Improving our energy at work


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  • Last year, the inability to produce subpoenaed e-mail resulted in million dollar—even billion dollar—lawsuits against U.S. companies.
  • Improving our energy at work

    1. 1. Improving Our Energy at Work
    2. 2. Improving Our Energy at Work Introduction • Companies are demanding a very high performance from their employees and workforce. • Employees have been trying to comply such demands based on longer working hours and different working approaches. • But unfortunately it is not working out and many of them are getting exhausted, demotivated and sick.
    3. 3. Improving Our Energy at Work Introduction • If we talk about personal energy, we need to talk about the feeling of being ready to take on anything. • When we feel energized we can think better and faster, we can be more focused and healthier. • Only enough energy will enable us to be the best we can be.
    4. 4. Improving Our Energy at Work Important • And they are ways to overcome being so tired and demotivated. • Specialists have appointed some ways to renewal our working energy, keeping up our high performance and productivity.
    5. 5. Improving Our Energy at Work 04 Energy Types • They have classified 04 types of energy that we should be concerned with when dealing with high performance: – Physical Energy, – Emotional Energy, – Mental Energy and – Spiritual Energy.
    6. 6. Improving Our Energy at Work 01. Physical Energy – Main Strategies • There are some strategies to improve our physical energy: – Enhance your sleep by setting an earlier bedtime and reducing alcohol use. – Reduce stress by engaging in cardiovascular activity at least three times a week and strength training at least once. – Eat small meals and light snacks every three hours. – Take brief but regular breaks, away from your desk, at 90 to 120 minutes intervals throughout the day.
    7. 7. Improving Our Energy at Work 02. Emotional Energy – Main Strategies • There are some strategies to keep up our emotional energy: – Defuse negative emotions - irritability, impatience, anxiety, insecurity. – Fuel positive emotions in yourself and others. – Look at upsetting situations through new lenses. – Employ a “wide lens” to ask, “How can I grow and learn from this situation?”
    8. 8. Improving Our Energy at Work 03. Mental Energy – Main Strategies • They are: – Reduce interruptions by performing high concentration tasks away from phones and e- mail. – Respond to voice mails and e- mails at designated times during the day. – Every night, identify the most important challenge for the next day. Then make it your first priority when you arrive at work in the morning.
    9. 9. Improving Our Energy at Work 04. Spiritual Energy – Main Strategies • They are: – Identify your “sweet spot” activities - those that give you feelings of effectiveness and fulfillment. – Delegate the activities that you hate doing to someone that loves it. – Allocate time and energy to what you consider most important. – Respect your core values and never disrespect them and yourself.
    10. 10. Improving Our Energy at Work Helping employees to renew their energy levels • Companies can support their employees’ energy level through: – Renewal rooms - where people can go to relax and refuel. – Encouraging managers to gather employees for daily workouts. – Suggesting that people should stop checking e-mails all the time. – Training employees to be aware and to respect their own life core values.
    11. 11. Improving Our Energy at Work Conclusion • It is important to be aware of how to get the necessary energy to achieve a high performance. • Once we pay attention to such energy groups we become much more prepared to face strong challenges and obstacles and much less tired and demotivated.
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