to the way many people think and behave.
    12. 12. Sherlock Holmes – Management Lessons Management Lesson 05 – Learn to share your thoughts • Never be afraid to share your thoughts and conclusions with a trusted person. • When we open up and talk through our plans and ideas with someone we trust, we can often see things differently and rethink new possibilities while also getting some reliable advice and different points of view.
    13. 13. Sherlock Holmes – Management Lessons Management Lesson 07 – Stay open to the possibilities • Remember to always be cautious as well, since appearances can sometimes be deceiving in many ways. • Sherlock Holmes was very aware of such possibilities. • Stay aware that things may not always be what they appear in both the business and personal world.
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