People Builder - Developing our Employees


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People Builder - Developing our Employees

  1. 1. People Builder Developing our Employees
  2. 2. Do you build people up, helping them to see their strengths and potential? Developing our Employees What kind of leader are you? Or do your actions show them that you’re more concerned only about your own challenges and goals?
  3. 3. • Building up your employees isn’t as simple as it sounds. • In fact, for some it’s one of the biggest management challenges there is. Developing our Employees Introduction
  4. 4. • It comes easily for some managers since they were born people builders, with enough charisma and optimism to attract friends and inspire loyalty. • These people-magnets encourage their associates by recognizing what’s good about them and what they do, rather than fixating on their weaknesses. Developing our Employees Great managers - People builders
  5. 5. • Other people have to work at it and train themselves in communication skills that help them convey that same positive message. Developing our Employees Important
  6. 6. • There are many benefits when we develop our employees skills: – Better margins, productivity and customer satisfaction. – Stronger sales performance and competitive edge. – Fewer company accidents, grievances, errors or defects. – Better department morale and loyalty. Developing our Employees Main Benefits
  7. 7. • To be taken to heart by an employee, your individual encouragement must be based on a genuine understanding of your employees’ strengths and weaknesses, their business beliefs and personalities, and their similarities and differences. Developing our Employees Important
  8. 8. • People-building doesn’t mean ignoring unacceptable behavior. • But effective leaders understand that they should praise their employees more than they criticize them. • When it’s necessary to point out errors or suggest improvements, just be sure to phrase the feedback constructively to prevent misunderstandings. Developing our Employees Dealing with unacceptable behavior
  9. 9. • Give people wise advice. – We need people in our lives who can share good ideas and insights. • Give people full credit. – To be a people builder, you need to praise the growth and the changes you see in the lives of others. Developing our Employees Strategies to build up employees
  10. 10. • Give people a personal challenge. – We all need a cause, a project, or a dream that calls forth the best in our lives. • Give people complete confidence. – To bring out the best in others, we need to give them complete confidence in what they can do and achieve. Developing our Employees Strategies to build up employees
  11. 11. • Promote people. – Promoting someone to a position of greater responsibility is a traditional way of rewarding good employees. • Give people the right experience. – Offer your employees the opportunity to develop the necessary skills to achieve better company positions. Developing our Employees Strategies to build up employees
  12. 12. • It is not easy to be an employee builder since it requires a lot of energy and commitment. • Managers should make every effort to ensure that each employee is given enough time for training and developing new skills. • Finally, after the employee has been given all the support it is important to do a follow up and ensure that he has been improving his performance through effective contributions for his company. Developing our Employees Conclusion
  13. 13. Developing our Employees Our main sources – Thank you • Websites – – Employees – – papers/building-a-successful-business-through-people • Dr. Terrie Nolinske, • Nadia Goodman • Dr. Marvin Marshall
  14. 14. Feel free to send us an e-mail. Our Website: Our E-mail: Linkedin: Roberto de Paula Lico Júnior Skype: roberto.lico Developing our Employees Our Business Contacts